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Short but Sweet - at Work!

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Sometimes you just gotta get it out!


Monday. The beginning of a long week. And another weekend without sex. I wasn't having a very productive day, and several times during the day I would look up and notice the traffic in the hall. I'm usually too preoccupied to look up. But not today. I should have stayed home.

My office is somewhat a corner office of a highrise and on the outside of a perimiter hallway that turns right in front of my office. So if my door is all the way open, I can see people walking toward or away from me frequently. There are just under a hundred people on my floor.

I pretty much don't notice the women in my office since my wife is pretty special. But there's this new girl on the floor, works for the office manager doing mail, copies and such. She's attractive enough, I guess, but the real issue is the way she dresses. TIGHT skirt and one of those fitted button down shirts on which she probably leaves one too many buttons undone on. She's got to be at least a 34D with limited curves elsewhere...she seems too slender to be that big...probably got a boob job.......!!! SO THIS IS ALL GOING THROUGH MY MIND ON MONDAY! I'm supposed to be working! Well, this girl only walked down the hall away from me with some files, and then returned toward my office again-probably 20 steps, and then made the corner and was out of sight. I almost passed out with the rate that I became rock solid! Enough was enough!

I got up from my desk (hard as a rock in one spot...), grabbed my sportcoat, keys and wallet, and headed toward the elevators, telling my admin that I'd be back in a moment. I went one floor down, exited the elevator, and headed for the mens room on that floor. For some reason, there's hardly ever anyone in that mens room. I went directly to the corner stall, went in, locked the door, hung my sport coat, undid my zipper, pushed my bikini-briefs down, and whacked away until I was right at the edge...so I edged...for probably 10 minutes. Then I carefully sat down and slooooowwwly filled the bowl. What relief! And I counted carefully (believe it or not, knowing that this one would get posted on Solo Touch) a full 8 spurts of that beautiful pearlescent love cream! What a Monday it turned out to be after all! And all before lunch time!

I cleaned up, got myself all repackaged, and then thought to myself: 'I wonder if I can do it again!?'. Guess what...I could-and did! It took a LONG time (and I went to the counter to get some hand lotion this time around), but it was very gratifying.

I wonder how many masturbation sessions the girl with the boob job triggers a week. I'm guessing at least 5 at work...and 55 in the evenings!

OK. Time to go pump out a few cords of the juice!



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