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Shoe Fetish

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Ever since I was a young boy I have been fascinated by women wearing open toe high heeled pumps. My Mom had a few pairs of them; but my Aunt had dozens. Also, there were some neighbor ladies who used to get all dressed up on Sundays and strut down the street right passed the house wearing 4' open toe pumps on their way to Church. How I loved to watch them in those high heeled open toe pumps !

One day, when I was in my early 20s, I visited my Aunt, who had a party. She had a big house; but the place was filled with people. The 'guest' bathroom was being used; so she told all of us to feel free to use 'her' bathroom; which had 2 doors: one into her bedroom; one into a hallway that party guests were using to get into the bathroom.

When I got into her bathroom, I realized I now had access to her bedroom...and all her high heeled shoes ! I kept the bathroom door to the hall locked; so no one else could come in. Then, I quietly left the bathroom through her private door, and went straight to her closet. There were at least 25 pairs of high heeled pumps, sandals, and slides lined up on the shelves. I grabbed a pair of black suede open toe pumps; with 4 1/2 heels. I trembled as I stroked these beauties; but my cock started to stir. Then, an idea flashed: I took my cock out of my pants, and as it was still soft, I managed to insert the head of it into the open toe of her shoe ! This was an incredible feeling-a taboo was broken, but I finally had my cock where I wanted it....inside her shoe !

In seconds, my cock grew hard and straight.

Now, I realized with horror I was stuck: the cock would NOT come out of the shoe !! The open toe gribbed it like iron...I couldn't pull the shoe off. Panic started to build as I realized a guest would want to use the bathroom soon...what would I do ? How would I get out of this ? Trembling, I began moving the shoe up and down; pulling it and tugging it against my cock. The open toe would NOT slide off; but the sensation was incredible. I was masturbating inside a woman's shoe !! Next thing I knew; the pleasure sensation started, then more; then I EXPLODED all over the inside of her shoe; spewing gobs of hot creamy cum right to the back of the heel ! My legs trembled; my heart raced, and my breathing was furious...but my cock got soft !! Off came the shoe...I was free. Then, I had to clean up the mess inside the shoe, and put it back. I quietly rejoined the party: NO ONE was the wiser. For the rest of the night, I smiled whenever I saw my Aunt. She must have wondered what was up...little did she know !

Since then, I used any opportunity I can to insert a soft cock into a woman's open toe high heel and squirt off into it. I suggest you try it sometime...unbelieveable !!



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