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Shower Room Fun

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New member enjoying the variety


My gym has been listed on sites pointing to opportunities for sexual opportunities. That is not an announced policy; in fact it is usually a pretty mixed neighborhood crowd much of the time

During slack times, men are known to play in the sauna and run back and forth into the showers. The one large room with five shower heads offers little opportunity for men to entertain one another unobserved most of the time; nevertheless there are times when short periods of almost-deserted conditions allow some quick encounters.

On one particular occasion, I was alone in the shower room when a hunky older guy-not quite as old as I, but 'experienced', bounced into the room stroking a semi-erect boomer. My attention was immediately grabbed as I am an admirer of nice cock. I blinked and then stared at the guy's very obvious wanking himself unself-consciously, He smiled as I continued to stare and moved toward me. He reached out and grasped my dick as he continued to stroke himself to full tumescence, then he took my hand and placed it on his large tool. It felt oh so good, and he heaved his pelvis at me to encourage my more dedicated effort. I happily began a more vigorous pump, for I was really feeling the tension in my body mount. He stepped in front of me and guided my rod into his asscrack and guided my other hand onto his roomy pole. It easily accommodated both my larger-than-average hands with length left over to allow good stroking.

He humped his ass against my throbbing dick as I worked enthusiastically on his proud pole. I have rarely encountered one as large or beautifully shaped-slight upward curve, large glans with a beautiful pair of lips at the tip. Thoughts flew through my mind of how we'd disengage if someone suddenly popped around the corner and into the showers, but the excitement kept me from making any move toward ceasing the overwhelming pleasure I felt.

After a few minutes of our enjoyment, my stranger (for I'd never seen this man in the gym before) changed positions, pushing his rigid piece between my legs, not inside me but performing an interfemoral stimulation as he took my cock in hand-now flowing generous nectar and throbbing mightily. My entire body was filled with electrical charges as we continued to treat ourselves to making the best of this opportunity.

After some more enjoyment, the stranger stopped and stepped over to the entry and peered out into the locker room, smiled and returned to face me and manipulate our two cocks beneath each other's balls and vigorously pumped back and forth. He seized my buttcheeks to steer me and set the pace he wanted. I gave him no resistance; why challenge such a creative leader, I thought.

We were pushing the envelope of opportunity like it would never end, though at our insistent thrusting and pounding, our bodies were not going to tolerate much more without rewarding us with powerful climaxes. We stood face to face, each pounding the other's raging boners, grinning like schoolboys until our simultaneous eruptions spilled big loads on the tile floor. After we had finished, we each finished our showers, maintaining eye contact and smiling, but never uttered a word. The entire pas de deux had been accomplished without a single word-some bodily gestures and hand manipulation, but no verbalization.

When we were finished-he a bit ahead of me and out into the locker room-I hoped to achieve a more formal introduction and some possible follow up. Alas, when I walked into the locker room it was deserted. My friend had apparently left in a hurry. Needless to say, I was disappointed.

Since that time, we have met several times in the showers, only twice when any touching could occur, and nowhere near the extent of time we enjoyed on the first occasion. On one occasion I mentioned that someone in the sauna was looking directly into the shower room where we were engaging in a little foreplay. He suggested that I invite him to join us, but I hesitated and the opportunity passed. I do know where he works, but I have never initiated any conversation in spite of the fact that I'd give my left nut to hook up with him on a regular basis.



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