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She's Found Her G-Spot

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She's Found Her G-Spot
I am sending this e-mail because I love to read your stories and because I am a very orgasmic, beautiful girl and I would like to share some of my experiences with you all! hope you enjoy!
Hi, I'm Emily, I'm 21 and I love to masturbate like this:
First I get out a lesbian pornography video, and sit on my bed while I intently watch lesbian sex. I can feel my juices flowing, my clit starts to throb. I slowly rub my finger around my clit. With my other hand, I fondle my full and luscious breasts. My nipples are getting erect and my boobs are hard. As I watch, my clitoris comes out of its hood and sticks out of my vagina.
My vagina lips are purple and big and juicy. I am still fondling my clit and breasts. I Insert a finger into my clit and slowly move it in and out, faster and faster. As the video gets more erotic and intense, the faster I go. While I have a finger in there, I feverishly squeeze and rub my very erect clitoris. The pleasure is very intense. I can feel myself starting to orgasm. I squeal and groan in my intensely pleasurable state. I orgasm for about 30 seconds and then I fall back onto my bed, my body twitching and quivering in aftershocks.
But that's not the best part. I change the video into a more erotic and orgasmic lesbian video and get a long vibrating dildo, designed to stimulate the clitoris and G-Spot at once. It is my favorite toy. I sit back on the bed, hornier than ever. I want this vibrator in me so bad, I insert it and put it on high speed. While I watch the video, I sit with my vibrator in my vagina, and my vagina in direct contact with the bed, so I can sort of push the vibrator in and out by rocking back and forth. I watch the video intently and the pleasure emanating from my clit and G-Spot is unimaginably intense, I completely erupt in this huge multiple orgasm, both the G-Spot and the Clitoris at the same time, I rock back and forth, screaming and bouncing, my tits bounce everywhere, I have a huge female ejaculation from my G-Spot. It is so great. My clitoris constantly throbs and I have extremely intense, almost unbearably pleasurable multiple orgasms that last for about 5 minutes. As they start to die off, I lie back in a pleasurable trance and think, Im glad to have a vagina!
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