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Showerhead Pleasure...hands-free!

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This is my first story in this forum... I hope you enjoy!


I've been reading the stories here at Solo Touch for a while, and thoroughly enjoy everyone's contributions! This is my first story, about something I discovered recently....

After a stressful day at the office, I came into the house and collapsed into bed. The wife had an evening appointment with the kids, and offered to leave me at home to relax, sensing the frustration of my day.

'Take a shower,' she said. 'It'll take your mind off whatever happened today.'

I merely grunted an approval, and managed to squeeze out a thank you to her as she rounded up the kids and left for the night.

With the house to myself, I decided that a shower was a good idea. I headed to the bathroom, stripped down, and started a nice, hot shower. I let it run to start steaming up the room, and soon it was nice and steamy in the bathroom.

I hopped into the shower and let the hot water wash away my stress of the day. The hot water felt sooo good hitting my body and running down me to the tub below. I could feel myself warm up and lose tension all over. It felt amazing.

I have masturbated many times in the shower, and the idea crossed my mind to imbibe myself. 'I have some time, so why not?' I thought.

One of my favourite ways to masturbate in the shower is to sit in the tub, let the shower rain down on me and stroke myself. But I wanted to try something different...

I directed the shower head to point lower into the tub, and laid down on my back in the tub, so the water was hitting my chest. I am fairly tall so I had to lift my legs up to rest beside the faucet.

As the water hit my chest, I could feel it raining on my nipples, and send shivers of excitement through me. My nipples are very sensitive, and they were definitely enjoying the water hitting, cascading, and running off them.

Unfortunately, the water was also spraying off my chest and on to my face and up my nose, which made this experience less comfortable. 'I'll fix this.' I thought. I stood up and pushed the shower head so that is almost pointing straight down. I figured it was far enough from my face to stop the splashing.

What happened next was totally unexpected to me...

I laid down in the tub and rearranged myself so I was laying down again, and my legs were resting up on the edges of the tub. At that moment, the shower head was directing the water right over my crotch area.... and it felt awesome!

With the shower raining down on my ever growing cock, it felt like I was sliding in and out of my wife's vagina. It was so warm and wet... I couldn't believe it!

I moved a bit while laying down, and my cockhead touched the streams of water from the shower. It was electric! I couldn't believe that I was getting so hard and hot from water from the shower head!

I reached down and put the plug into the tub, so it could start filling up. As the water ran over my cock, I slowly started to rock my cock back and forth. It really felt like I was sliding into and out of a cunt! I could feel the water filling up the tub, and creeping up my head and back. This only enhanced the sensations I was feeling!

After a few minutes of rocking back and forth, my ears filled up with water, and the sounds of the shower became very muted... I was full on now, rubbing my nipples with my free hands. The silence I was now in made forget I was in the tub, and imagining I was somewhere else.

As the tub slowly filled up, I too could feel me arousing reaching a peak. With my eyes closed, nipples being rubbed, I had visions of my wife on top of me, cumming again and again as I slipped in to her womanhood.

I arched my back a little, so my cock head would touch the shower. The stream hit the underside of my now huge, hot and engorged cock. That it did for me, and I exploded! Streams and streams of cum poured out of my penis as the water continue to stroke me while my hands grabbed my nipples. I have never cum so hard in my life!

I was spent, and covered in my cum from the stomach up...I struggled to sit up and turn off the shower, and consider what just happened to me.

I had just cum without touching my penis. This is something that I have never experienced before, but will certainly try to do again!



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