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Shooting on Kevin

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Great site. I always like to fantasize about another guy who might be reading the same story that I am while I'm masturbating.


The summer I graduated from college I went to study in Germany for a month with a bunch of other American students. There were two other guys besides me. Tom spent a lot of time with his girlfriend, so his buddy Kevin and I wound up hanging out together a lot. We all stayed in rooms rented by German families, and since Scott and I lived at opposite ends of the town, we sometimes slept over in each other's room.

Tom had some playing cards with porn pictures on them and the four of us used to play strip poker on nights when the German wine was flowing. One night we all got blown away and played until everyone was naked. We started talking about sex and Kevin admitted that he hadn't masturbated in the three weeks since we'd been there. I'd been masturbating almost every night, thinking about Kevin's crotch in his tight white dress pants, and the few glimpses I'd seen of his cock in the showers at the pool. But before things got out of hand, Tom and Allison had to leave, so everybody got dressed again.

Kevin was really drunk and about to pass out, so I asked if he needed help getting into bed. He just flopped back and looked like he had passed out. I decided to help him out and pulled off his shirt before finding his pyjamas. Then I decided the hell with it and unbuckled his belt. I pulled down his zipper, dragging off his pants and his jockeys. He was just lying there with his eyes half closed, looking at me. I chickened out and put his pyjama bottoms on but then I stripped and got into bed with him. We both fell asleep fast.

I woke up about an hour later with my arm around Kevin in bed and an enormous hard-on. I wanted him so bad and I moved my arm down until my hand was near his crotch. He didn't move, so I screwed up my courage and reached for his cock. He had an enormous boner! I started stroking him with my right hand and myself with my left.

Suddenly he rolled over on his back and in the dim light of the room I saw his cock poking up inside his pyjamas. He was still asleep, or pretending and I thought what the hell. I pulled down his pyjama pants and straddled him. I pushed my balls up against him and jerked our cocks off together. It was heaven, feeling his ball sack rub up against mine, as I pumped up and down

Finally, I was weak with exhaustion and excitement, so I lay down beside him in the bed. He rolled over so that his back was to me and as he did so, my dick brushed up against his ass cheek for just a second. I was so hot, I knew it would all be over if I started whacking and then without touching myself at all I suddenly shot my load. My dick was jerking up and down as I poured my cum into Kevin's ass crack. That's the first and only time I've come without touching myself at the moment I blew my load.

The next morning, neither of us mentioned what had happened, or all the cum in the bed. Although, as Kevin sat up on the edge of the bed I could see that he was trying to hide his boner between his thighs. I got dressed, went down the hall to the bathroom and blew another load, as I remembered how smooth and soft his ass was. I was also imagining Scott sitting there on the edge of his bed, beating himself off.

We left to go back to the States two days later, so I never had chance to try jerking off with him again.



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