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Shower at the Nudist Camp

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Growing up, with friends, at the nudist camp.


I was the second to the youngest in a big household of kids, and nudity was a pretty common thing, as was sexual behavior of one kind or another. At 12, my older brothers and sisters were mostly gone, and I could wander around the upper floor (which included three bedrooms and a small kitchenette, naked if I wanted to, which I frequently did. My little sister didn't seem to care one way or the other.
I began 'masturbating' early, probably six or seven. One time when I was around eight (I'm guessing), my brother (four years older) took my sister (two years younger than me) and me out to the barn and showed us how he masturbated. He also put my penis in his mouth and sucked on it and put his big - eight or nine inches - cock in my mouth, though I had no idea what to do with it. Other times I'd see another older brother walking through the house with a big erection. He must have been nine inches long! Very impressive to anybody, let alone a 10-year-old kid. I can still picture it today. On another occasion, a third older brother had sex with his girlfriend in his bed, which was just a couple feet away from mine. While I knew what in general was going on, the specifics were lost to me.
One day my parents announced to the kids that we were all going to be visiting a nudist camp in the Berkshire Mountains of Western Massachusetts that weekend. Well, this was a big surprise to me and my sister. My folks, we learned, had been going every weekend for a while, and they'd gotten to the point that they decided to include the rest of the family.
As I said, the older kids were mostly out of the house by then, so it was my 9-year-old sister and myself who made most of the trips with mom and dad. The first few visits were pretty typical for us: we kids were shy and spent most of our time in the tent or clothed (or otherwise covered) and away from the rest of the activities at camp.
After awhile, though, we got used to the idea and gradually started getting nude more often. I liked it, though it was hard to keep my erection down when I was around good looking girls or older women, or sometimes if the breeze just blew. Hey, I was 12.
As fate would have it, I inherited a good sized cock, though not as big as the two of my older my older brothers. And it got big early. By the time I was 11, it was already six inches long and pretty thick, too. Like many boys, I loved the look of it, and spent countless hours rubbing and jerking it, though I hadn't come yet, dry or otherwise. Oh, I knew what it was, I'd read all about it in the dirty magazines and cheap porn novels I'd found around the house. I just hadn't done it yet.
That would change one day at camp.
As I said, after a time my little sister and I got used to being naked, and we made friends with the other six or seven pre-teen kids our age at camp. We'd go off on hikes in the surrounding woods, we'd play card games in our big tent, or we'd go to the pool and horse around there for a couple of hours. The usual kid stuff, except that we were all naked.
One of my favorite games was 'beauty pageant.' While I don't remember exactly, in retrospect I assume that I was the organizer of the game. I was pretty popular in our tight-knit little group. The girls all liked me, a couple of them had crushes on me, and they all seemed to approve of what they saw uncovered that they would not have had the chance to see back at home.
As we all got more comfortable with each other, I gradually let my erections show. At first, it was just a semi stiffy, dangling so promisingly. Eventually, though, I'd let myself get - or simply not try to hide - the full blown erections that were a big part of my 12-year-old life. Now, I wasn't a big kid, 5-4 or so at the time, but my cock was full grown, and when it was hard, it was an impressive package, if I do say so myself, for a young kid just getting his first wisps of hair down there. Like I said, even then, my dick was pretty thick, and the way I'm cut really makes my big mushroom head stand out. Let's face it, I was a real exhibitionist.
The beauty pageant game was pretty lame. We'd find a completely isolated spot, split up sides-boys and girls-and have a contest. We'd always do the girls first, and they were great to look at. By the time it was the guys turn, I'd be pretty turned on, but not usually hard. (You get good at keeping it from happening when you want to, and I wanted to hold off on it for a little bit.) Then the guys, all four or five of us, would parade around in front of the girls. Once we got up in front of them, they'd comment on the group, and I'd begin stroking my dick, getting it hard for all to see.
Then it was inspection time. The girls, all naked and cute as hell, would come up to us and look us over. Inspection included, as you might guess, the grabbing and stroking of our dicks, but the girls spent the lion's share of their time on mine. They'd kneel down in front of it, jacking it, as they'd seen me do, all in the guise, remember, of inspecting it as part of the contest, quarreling over whose turn it was. I was, as you might imagine, in heaven.
Other times we'd hang out in smaller groups. One of the other boys, a year younger than me and pretty cute (though I never would have commented on that at the time) was curious about how I jerked off. One day after swimming, we were in the outdoor shower rinsing off when he asked me to show him how to do it.
Now, it's important to understand the setting. The showers were on a small hill overlooking a wood. There was a small asphalt pool down below the showers (the predecessor of the modern pool everybody used all the time), but few people spent time there. A path led up over the top of the hill, right past the showers and up to camp. The showers faced over the hill and were out of sight of the rest of camp.
We were caught up in our game and weren't thinking clearly. After turning off the water, I proceeded to get myself hard (well, 'harder'). My friend did the same, and followed my lead, jerking off his nice, if slightly smaller, cock standing right next to me overlooking the woods. I was feeling great, and I looked over to see that he was totally checking me out as I masturbated my big stiff cock. I began to groan and realized that, it was true, I was coming. I somewhat loudly informed my buddy of this fact, and he upped his tempo in his excitement.
So picture it: two cute boys, standing in the showers, facing out over the woods, frantically jacking off. That's the view that the woman who walked over the hill got! It was the mom, and a very cute one, I recall, of one of the kids in the group, and by chance, she'd timed her entrance perfectly. I couldn't stop, and didn't try to.
Upon seeing us, she froze in her tracks, not 15 feet from us, as I moaned, my knees buckled and I shot a big long rope of come, the first of my life, in her general direction. My friend stopped jacking his cock, and I looked over at the woman, not knowing what was going to happen. She just smiled and kept on walking.
To my knowledge, not a word of it, until now, was ever mentioned.



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