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Sherry and I

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My best and I make discoveries...



Well now you know that in the fourth grade, I was introduced to the pleasures of an orgasm, mostly by accident. Being ten years old, I would think that that was a pretty young age to have such an experience, compared to the other stories of women and men here at Solo Touch.

It didn't take long before I had found my clitoris and was masturbating regularly every morning in the bathtub. At first it was with the soapy washcloth, but then I found it more pleasurable and controllable with soapy fingers under the water. I had to be careful though, because Gary would walk in whenever he wanted to brush his teeth or get something. It was just the natural procedure of our family although I have never seen my father completely naked, just Gary and my mother. Besides, I enjoyed seeing Gary's usual morning erections and it now stimulated me to the point of having to masturbate or endure that irritating fullness in my genitals until I could relieve myself later.

If I had these feelings, I wondered if other girls my age did also. So one Saturday afternoon at Sherry's house, I followed her into her bathroom when she said she 'had to go bad'. She pulled her pants and panties down and plopped onto the toilet seat and a familiar hiss could be easily heard. We both giggled and then she asked whether I hissed when I peed and I nodded yes, but said it wasn't as loud as hers. She smiled in approval that hers sounded louder, but then asked me if I would pee so she could hear me, too. I said it would be alright, but I didn't have to go right then and would have to wait.

She finished and wiped herself, but I caught a glimpse of her genitals which were definitely larger than mine and she had more pubic hair as well. I asked her why she had so much hair down there and she giggled and said she was maturing. Then we went to their kitchen and Sherry pulled out a pitcher of iced tea and said that if I drank a lot, I would have to pee really bad in about an hour. I guess the thought of her listening to me peeing got the best of me and we both drank four large glasses. She was right, in less than an hour I started having the feeling to pee, but Sherry said hold it off for as long as I could and that would make a louder hiss.

Within fifteen minutes I could no longer hold it and ran up the stairs to their bathroom. I was already leaking in my panties before I could even get them off. I hopped on the toilet seat and pushed down hard and to my surprise, my pee shot out with a loud hiss. We both giggled then Sherry asked if she could see my 'puss'. Heck, I had not idea what a puss was and asked her. She said between your legs dummmy. Well that did shock me even though we had been friends and neighbors all our lives. I blushed and just stared at her, but then she took off her pants and panties, told me to move and then got on the toilet. This time she spread her legs widely apart and I was greeted with the most arousing sight of her 'puss'. Then a stream of yellow pee shot out and she spread her lips so that everything was exposed.

The sight of my brother's erection was always arousing but looking at Sherry's genitals was also very stimulating. It looked similar to mine, but her lips and folds seemed larger and thicker. Her clitoris was also pretty big and was so low that her pee sprayed against it. She grunted and pushed down hard to make her pee come out faster and it was then that I noticed her clitoris get larger and longer. I told her that her little thing was getting bigger and she said it was her 'bud' and that it always did that when she pushed like that. She said it gets really hard and starts feeling good so she has to rub it!

Instantly my genitals started throbbing because I knew Sherry also had those same feelings. She pushed hard about five more times sending powerful spurts of pee into the toilet but what I noticed the most was that her clitoris was very large and the most prominant thing of her whole genitals. When the last of her pee dribbled out, she placed her middle finger in her 'bud' and rubbed slowly at first, but within a few seconds was quickly stimulating that very sensitive part of a girl's genitals. She asked me if I wanted to watch her 'frig' and I nodded my head and just stared in disbelief that Sherry was exhibiting a most private moment to me. My clitoris ached for relief but I was too shy to do anything about it and just watched as Sherry masturbated, knowing she would soon reach that point of wonderful pleasure.

And she did, in less time than I thought. She started bucking her hips a little and then looked right at me with a funny stare. Her legs clamped together and she hunched forward and jerked and spasmed with loud grunts. I could feel wetness seeping through my panties and I squeezed and squirmed while watching my friend and neighbor enjoying herself. She straightened up but two more spasms made her jerk forward. Then she spread her legs and lips wide open so I could see her genitals and it was a most enlightening sight.

First of all, her clitoris was even larger than before and very fat and thick. Her clit, lips and folds were all covered with a thick wetness that was actually drippig into the toilet, which made it difficult to hold her lips apart, but she managed well enough to give me a nice look. Everything was a deep purplish-red and a musky smell permeated the air. She was still breathing hard and told me to watch. She touched her clitoris and her hole clamped shut and I saw her butt cheeks also spasm. She said it was really too sensitive but managed to do it again for my benefit, I'm sure. She said she couldn't even wipe herself because it hurt and then pulled her panties up and I watched a wet spot quickly spread through them. She said it will dry pretty soon.

Sherry's face was flushed but she had a satisfied smile on her face and I envied her but was just too shy to do anything about my own predicament. And Sherry didn't even ask me to do anything either, so we just went outside and rode our bikes around town.

By the time I got home that evening, I was ready to pleasure myself and I also had to pee. So I went to the upstairs bathroom and quickly pulled off my pants and panties and pushed as hard as I could and sure enough, a stream of pee shot out and I could feel everything getting full. Just like Sherry, I pushed several times at the end and felt little squirts of pee but I was also aware of an urgent need to touch myself, so my middle finger found my clitoris and started circling it. This was the first time I had masturbated outside the bathtub and it felt kind of clumsy at first, but by spreading my legs wide apart, I had easy access to that little, hard, 'bud'.

As I quickened my rubbing, that wonderful, familiar feeling spread thoughout my thighs and I was soon bent forward in rhythmic spasms thoroughly enjoying the pleasure and relief. And oh was I wet! But it was nice to feel my genitals all over with that slippery wetnes that I couldn't experience in the bath water. I hadn't realized how gooey and slippery it was and the smell even more musky. As my finger slipped over my clitoris, the sensitivity made me jerk and spasm and little more and by being very careful and gentle, I was able to stretch out those pleasurable feelings.

Now I knew other girls experienced the pleasures I did, well at least one other girl. Over the next few months, Sherry and I had a lot of fun together in discovery and experimenting and have remained good friends. But now I was on a quest to discover as many ways as possible to pleasure myself.



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