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Shower Delight

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Shower Delight!
First, I must commend this site, Its SO great, I love reading the stories. They get me SO turned on. I can't believe i'm writing this!
I'm 17, almost 18 years old... I didn't start masturbating until i was 16. But i didn't acheive orgasm until i was almost 17. I'm straight but Bi-curious. When i first tried. I thought i was discusting and pathetic. I was in a hotel room, taking a bath, and tried, but nothing worked... i didn't really know what i was doing, i mean, frustrated i gave up.
Thoughout the months that passed i tried, i would get horny, i really wanted to know what a orgasm felt like! I would run around the house collecting 'tools', a hair brush, a screw driver handle, anything that i thought/hoped would do the 'job'. I still thought it was pathetic, wrong, gross. Because Girls just don't do that kinda thing. I would take this 'tools' go to the bathroom. (if no one was home) I would light a candle, put a blanket on the ground, and explore, rub, whatever i could do and it never happen.
THEN one day i was on the internet and my (guy) friend sent me a link to <"http://www.jackinworld.com/misc/welcome.html">JackinWorld.com as a joke. Well i bookmarked the site, and read though it, it was all about guys.
Thats when i came across the teeny tiny girl section, called JillinForHer (they have since deleted it due to lack of support) anyway the small section, was about various ways orgasm were acheived. One of them said something about the handheld shower massager. So i decided to try it. I unscrew the head of the hand held massager so it came out in one strong stream. i sat on the edge of the tub. and tickled my clitoris with it. OMG after a minute or too my whole body shruddered with delight as i had my first orgasm it was awesome, during the days that followed i took 4 or 5 showers a day, (i was worried i was becoming a sex addict), I fantasize about the guys i'm going out with, or even some of my guy friend, turn on soft music, sometimes the water pressure is not enough, i talk dirty and that usually throws me over the edge!
I'm still unable to do it with my hand. When i move out. I definantly going to steal the massager! OMG try it, just try it, its so great. I recently bought a wigglewriter that i plan to try as a vibrator, and i can't wait until i can buy a real one. I have realized this is not pathetic, everyone does it! and EVERYONE lies about it! I really wish girls could talk about Masturbation as freely as boys do... or at least the boys i know, lol. I've tried to open conversations about it with my friends, but they give me the OMG FREAK look, and i turn it into a big joke.
Now my sex drive is not as bad. I rarely take more the one 'extra' shower a day, but occasionally i take 2. I masturbate about 4-6 times a week. I love it! and 98% of the time i only have one orgasm, i just can't do multible. I LOVE THIS SITE!
Love Shay



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