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Shower at the Gym

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thought I would share my story.


I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the thrill of 'accidentally' showing myself to guys, and even girls sometimes. I've been doing it since high school, which gives me about 10 years of experience, so I guess I am a pro! Among a million other stories, here are two of my favorites.

I've had both my nipples pierced for about a year, and about 3 months ago I got the last of my 5 intimate piercings 'down there'. I have one in my hood, and two in each inner labia. I go to the beach a lot. And when I am really in the mood, I wear this one bikini that is so thin that even my pubic hair will bulge through and you can tell. Since I got my piercings down there, I have been shaving all my pubic hair and when I wear the bikini, you can EASILY see the bulges from the piercings. It's FANTASTIC to see the guys stare. Girls notice too, but don't really stare at the beach. Lots of times they can't seem to decide whether to stare at the piercings up high or down low. I love it! I like to bend over and give them the view from behind too.

About two months ago, just after my last two labia piercings healed, I was at Gold's gym working out and there was a Spanish girl that I found VERY attractive. She was about the same size as me, about 5-6 and somewhat petite. She was at the gym almost every time I was there, at the same time every day. I kept an eye on her the whole time that day, and when I saw her headed to the locker room I followed after her, determined to 'accidentally show' her my new pierced pussy.

When I walked in, I saw her sitting on a changing bench doing something with her cell phone. I went straight for my locker and started taking off my shoes. I was keeping an eye on her as I undressed, but she was completely engrossed in her phone. I figured what the hell, and stripped nude right in front of her, but with my back turned; so I could feign semi-modesty. I stood there naked and packed my stuff into my locker and grabbed my towel so I could go shower. I decided this was it, so when I grabbed my towel, I turned around quickly with my full front view pointed directly at her.

It was perfect! She looked up just as I slammed my locker and she looked directly at my jewelry pierced nipples, then immediately down to my pussy. I saw her facial expression as she realized what she saw. It was fantastic!! I held the towel under my arm and walked to the shower completely nude. It was SO hot.

After a minute of pleasuring myself in the shower she got in a shower right next to mine, which was odd because I've always noticed that other girls always leave an empty shower stall between them. I was so horny that I just kept on masturbating quietly and gently. We could just barely see each other's nose and eyes over the shower stall divider. At first I avoided eye contact, but then we both started to catch each other's glances.

At one point she closed her eyes for a few seconds, and I was sure it was from the pleasure of doing the same thing I was doing, and when she opened her eyes she looked at me and definitely caught me staring. We smiled at each other and looked away again. I guess she was feeling bold too because then she turned off her shower, turned and faced me, and leaned back on the wall of her shower stall and looked at me. Her eyes said it all, so I got closer to the divider so I could see more of her face. She put one finger in her mouth and sucked on it provocatively and my heart skipped a few beats. I smiled nervously and got really close to the edge so I could see into her stall. She was rubbing one breast with one hand and fingering herself with two fingers on her other hand. It was SO hot!!!! I had never watched a girl masturbate before. My heart was POUNDING! and I kept on rubbing my clit as I watched. I must have watched her for about 5 minutes as she was fingering and rubbing herself, then I moved away, turned off the water, and leaned back in my stall. One second later, she was up close to my stall and looking in at me.

I was more turned on than ever before in my life, and I pleasured myself in that shower to the height of all sexual arousal of humankind. After a couple minutes, I pulled my fingers out of myself and put them in my mouth to enjoy my taste. She moaned quietly when she saw it and it almost put me over the edge. I did it two more times and it was even hotter than before. Then I put two fingers deep inside myself, explored with my fingers for about 10 seconds, and when I took them out I moved toward her and put them in her mouth this time. It took a lot of courage but we both loved it.

As she was sucking my fingers she put her hand up to the divider and I took her wet fingers in my mouth and tasted her sweetness and my legs almost gave out from the sexual pleasure!!!!

We both watched each other give ourselves an orgasm after that and then left the shower. No one ever came in the locker room, and we both walked out together. We never even spoke a single word the whole time!!

It was exceptionally erotic, and we always have a special smile when we see each other in the gym since then.



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