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Acting on Spur of the moment. This is a true story.


I will keep this as short as possible...

I'm 35, married and work as a field sales rep for a well known multinational company in the UK. My job affords me the opportunity to do other things in the day like use the bank, supermarket etc. which I often do to use the toilet.

I don't know about other men but when I need to pee really bad, getting a nice big erection subsides the need and allows me to last longer before having a wee.

On the day in question I was working in a small town and had the urge to wee. With no toilets/shops in sight I sat in my car and just rubbed the outside of my suit trousers to get hard and prolong it enough to get to the next town. En route to the next town I passed a small development for new homes and that is when I had my idea. They would have a toilet in the show home right?

So I pulled in and went into the marketing suite. Inside there was just one sales rep - a dark haired woman of about 50, not overly attractive but very presentable and certainly in the 'milf' category. Neatly presented with hair tied back.

By now my bulge had gone down and with a bit of sales patter I was shown around the show home. I wanted to go alone but she did not give me a choice. All I could do was think shit I am gonna piss myself if she doesn't leave me.

Anyway as we entered she said we would normally have to wear shoe covers but they had run out and would I mind removing my shoes to protect the carpet? No problem but as she removed her shoes I noticed that 1) her feet were covered in tights/stockings and looked good and 2) she was much shorter. Her head was now the same height as my chest. We looked around the ground floor and then proceeded upstairs.

She went up ahead of me but as she passed me her hair went right under my nose and the smell of her caused an instant stir down below. At this point I was kind of glad as it would put off my need to wee. As we looked around the top of the house my cock was getting harder and harder largely due to the fact I was no longer looking at the house but at this alluring woman before me.

She was talking to me in one of the smaller bedrooms but looking out of the window. I don't know why but I moved in close to her, not directly behind but slightly to the side. She suddenly turned to show me something but slightly barged me and her hand accidentally brushed my bulge. She immediately said "sorry" for the barge but then immediately realized what she touched and just said "oh". There was this pause in which I nearly died but just said "sorry, please, I just need to wee".

This middle aged woman suddenly went from a look of shock to the most dirty, filthy grin I have ever seen. "you can't use the toilets in here as they are sealed but you can use this" and she walked over to the corner of the room where there was an ornament jug thing.

I just thought fuck it, took it from her and proceeded to the bathroom with my jug. I didn't shut the door, just unzipped and let it flow while holding my cock in one hand and the jug in the other. The piss seemed to last for ages and just as I was shaking it she came close to the door and said "my god you did need a piss". At this point she still hadn't seen my cock so as I was shaking it I turned to face her and asked "what shall I do with this?" Meaning the jug.

She said "You have a fucking awesome dick". That was it. I put the jug down and hearing her say this put me in a kind of trance. I just stood there in front of her stroking and pulling it until it was up to it's full six inches. Not huge but it is thick and veiny which women have always seemed to like. I was pumping away not two feet from her. Her hands were now busy, one on her middle aged (guess d-cup) tit squeezing her nipple and the other up her skirt stroking her pussy. Her eyes flicked between my stare and my cock.

Suddenly without notice she bit her lip and just shuddered followed by a whimper of "oh, fuck, oh shit, yeeees". Her coming spurred me on and I could feel that familiar tightening of my sack. "I'm gonna cum" I said and with that shot a nice thick piece of rope that landed right on the bridge of her nose. That brought her out of her pleasure and she opened her eyes only to find the next three or four spurts land on her chest, skirt and her sexy foot.

We both stood there panting slightly and suddenly I was filled with panic 'what the fuck have I done? I am married, will she report me?'

Just then we heard the door open and close downstairs........

TBC if you want me to.



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