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Shower With Friend

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This is a story about a special shower I had.


First, a little backstory: I've lived next door to a girl, M, for almost my entire life. We've been friends just as long, but it never progressed into a relationship. M is one year younger than me, and year older than my sister, so the three of us often hung out together.

One summer my family went to our lake cabin and we brought M along. We did the usual camping stuff: swimming, hiking, fire pits, etc. One day I wasn't in the mood to swim so I left the lake early and went back to the cabin to clean up and watch some TV. The bathroom is shaped a little like an L, with the long part being the sink and mirror. Next to that was the toilet and across from that was the shower in the little notch.

Anyway, I started my shower when I heard a knock on the door. I heard M saying she needed to pee and asked if she could come in. Although I was suprised, I replied yes, figuring it was ok since we couldn't see each other anyway through the frosted glass. I waited a bit and then heard the door close again so I thought she left. I continued my shower and then the shower stall door opened. I saw M standing there, completely naked, looking at me. She shyly said, 'I need to clean up too after swimming in the Lake. We can save water this way.' I turned red as it completely caught me off guard, but I agreed anyway as it would be even more awkward to say no!

We at first just looked at each other and explored each other's bodies with our eyes. Then she grabbed the soap and started to soap up and asked me to do her back. I did (and got a nice view of her shapely ass! She's about 130lbs, B cup I think) She then did mine, and when she reached my lower back, she reached around and did a slight tug on my dick. She asked, 'Do you ever masturbate?' I was surprised, but shamelessly replied, 'All the time.' If I'm comfortable enough to spontaenously shower with her, I don't care if she knows if I jack off. She said, 'Me too! This weekend I was wondering how I was going to survive. I have to do it at least once a day.' This peeked my interests so I said, 'Let's do it here, we have a good opportunity.'

So we used soap as some lube and each other as inspiration and went at it. I went slow so I could savor the moment, but she immediately went really fast. I could tell she was into it because she would occasionaly shake and moan. She grabbed my free hand and put it on her breasts, so I played with them. Mind you this was my first time with a girl, so going from seeing her naked to touching her was heaven.

When she was about to come, she slowed down and looked at me. I think she was expecting that we come together, but she noticed I was purposely going slow. She said, 'I know a thing that will get you going..' She put some soap on her finger and reached around and popped it inside my anus. I squirmed at first but then I got used to it, so I decided to return the favor. She let out a gasp and went faster on me.

Well, while it was good feeling, it wasn't enough for me so I continued jacking. She went back to herself too. I brought myself to full speed. When I was about to come, I looked into her eyes and we came at the same time; our eyes shared our nirvana.

The water at that point was getting cold so we turned it off, dried up, and went out to watch TV. My family didn't know a thing. M and I did more things that weekend and back at home, but that's a story for a different time.



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