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Shifting Interests.

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Today's excitement is tomorrow's old hat. I think that made sense... Anyway, throughout my teenaged life, I have been all over the place when it comes to sexual interests; this story is an overview of my past and present interests. It kinda jumps around a little, but it's not too complicated.


So, where to begin...
Well, as I'm sure most boys from this generation did, I discovered porn via the internet. I cannot quite say how I discovered it, but it just sorta happened. Odds are, a childhood friend of mine- we'll call him Kyle- brought about my introduction to things sexual. He was a sort of cool-kid that I looked up to; he played football, played video-games, and loved classic rock music. To a young boy, these signs pointed to "cool-dude". Kyle was only a year older than me, but it never felt like the gap was that small. As per the old cliche, he showed me some of his dad's playboys. Looking back on those magazines, it seems pretty softcore compared to what I watch now. Anyway, we would thumb through his stash and comment about the various girls in them. He preferred the blonde girls, while I liked the black-haired ones. At that age, the only variation that I really knew about women was hair color and race; in my mind, hair color told pretty much everything else about a girl. To those wondering: no, Kyle and I never masturbated with each other. Honestly, I wished that we had. Sure, we would take out our stiffies and compare or do juvenile things with them like rubbing them on the lewd pictures, but neither of us knew what actual masturbation was. We both drifted apart after a few years of being good friends, and soon later, I learned masturbation from a pretty unlikely source.

In middle-school, there was a huge rivalry between a good friend of mine and myself over a girl. Jane, we'll call her, was a friend of mine before we ended up going out. (It was pretty childish, actually. We may as well not have been dating at all. We were just friends that claimed to be dating. Not one kiss nor anything else between us.) At one point in time before we went out, I recall her talking to her bestie. She told her how guys masturbate, saying that they rub it when it's hard, and then it dribbles white stuff. Being the douche that I was at the time, I went along with it and pretended to know what she meant. Needless to say, I tried it right when I got home that day.

And now, for the actual reason I'm writing this. From the beginning, my interests were solely based on what the other guys talked about. Naturally, I found porn videos on the internet and thus began my, what will likely be life-long, porn enjoyment. Of course, I went with whatever I saw at first. For a little while, I just watched traditional sex before I discovered blowjobs. I seemed to only watch the ends of those videos to watch the cumshot. After that, it quickly changed into cumshot videos like compilations. Up until this point, I had considered myself 100% straight as an arrow, but I soon started to see other things that piqued my interest.

Porn had become more about seeing cumshots than anything. I couldn't tell you why I liked them so much at the time, but now I believe that it was because of my interest in pleasure, and in my eyes, an orgasm was a visible pleasure. Eventually, I ended up watching videos of just men jerking off. There were so many more of them, and seeing the climax was my primary goal at the time. I still loved the sight of a woman, but when I was masturbating, I really wanted to see these cumshots. For a short period when I was 16 and 17, I was into crossdressers as well, but that has since faded away for the most part.

Somewhere around 15 or 14, I met a guy a year older than myself on an online computer game. "Nick" and I were pretty tight for a long while; we played tons of video games online. One of the things that we initially did was exchanging porn that we liked. He sent exclusively hentai, a Japanese anime porn, for those who don't know. As you might suspect, that got me into hentai, and for a while, it was my only source of pornography. Even with these other mediums of porn, I still preferred things pretty vanilla.

This next part is a little bit different. I don't remember when or how it happened, but I picked-up on text-based role-play at some point. For starters, I never played in a first-person perspective, I always took the role of a fictional character. Erotic role-play (ERP) has, by far, been the most influential thing in my sexual "maturity". Before this, porn was pretty simple: Yeah, this girl is hot, and she's doing sexy stuff with that guy, whom I will mentally be pretending to be. ERP introduced a whole new level to porn: story. My first character was pretty simple. He was a big guy, not fat or buff, but big, sort of a gentle-giant. He was polite as well as smart, but whenever he was aroused, he sort of lost control. The funny thing was, I was doing a lot of clean stuff and only getting smutty on occasion.

I would look for the usual sort of partners for ERP: shy, nice, and maybe a little naive. Thanks to another lapse in memory, I do not recall why I scrapped my old character and shifted my sights, but I'm glad that I did. I took a strange liking to more dominant women. Not all-out dominatrix, just women that were more forthcoming. I played many little brother and big sister RPs, which only further encouraged my liking of strong women. After much consideration, I determined that rough-and-tumble tomboys were my ideal sort. In a way, the interest in mature women might come from my desire for a mentor or a person in my life that can set me straight when I'm out of line. Hopefully someday I can find someone like that- and they don't have to be a girlfriend or even a romantic interest at all- and they can help me to better myself as I do the same for them. (Shit, that got emotional, back to business!)

After a long while of dealing with the troubles of being a guy on these sites (there's a guy-to-gal ratio that makes it hard on me), I made a bold move. Not only was it hard to find any girl on these sites, it was even harder to find tough girls (that were not into whips and chains)! Thanks to the anonymity of the internet, I logged in on another account with a new alias and character. This time, I was playing a girl- both in character and out. Finding a partner now was stupidly easy. Controlling the other end was easy, and all I had to do was put myself in the mind of the male character that I was playing with for the ideal experience. Just saying, I don't think I'm a girl, nor do I want to be one.

This whole ERP thing was strangely beneficial to me; in writing all these stories with people, my skills as a writer skyrocketed, helping me in my selected profession. As a story-writer, I had grown accustomed to detaching myself from the characters that I create. After a while of "internet cross-dressing", here I am. Through it all, I grew to like strong women- both physically strong and in personality. I find the hottest women don't have a killer rack, or a huge ass, but a healthy, toned body; completely natural: no makeup, hair-dye, or fancy hairstyles. Now I can appreciate the human body and mind for their natural beauties.

After all the confusion, I'm doing great right here as I am. Only problem being that finding videos and hentai of exactly what I want is not easy. And now I may as well list of the things that I'm into, just to spare you the details of how and why I have them.

Tomboys & mature women
Casual masturbation (number of people and gender don't matter)
Cam-to-cam masturbation
Big cumshots
Non-romantic incest (bro-sis, son-mom)
Small breasts
Lesbian stuff (not a whole lot though)

Well, that's about it. Thanks for reading! While I'm here, I may as well sort of advertise myself. I'm currently looking for cam-to-cam partners for some casual masturbation. I would prefer a woman, but some men are welcome as well. But for real, I would be so grateful if I could find a woman.

Happy Fapping!- Isaac



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