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Shower Fun at the Gym

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I recently came out and have been eager for some mutual play...the shower at the gym proved to be perfect.


This past week I unexpectedly ran into a hot and steamy situation at the gym...

I go to a local gym to work out. Even though I always trek on down to the showers and steam room after my work-outs in hopes of some fun, I usually never see anyone remotely my age or interested in fooling around.

I needed a good stress release after a long day at work. I did some cardio work on the elliptical, ab work, and then stretched. Sweaty, I headed to the locker rooms to shower. There are two shower rooms and after I was about to turn a shower on in the main room, I suddenly decided that the more secluded room would be better...it proved to be a good choice.

I walk in and there is one other guy in there showering. I take a shower across from him and start showering. I begin to check him out as I would most men in the locker room, catching a glipmse...just doing some window shopping. I knew right away that this guy was looking for something as he was showering facing me and didn't seem to have a problem with it. He was a young latino guy and had a really smooth body and a great butt. He was lathering himself up with soap and made sure to really scrub his package repeatedly. He was holding his cock in his hand as he massaged his balls and upper thighs in plain view. Feeling like I was in good company, I did a bit of the same, while also starting to get hard.

After a couple of minutes, neither of us made a move so I decided to head to the steam room. On my way I made sure to give him a one-two look, checking out his cock as I walked by.

Luckily he joined me seconds later in the steam room. We made small talk for a minute, asking how he spent his holiday until we were interupted by a group of other men. He decided to leave and I went ahead and followed to the shower room.

This time I decided to take a shower next to his. At this point it was on, we both knew that the other was down for some contact. As we begin to soap up again, he takes his cock in his hand and starts slowly tugging on it. He had a really nice, uncircumcised penis probablly 7' hard. I couldn't help but watch and was quickly getting hard.

Interested in making something happen, I ask 'Do you need any help with that?' looking down at his cock in his hand. He replies 'No' but gives a look at my cock and gives me a nod to jerk off with him. Trying not to get caught by other gym goers we slowly rub our cocks next to each other making sure no one else was coming.

Then he reaches over and starts rubbing me. It felt so good, a feeling I've been waiting to have, never having had another man touch my cock. As he is slowly caressing me, I reach over and grab his cock too. He had a beautiful penis which got bigger as you went up the shaft towards the head and it was a pleasure to rub. He then reaches over and starts to finger my asshole a bit. At this point I was really turned on, but he is startled by a noise and pushes me away and pretends to be showering normal.

Unfortunately, I lost it and blew my load in all the excitement. Not having the steam to continue, I decided to call it quits and told him I had to go and thanked him for the shower. I casually walked out of the showers and went to change.

I went back the next day hoping to see him, but I didn't. At least now I have a good excuse to go the gym! Happy work-outs!



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