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Showering at Work (Part2)

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This is the promised follow-up to my shower at work. Thanks for the great comments. Love to think of you gals (and guys) having a wank whilst reading!


If you remember right I was sitting on my haunches in a communal shower, bar of soap lying on the floor between my legs and I was looking up into one of my older colleauges eyes'!
I dropped my hands toward my crotch to try and cover my mons but it was in vain. My legs were wide open and with my sudden movement of trying to cover I fell to the side. I slipped on the floor and lay sprawled. I felt so embarrased!
The next thing I knew she was helping me up. She was completely naked as her towel was lying on the little wooden bench between the lockers. As I lifted my arm to steady myself against her shoulder I accidently brushed her boob with my fore-arm. Her nipple felt like a pebble set on a marshmallow. She guided me to the bench without looking at me once and not saying a word. She sat me down on her towel and draped mine over me. I was sore, shocked, embarrased and starting to get horny! I could not get the thought of how her nipple felt out of my head.
She asked me if I was okay and when I nodded yes she asked what happened. I knew that she had seen me and deduced that she was trying to see what my answer would be. Before I answered her she asked me if I was playing with myself and she put a her hand on my still-wet thigh. I felt the goosebumps 'growing' where she touched me and so did she. She slid her hand up higher toward my fanny now looking into my eyes. I spread my legs involuntry and she pushed her hand against my pubes. I felt her lightly probing my allready parted labia. When she felt my wetness she withdrew her hand and rubbed the droplet of juice on her soft pendulous breast. She motioned for me to be quiet and made me follow her. She walked to a toiletstall and opened the door. She let me inn and closed the door behind us.
I didn't know what to do. This was so much like a fantasy coming true... I closed the toilet seat and sat down with my legs together. She spread her towel on the floor and sat down with her back leaning against the closed door. She opened her legs till both her knees touched the walls. She closed her eyes and ran her hands over her breasts and nipples. Her breasts looked wonderfully soft and I leaned forward to touch them. As soon as she felt me touching her she opened her eyes and pushed my hand away. I sat back again and she continued rubbing her large tan nipples. I was so aroused by what I was watching I started to touch myself lightly. She moved her hands over her belly slowly, going down, down until she reached her dense pubic patch. She opened her eyes and smiled when she saw what I was doing. She used two fingers to open her fat labia. They weren't protruding like mine and I stopped as I concentrated on her secret place. When she spread herself I could see how wet she was even at the distance I was. Her clit was also much bigger than mine and she took it between the tips of her thumb and forefinger. I dipped my hand into my own wetness again, rubbing my clit with my juices. She started wanking her clit as if it was a small penis. She adjusted the way she was sitting and lifted her foot up toward the toiletseat. At first I thought she was just going to rest it on the seat but she had other plans!
She pointed her toes and pushed them against my fanny. I took both hands and spread my fleshy labia apart. I could allready feel my orgasm building. She pushed harder and I looked down to see three of her toes dissapearing into me. I flicked my clit at a pace I knew to be wrong for the occasion but I wanted to cum bad. I started cumming and my legs closed on their own accord. I clamped her foot against my pussy and looked down at her.
Her head was back, eyes shut tightly. Her boobs were jiggling wildly with the force and speed she was wanking her clit. Her mouth opened and she uttered a silent scream as she, too, started cumming. She kept her hands between her legs till the orgasm subsided. She opened her eyes and looked at me. She winked and stood up. She used one corner of her towel to wipe me. The roughness of it on my soft, post-orgasmic, fanny nearly started another orgasm. She wiped herself and opened the door.
We both went to the shower and started washing ourselves still saying nothing. I could now see her semi-erect clit just peeking out between her fleshy lips. I couldn't wait to get home!
We still see each other once in a while. We meet at one of our places and have sessions similar to these. We have never used dildos or toys. We use ourselves only and allways with nothing being said the whole time. We have had sessions lasting more than a hour, sometimes coming a couple of times.
I hope that I could get some of you wet and maybe assisted you with having a orgasm. Please share it with me...



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