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Shooting Off

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Girls! More! More!


Okay, you probably can't tell here, but I'm actually very sensitive about a girl's needs in sexual situations. But I do have a fetish with my own cock. I can't even think about other guys, so I'm sure I'm not gay... I just love the look and feel of my cock. Luckily, Jen likes it as much as I do because I've found that I enjoy girls more when they let me exhibit myself in front of them. I love to be asked to masturbate in front of them, especially if they can get creative. (So, yeah, they have to have an imagination and a naughty love of using it on me).
I love to sit over Jen's face and pump it. Sometimes she blows on my balls or gives them a quick lick as I do so. I love watching her watch my balls bounce in her face. I love how she looks so excited at my hand pumping at my thick shaft. (She says she loves that musky smell that comes off cock when guys get horny). She tends to get very hungry for it and snatches it away so she can suck on it a little (getting it lubed with her spit). Then I use her spit and some of my pre-cum to start again.
Of course, having a fetish with watching myself jack off, I love watching myself spray that thick, milky cum. I love watching it exit my cock-slit and fly in threads. Sometimes this is my favorite part.
Jen told me that she loves watching me cum. Sometimes she likes to watch the expressions on my face. Other times, she's gawking at the explosion itself. Jen will let me cum anywhere on her. While I fantasized about this, I never brought it up to any of my girlfriends because I know (or thought I knew) that girls thought it was humiliating (or they feared the salty sting, if it lands in the eyes). It was Jen who said that I could pick my target (both of us laughed like mad at this). She told me that cum was a man's pleasure manifested, so why should it be humiliating for her? She said, 'it's a compliment if guys want to cum on me.'
I ask her ALWAYS to let me cum on the particular area and she always says yes, so I blast away. My favorite is to watch myself spray her pink tongue, asshole, pussy or on her face. She closes her eyes tightly when I do this. I love looking at a girl with my white cum on her pretty face. It's great.
I love using mirrors, too. I love cumming on Jen while in different positions, watching it from the mirror. When I jerk off alone, I watch myself in a mirror. I love watching my own balls bounce. I love watching cum drip down my rigid, purple cock in a mirror after I've come. Sometimes I lay back, lube up my ass, and I stick a finger in there while I jerk on my cock, watching my finger go in and out in the mirror.
I'm 28, but I can never get enough of myself or cumming. I usually cum once to four times a day, but sometimes I'll wait for a few days to resize my load. The bigger loads I spray the happier I am.



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