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The other night I wanted sex, but my girl was tired and falling asleep. I was tired, too, but had gone to bed naked in hopes that something would happen. I considered climbing on top of her, kissing her and grazing my breasts across her chest (which always turns her on), but my energy was low and I did not want to put upon her for sex. Instead, I laid on my back beside her, reached under the comforter and began slowly stroking my clit, first in vertical strokes along the shaft and clitoral hood, then with softer, circular strokes around the sensitive head. I worked this combination over and over again until I was fully hard and my labia were swollen and covered in silky, thick come.

I get very wet very fast and this turns my girlfriend on. My strokes were becoming slick and noisy. 'Squeeze my nipple,' I asked. She did and, after a minute of this, she grabbed my arm with her hand and began kneading my muscles, saying, 'You're getting me so turned on.' She squirmed and began touching herself with her left hand. The sound of her soft, low voice gave me shivers and I kept stroking. My arousal intensified to a point of coming, so I decided to edge, slowing my stroke to delay climax. It hurt to hold myself there for so long, but stretching out my orgasm intensified my passion for her into something feverish.

I leaned over and kissed her soft lips. I pressed my hand against her pussy and began working on her. I kissed her and rubbed her swollen clit with my slick fingers, repeating the same strokes I used on myself. Her body tensed under my touch and our kissing intensified. I lifted my head, looked into her pretty eyes and held her gaze. I pressed my wet pussy against her thigh while I masturbated her. I knew this would turn up the heat for her. I gently brushed my breasts against her and this put her over the top. Within seconds she whispered, 'I'm coming,' and bucked rhythmically to a slow stop.

She writhed in bed, her soft, cute body leaning into me. She hugged me and nestled against me and kissed my neck and jaw as I began to work on myself some more. It hurt when I started back. I had been so aroused earlier that the new swelling caused pains. I stroked through this sensation, and my beautiful girl kept kissing me, caressing my body, squeezing my nipples hard. I came closer and closer to orgasm. Finally, I exploded in a release that lasted a minute-hard throbs, followed by pulsation and then aftershocks.

Very pleased with our sex, we kissed and smiled and nuzzled each other. We were so happy together! I closed my eyes and stroked her hair. She turned over and curled up for sleep. I snuggled against her and held her hard. Within minutes we were fast asleep. I sure love this girl. This story is for her.



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