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Sherry's Cousin

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It has been awhile (Feb-Mar 2013) since I submitted a story. Previous ones were Masturbating at a Nudist Park (Mar) and Surprise Saturday (Feb). My wife Sherry also submitted a couple of stories in March. Her stories provide a little info on her friend Debby.


I love to masturbate, either alone or with an audience. As a nudist, I am almost always naked at home, and if not masturbating I am playing with my penis and balls. My wife Sherry has a 19 year old cousin named Barbara who came in late June for an extended visit with us, planning on leaving in September. When she arrived, I was unsure if I should mention the fact that I am a nudist and am usually naked, or if I should just stay dressed for the next couple of months. Well, Sherry did that for me -- she told Barbara not to be surprised if she saw me naked some during her stay. Barbara gave an uneasy smile and said, "Oh, okay."

That first day I stayed dressed all day, and we finally all went to bed about 11:30. Since I sleep naked, I woke up the next morning and as usual I went into the kitchen naked to fix coffee. While I was in there, Barbara walked in, looked at me and said, "Wow, Sherry wasn't kidding!" I replied, "No, but I will get dressed if it makes you uncomfortable." She let me know that she figured it was my house, so I should be myself. She was wearing a t-shirt and panties and looked stunning! I poured us each a cup of coffee and went into the family room and we sat on the couch, me still naked. After about 10 minutes, Sherry came in, got a cup of coffee and sat down with us and said to Barbara, "So, it did not take long for you to see him naked." Barbara told Sherry the same thing about me needing to be myself in my own house, and Sherry looked at her and said, "Okay, if you say so!" Then she told her about my playing with my penis and balls, and then smile and told me, "Well, be yourself!" That was when my free hand went to my penis and Barbara's eyes just stayed focused between my legs. As she watched, my penis of course got hard and she said, "Wow, I wasn't expecting this."

As I stroked, Barbara noticed that I was looking between her legs too, and she readjusted herself so that her legs opened up for a wonderful view of her panties-covered pussy. Sherry then said to Barbara, "Hope you don't mind seeing a man masturbate!" When Barbara said she had never seen a guy masturbate in real-life, Sherry said, "Well enjoy, because here it comes!" At that point I began to stroke much quicker, put my coffee down and pushed the recliner back so I was in more of a reclining position. As Barbara continued to watch I cupped my balls with my left hand while pumping hard with my right. I was as hard as a rock knowing I was now in a full masturbation session with a beautiful 19 year old girl and my wife watching me. I both wanted it to last and wanted to cum, but if wasn't long before the cum won out and I shot my load all over my stomach. Barbara was almost speechless, but smiling when Sherry told me to show Barbara what I usually do after I cum. So with that I used my fingers to scoop up the cum and then put it in my mouth to eat it. Barbara finally spoke up and said, "Wow, that was amazing -- I loved it!"

Since then I have remained naked whenever we are at the house and Barbara has seen me play with my penis and balls daily. We had Sherry's friend Debby over a couple of nights ago (she is the one I masturbated for in Sherry's story) and it was so cool being naked in front of these three females, knowing that it was perfectly okay for me to play with my penis and balls and even to masturbate in front of any or all of them. I am looking forward for the rest of July and August and more opportunities to jerk off for Sherry, Barbara and Debby!



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