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Shopping Spree

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What's a girl to do? This happened in August of this year.


I was so excited when I left the office early, having just been promoted to a management position in our prominent design firm. The head of my studio suggested that I take the rest of the day off, before starting a new assignment with a very important client. And client contact would be the focus of my new position, although I would still maintain significant design responsibilities (my real strength in the company). With the extra time, I decided to go shopping for some new outfits that would be appropriate for my new executive position. So I headed for the Miracle Mile (prime shopping area in the metropolitan area near my company office), where I knew the more fashionable womens apparel shops and stores where located. I had a new attitude of confidence as I entered the store and headed to the third floor-the women's business apparel. It was a rather warm day and the air conditioning was refreshing compared to the 90 degree outdoor temperature. Up the escalator-strutting down the aisle to the fashionable design section-where I started looking for dark suits with matching skirts, pants and jackets. Within minutes a sales gal joined me. As I look back now, I was rather unaware of the skilful but subtle way she became involved in my shopping spree-helping me find my size, holding up the garments to herself for me to see, then creating a personal rack to hang articles that interested me. But, at the same time, she was in the background, stepping forward at the very right moment. After several minutes, Eva knew exactly what I was seeking and why-she suggested we look in another area that had some extraordinary and complimentary outfits.

By now, Eva and I were a team, she was so helpful, interested in my shopping needs, and honestly, the most fun sales gal I have ever experienced in my life. (Now, a few things you readers should know about me-I'm divorced for 19 years, no children, bi-sexual since my college days, mostly date women, live alone, and at 49 I am experiencing a rather strong sexual resurgence). Eva, looked to be about 30 years of age, tall-ish at maybe 5-10, thin but busty.

Pulling my personal rack of clothes, Eva guided me to a changing room area and placed my rack of about 20 different outfits, in what I would call a changing suite, consisting of 3 areas behind one door-one area for changing clothes, one area with mirrors for judging the various garments, and another area with a raised platform, and mirrors for the sales person and a tailor to assist the customer. Each area was furnished with comfortable but appropriate seating and were separated from each other by partitions, but no doors. Once inside the changing suite, Eva rolled my rack into the changing area and asked if I would like something to drink, to which I replied that a tonic would hit the spot. As I slipped out of the work clothes, I heard Eva close the door, but returned in just a few minutes asking if it was OK to serve me a glass of sparkling water with a wedge of lemon. I was in my bra, panties and half slip, but I felt comfortable in allowing her to serve me in my little private changing area so invited her in. She handed me the drink and asked what outfit I wanted to try on first-the one with the green checked jacket, I responded, taking a sip of the sparkling water and setting the glass down on a nearby side table. Eva pulled the outfit from the rack, handed me the pants first. Up until this point, I was totally engrossed with my shopping, but now I was starting to sense a electricity between Eva and myself. As I stepped into the dark green pants, Eva's eyes were trained on my mons. My slip was very sheer, cream colored, but my panties were scarlet red-so their outline was easily seen through my slip. I reached for the side zipper, but Eva was on the spot, zip, snap, running her fingers around the belt line, commenting that the waist was a nice fit. Next, she helped me into the checked jacket, buttoning the front buttons for me-sleeves will need to be shortened-but shoulders are a nice fit, but too full in the bust, will need to be taken up a bit. Eva was very professional, and I was following her every move now. She stood so straight and tall, with her shoulders back and her head was tucked just so-sparkling green eyes, thin smooth lips, nice round firm breasts, long luscious legs under her dark pressed skirt. Her mannerisms were quite sophisticated but nothing ostentatious. I wanted to know what it would be like to kiss her. I was 20 years older, but she was much taller, and the one in control, she just made me think I was in control, but she was really the one directing this whole thing. She was manipulating me like few gals have, but I was thoroughly enjoying it and I wanted her to touch me in anyway she wanted! I had that excited feeling inside now. My nipples were hard, partially from the air conditioning, and partially from my Eva fantasies.

Eva continued to help me in and out of all the articles on the rack, setting aside those that met my approval (which was really our approval now). Finally, the last skirt and jacket-it had taken hours but it seemed like just a few minutes with Eva. We both took a seat on the couch in the large fitting area-I was rather giddy from the shopping experience and euphoric about Eva-took her hand and pulled her closer, telling her how wonderfully helpful she had been, then leaned over-kissed her cheek-ran my fingers through her hair -around the back of her neck-then kissed her passionately. Her kisses were better than I had dreamed. I lay back on couch, running my hands gently over her breasts-her nipples were tense and large-I slipped my hand under her soft sweater and slowly raised it up-looking into her eyes. Eva unbuttoned my suit jacket and slipped it off as she had the many before, but this time she caressed my small breasts as she removed my bra, then brushed her mouth over my nipples and pulled them with her fingers. Eva took her sweater off, I unsnapped her bra, lifted the cups off her breasts-her nipples were very large and dark-I pulled and twisted her nipples with my fingers as our lips met again, tongues darting in and out like vipers in heat. We were insane with lust-breathing recklessly, pulling and pushing at each other, out of our skirts and panties. The air had a familiar fragrance. Groping each other, we moved to the raised platform where I lay on my back, and Eva straddles me with her long legs then changed to a scissors position, our labia caressing, fingers gently probing each others clits. At this point, I'm not sure how many orgasms we encountered, but I had multiple smaller ones, before we literally climaxed withering to an unconscious state. After several minutes, we slowly gathered ourselves, dressed, caressed, and exchanged phone numbers. We met again that weekend at my place. I bought a lot of clothes that day with a nice discount but literally on Eva's account.

Eva and I have have continued to see each other but our relationship is mostly based on our physical needs, rather than emotional. And at this stage of my life, I have a very substantial need for physical satisfaction. Eva calls me her cougar and I refer to her as my leopard-a purring cat with dark spots.



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