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The story continues.

The first story was 100% true. This is about 50/50. I did have a second encounter but it was with only one woman. A second viewer who was 'needy'. This is what could have happened....


We suddenly could hear voices downstairs. Definately two women.

There was no time for exchange of details, we had to tidy ourselves up quickly. I had put my still half hard cock back in my trousers while she straightened herself out and wiped what cum she could from her person using her hand (which gave me a little thrill).

I said "you OK?" to which she replied "I'm good but that sounds like my colleague Michelle showing another person around. We had better go".

I couldn't agree more. We quickly moved. Her first then me. We had made it as far as the kitchen on the ground floor when in walked another sales lady (same uniform so I guessed Michelle) again dark haired, a little slimmer and a little younger and a much younger blonde woman. My immediate reaction was wow to them both.

"Hello" sparked the second sales lady to mine. "I'm just showing Miss Baxter here around (to be truthful I can't remember her name, my mind was throwing a thousand scenarios through it, but it did begin with B).

"Hi" replied my lady "I've just finished with Mr......Oh, sorry I forgot your name".

Now in actual fact we at this point had not exchanged names and my first thought was I can tell her whatever and that way it would be safer. And as quick as a flash I thought I could be a devil with this opportunity..

"Mr. Glasscock, nice to meet you". And not 10 seconds later, my shoes were on and I left the house with three women I definitely 'would' behind.

Just as I got to the car, I panicked and realised I didn't have my car key. It was one of these credit card types which is annoying as when you drop it, it makes little noise! Shit I have to go back.

I hurried back to the house and without knocking just went straight in. Before me was a sight to behold. Michelle was crouched on one knee with my sales lady's foot on her knee wiping what was obviously cum from her toe!

"Ah Mr. Glasscock, Laura here (my girl) was just telling me what a naughty boy you have been!"

I swear my heart stopped. That's it. Divorce, prosecution, job loss all swirling in my head.

"Don't worry your secret it safe" and with that she licked the thick glob of goo and swallowed it. The dirty little.....

"ahhheeew" came a shriek from upstairs. Miss Baxter evidently.

Michelle dropped Laura's foot and raced upstairs, quickly followed by Laura and me. Before us on the landing was Mrs. Baxter soaking wet from her chest and all down her left side. She just stood there with her arms out to her side with a look of 'what the fuck is all over me'.

Yes. It was my piss. She had obviously found the jug and somehow spilled a lot of it over her.

The next couple of minutes were filled with apologies from all parties and the story of me pissing came out. This poor woman could not go anywhere so Michelle said "Why don't you get in the shower, get clean and we'll get some clothes for you". Now if it were me I would just want to bolt but she didn't say a word, just turned into the bathroom followed by Michelle.

"I've lost my key. As soon as I find it I will go" I said to Laura. "It's probably in the bathroom" she replied just as we heard the flow of water. Without thinking I just walked in to get it.

Bang. There was Michelle, stripped to her underwear. Black and pink matching Bra and knickers. And surprisingly plump titties. Nice. Her clothes heaped on to a towel rail. Miss Baxter was obviously in the shower but this was obscured by a section of wall and I couldn't see past.

"I've lost my key"

"I've had to give her my clothes" said Michelle while passing my key to me.

This nearly naked milf walked passed me to Laura and said "any chance you can nip into town and get me some clothes? Anything will do size 10. I told Miss Baxter she could have my clothes. I will wait until you get back. Laura turned without any look my way and was gone.

Before I could do anything Michelle looked at me and said "Can you get hard again?". What WTF? Is she real?

"Look you got about three minutes before that shower stops and I want you to come for me". Her gaze into my eyes when she said this was so sexy my cock did not need asking twice.

I unzipped in that house for the second time and proceeded to pump an already lubricated cock. She immediately dropped to the floor, layed on her back and rubbed her mound furiously. And I mean furiously.

It took I guess no more than one minute for her to climax and cum. She was a squirter! Her knickers got very wet, spilling through onto what was already a wet carpet. And she was loud. She couldn't help it I guess she just screamed "Yeeeeeessss"

Even in this mind blowing situation I registered that the shower suddenly stopped.

"Come on, cum on me quickly" she barked at me. Does she not know a man takes longer second time around?

My dick felt amazing. The build up from within was coming. My balls tightened and I let go and an amazing long rope of cum that shot straight over Michelle and landed on the bathroom floor at the feet of Miss Baxter who was staring straight at me wrapped in a show home towel.



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