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She Wouldn't Kiss Me (Part 2)

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A continuation of the story 'She wouldn't kiss me'


I moved my hand down toward her pussy and gently gave it a few strokes. She moaned a little each time. I stopped and took my hand up. She looked at me and said,

'Why did you stop?'

I didn't answer, just moved my hand to where the top of her pants were. I stuck my hand inside and she said,

'Oh I see.'

She was wearing a g-string which I easily moved to the side to reveal an expectedly wet pussy. I started to rub her lips and she began moaning again. This was my first time fingering a girl, but I had watched porn before, read about the female anatomy, so I had the upper hand on the situation, no pun intended :P

I took my index and ring finger and spread her pussy lips open. I took my middle finger and stuck it inside her. She moaned louder than before. She began to move and go up and down on it like it was my penis. I moved into a position where I could easily reach her g-spot. When I found it, she screamed. I was loving this. Just knowing that she was getting all this pleasure from me was driving me wild.

After a little bit, I noticed a change in her breath, and her pussy lips were starting to tighten on my fingers. I knew she couldn't last long, so I decided to edge her. For those of you that don't know, edging is when your about to have an orgasm, but either yourself of someone else stops, waits for the pleasure to subside, and start again. It makes each time more pleasurable than the last.

I stopped with her g-spot and quickly took my fingers out of her. I waited for her breath to lessen and then took two fingers and put them back into her. I edged her about five times and then I stopped.

'How does it feel?' I asked.

'Absolutely incredible' She replied.

'No, not that'

'Then what?'

'To be tortured like this. Me not letting you have an orgasm multiple times.'

'This is because I wouldn't make out right?'

'Yeah, but since I'm such a nice person...' I said with a smile.

I took my fingers and spread her pussy lips again, but this time, I reached for her already enlarged clitoris. She shrieked so loud when I touched it, let alone rubbed it. And when I did, she buckled and screamed like never before. In about 10 seconds, she let out a high screech and juices came flowing out of her. It was absolutely amazing seeing her have such a powerful orgasm.

After she recovered, she looked at me and said,

'My turn...'

She stood up, pulled her pants down to reveal her glistening wet pussy with her g-string. She stuck it towards my face and told me to take it off of her.

'It's your turn, not mine. You already did an amazing job' she said.

She pulled her g-string off herself and sat on my lap again. She reached down and felt my insanely hard cock in my pants. She unbuttoned my pants and pulled them and my boxers off. She grabbed my dick and I moaned.

She sat on my lap. She took her hand and used it to lay me down on the bench. My cock was pointing towards my face, showing her the full length of it. (8 inches) I sat on top of it with her pussy on my cock, but I wasn't inside her. She then moved back and forth, rubbing the length of my cock with her pussy. It was amazing. I've never felt anything like it before. She was moaning a little bit, I could tell she got pleasure from it too.

I sat up and had her so she could still do what she was doing, but she was holding on to me so she wouldn't fall. I moved her top to the side to reveal that she wasn't wearing any bra. I began sucking on her breast and she started to moan louder. We both came at the same time, me shooting my load up on her breasts, where she licked it off. I leaned in to make out with her, but she said,

'Don't you remember?' and laughed.

We both had a good laugh and put our clothes back on. I walked her home and said good night, it was starting to get dark. She leaned in and kissed me with her tongue. I just stood there while she giggled and walked inside.

It was the best experience of my life, and I hope that something like that happens again soon



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