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She's My Friend and Co-worker but...

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Since our trip was put together at the last minute literally, I didn't have a chance to get together all of my necessary sundries for travel. I figured after we had reached our destination, I would just need a quick run to a drug store to pick up whatever I needed. I had planned to go by myself, but when I told C where I was going, she readily expressed her desire to go with me for she needed a few things too. One of the things on my 'shopping list' was to pick up some vaseline, because I knew spending the next few days working closely with C would undoubtedly cause some HARD times and need for release at night. As soon as C decided to join me, I figured I wouldn't be able to get the vaseline because I didn't think I would be brave enough to buy it in front of her. But, as we walked through the store, I convinced myself that I should just do as I please, do it discreetly, and she wouldn't know the difference. I drifted to another aisle away from C and quickly grabbed a small jar of my favorite lubricant. I cupped the small jar in the palm of my hand and held my other things in the other. When it was time to go to the cashier, I had planned to quickly jump to another line where C couldn't see everything I was buying. But, she was right beside me and I couldn't make my escape. I took a deep breath and put my things down on the conveyor belt and told myself I was needlessly worrying, she wouldn't even notice. I was dead wrong. As soon as the I put the jar down, she immediately picked it up and gasped.

'Wow, I guess I know what you'll be doing tonight'

She snickered as the checkout girl held back a giggle.

'What are you talking about, it's really for my skin' I answered while rubbing my elbows in demonstration.

'Oh, ok, whatever you say' she responded with a wide grin.

After we paid and were in the rent-a-car, she said,'I can't believe you, you don't think I know what you're going to do with that?

'What? Look', I responded showing her the dry skin on my elbows.

'I live in a house with three boys' she said referring to her husband and two sons.

'You can't go a couple of days without doing THAT?' she questioned.

Realizing I hadn't fooled her a bit, I decided to go on the offensive.

'Well, I'm not the married one that can do it every night'

She let out a big laugh and said, 'You think because I'm married we do it a lot? I'm lucky if I get D (her husband) to do it once a month.'

'ReallY? If you were with me, I don't think I could keep my hands off of you' I proclaimed. It only sunk in a couple of seconds later what I had said.

C looked very surprised and became quiet. We made the short drive back in silence. We returned to each of our rooms without saying anything else. I fell back on my bed and stared at the ceiling thinking that I had possibly ruined our friendship.

I decided I needed to say something, anything, to end this situation. I knocked on her door, she slowly opened her door and I entered her room. 'I'm sorry, I didn't mean to offend you in any way, honest'

'I just didn't know you would consider me sexy, I'm a mother.'

'You're truly a MILF' I told her. (We had joked about the term MILF at work a couple of times. She was amused by that term.)

She again had a suprised look on her face and then gasped again.

'Do you think about me when you, you know, when you DO IT?'

'Yes, of course, don't make like you don't know you're hot.'

She still had an unbelieving look on her face when I said, 'You don't realize how many times I've thought about you when I've masturbated. In fact, I want to do it in front of you and have you watch.'

I couldn't believe what I just said!

We stared at each other for what seemed like an eternity, then she shocked the life out of me.

'Do it now, right here, in front of me.'

I smirked thinking she was mocking me.

'No' she grabbed my arm and moved close to me, 'I'm serious, I want you to do it now. PLEASE.'

She was almost pleading and I could tell she was not joking. Before, she changed her mind, I unbuttoned my shorts and pulled them along with my boxers down and off. Even though I wasn't completely hard, I had dreamnt of this moment and I couldn't let it slip away.

I stood directly in front of her and she watched breathlessly as my penis quickly hardened and became very stiff right before her eyes.

Then, I started to slowly stroke my erection as I looked into her eyes. Before I knew it, some precum appeared at the head. I increased my speed as my breathing became labored.

When I felt myself getting perilously close, I grabbed her hand. She quickly pulled it away and shook her head no. I again grabbed her hand and looked deep into her eyes.

'Please' I pleaded.

This time she didn't resist and I brought her hand right up to my hard penis. She stared at it, then slowly encircled my erection with her hand and began stroking. It felt wonderful, I was in heaven. She got into a steady rhythm and soon I was ready.

'I'm gonna cum' I tried to warn her. But, I underestimated how fast and strong my ejaculation would be. I just spurted all over the place, getting a lot on her hand and arms. I couldn't stop and just let everything go.

When I came to my senses, I opened my eyes and saw what a mess I had caused. I dashed to the bathroom for a towel, as she just stood there looking a bit shocked. I wiped my cum off of her all the while apologizing profusely.

She didn't say anything, so I finally whispered thanks in her ear and left. I'll find out tomorrow if my wishes are answered and we continue where we left off.



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