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Shocking 'Innocence'

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I guess you can't always tell by the cover.


Back in high school years ago when I was a senior I met this 10th grader that was so sweet. She was the daughter of immigrants from the Philippine Islands and lived at home with her mom and dad. I immediately flipped over her. I got to know her and finally asked her out on a date.

I went to pick her up and nervously met her parents. We had dinner and went to a movie. I was a perfect gentleman all evening. The next weekend I asked her out again. Again, we did much the same thing. But this time at the theater she wanted to go up to the balcony seats far to the rear. It was so totally dark there I couldn't believe it but this was where she wanted to go. We sat and were practically alone up there.

It wasn't too long and we were kissing each other. She was wonderful. Our kissing became more and more passionate. She had her arm raised around my neck in such a way that it encouraged me to let my hand come in contact with the side of her breast. I let this happen and soon had the side of her tit in my palm. She brought her hand across my lap to where the joint between her palm and wrist was in contact with my cock. With all our kissing and all I certainly was aroused and hard as a rock. I continued to allow my hand to take in more tit rubbing and squeezing. She soon had her hand wrapped around it.

Next thing she did was unzip my pants and reach in taking my cock in her hand. She then gave my a fantastic feeling hand job and I soon filled my pants with my cum. It was certainly clear this was no 'sweet innocent' little thing. She knew exactly what she was doing and it felt great! She took her hand out and wiped it off with tissue from her purse. She then pulled up my zipper.

I told Dell (her shortened name) we better go to the car. She agreed. On the way out she said she needed to go to the rest room. I had noticed she had on panty hose but when she came out of the rest room they were off. In the car she continued to want to make out. I drove to my favorite make out place and it was there that I returned the favor. I had my hand up her dress feeling her up and fingering her hot wet pussy. She had a very strong orgasm. I again was all aroused again and put her hand back on my erect cock through my pants. She took over from there and opened my belt and pulled my pants down. I got my second wonderful hand job of the evening this time with my hand up her dress. I soon climaxed giving my pants and shirt another good load of cum. We now had to use my already cum stained shirt to wipe our hands off.

On our later dates we always manually pleasured each other. It never got to intercourse although I sure wanted in her pussy bad. She put her foot down when it came to this and I respected this. I hated it but her family soon there after moved to another city. I was serious about this girl and it had come down to us constantly telling each other that we loved each other. This we certainly did. Today I can only hope she had a happy life. I still think about her to this day.



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