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Shopping Mall Fun

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Hope you enjoy the story, its all true.


In the town where I come from the clothes shops all have individual changing rooms. I went on holiday to Toronto last summer and decided to go clothes shopping as there is a much better range available and the prices are much cheaper than home.

I went to a clothes shop in a mall and the first stop was the underwear section. I have a thing for underwear. I couldn't believe the huge selection available from boxers to thongs in every imaginable colour and so many designer names. While I was looking around I noticed this good looking guy checking out the underwear as well. We made eye contact and nodded at one another and carried on. I decided to leave the underwear to last and went to the jeans/ trousers section and picked out a few pairs to try on.

I made my way to the changing rooms and discovered that it was a communal changing room. I put the clothes on the bench, sat down, took off my shoes. Then I stood up and took off my jeans. I was now standing there in just a tee shirt and a pair of blue jockey briefs when into the changing room came the guy I had seen in the store. I tried on a pair of jeans and was checking myself out in the mirror. There was a mirror on each side of the room and I could see the other guy dropping his jeans. Trying not to get caught staring I glanced every now and then and saw the he too was wearing briefs but his were bright red and he had a nice bulge in the front.

I took off the jeans and stood there folding them and then took up another pair to try on. By now I was semi hard and trying not to show it. I tried on the next pair of jeans and again checked myself out in the mirror. I stole a glance and the other guy was standing in his underwear looking at me and his bulge seemed to have got bigger. He said that the jeans were a good fit. I turned around and said thanks. Your underpants seem to be getting a bit tight there I said and he laughed and said 'I guess so'. He started stroking his cock through the underwear.

I opened the jeans and they fell to the floor exposing my hard on bulging in the front of my underpants. I heard one of the sales assistants telling a customer how many items he could bring in to the changing room so I put on my own jeans and took up the ones I had brought in to try on. He did the same and walked out behind me as the other customer came in. As I walked to the cash desk he moved closer to me and said if I wanted to do something with the bulge in my jocks that I should meet him outside the shop.

I finished my shopping and when I went out he was waiting and when he saw me he walked away so I followed at a discreet distance. He went into the men's bathroom. There was a slot on the door where you dropped in a coin to unlock the door. I dropped in the coin and walked in. There was a second door which then led into the bathroom. He was standing by the urinals, the front of his jeans open and stroking his growing bulge through the cotton of his underpants. There was no one else there so I dropped my bags on the floor and opened my jeans, pulled them down a bit and started feeling my ever hardening cock through my underwear.

This is a good place for a wank he said because you can hear the coins drop in the lock which gives you time to avoid getting caught. I picked up my bags and went to the cubicles where I took off my tee shirt and dropped my jeans all the way down. He stood in the doorway of the next cubicle and did the same. We started feeling each others cocks. I ran my hands over his chest and played with his nipples and pulled at the trail of hair leading from his belly button downwards. We then hugged and ground our crotches together. I pushed hom away and pulled down his underwear and started stroking his 6 inch uncut cock, rubbing his lovely thick bush of fair pubic hair and fondling his balls.

He did the same to me. I closed my eyes and enjoyed the feeling of his hands on my cock as I was jerking his. Just as I was about to cum I heard a coin drop in the lock so we stepped into our respective cubicles, closed the doors and jerked off until I shot my load all over the floor. I took a load of toilet paper, wiped up the mess, got dressed and flushed the toilet. I got dressed, picked up my bags and went out to wash my hands. The man who came in and interrupted our mutual fun finished his business and left. While I was drying my hands my jerk off buddy came out from his cubicle smiling. That was close he said. Yeah I said, close but fun.

We left the bathroom and went our separate ways. I went back to that store a few more times before my holiday was over but I never met him again. I did get to see some really good looking guys in the changing room in various states of undress which got me horny and I ended up back in the toilets jerking off picturing these guys in my mind as I did so. These experiences made what was already a good holiday even better.



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