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She Wouldn't Kiss Me

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Keep on trying, and you'll get a better reward


To start off the story, you have to get an understanding of how my girlfriend's personality is. She absolutely loves to play hard to get with me, and I think it's a fun little game, makes it better when I actually get her. I love to do little things to turn her on in public places. I'll be standing behind her while she's talking with someone, and I'll do things like kiss her neck, (which she really enjoys), or grab her ass and stuff. She's got a really nice body. She's not really thin, but she has a nice healthy figure. She's got firm 34D's and even though her ass isn't that big, it's nice and cute. She has very sensitive breasts which I can easily turn her on by rubbing them outside her shirt. She's just about my height, which make it pretty easy to kiss. Just as I do things to turn her on, she does the same for me. The way she moves her hands over me as we kiss is very seductive and it only heightens the pleasure. She knows that doing these kind of things puts me in a pretty turned on mood, in which we normally make out to calm that down. It's not that hard for me to get a boner with these kind of things, but as we make out, it draws attention away from it so I'm not just sitting there ready to jump out of my skin. I'm basically whipped, but I'm pretty much ok with that now, and you'll figure out why.

Well that wasn't the case this time...

We were out for a walk around town. Just going around, checking out places, getting some food, the usual. I hadn't seen my girlfriend for quite some time, maybe 2-3 weeks, so we were just glad to have each other's company. I noticed that she was a little more happy to see me than normal. She would stand closer to me and if we'd stop and rest she'd lay on me instead of me just normally having my arm around her. I asked her if everything was alright, and she said that it'd had been a long time since we'd been together and that she'd really missed me. I leaned in a gave her a nice kiss. We sat for a little while longer and she looked up at me and said,

'Hey, you wanna go somewhere a little less public?'

I said sure and we started to walk again. My mind was staring to race because the way she said it was that you could tell she wanted to make out or something. I was happy to because it'd been a while since I did.

We walked around for a while before finding a good place where no one was and would come and bother us. I sat on a bench and she came over towards me. I extended my hands for her to come sit next to me, but she came and sat right on top of my legs, as in a position to give a lap dance. Now just having her sitting that way was starting to turn me on. And to top it off, her breasts were right where my face was. She leaned down towards me and we started to kiss. After a few seconds, she broke away and said,

'ah ah ah, no using your tongue' with a big grin.

'Well that's not all fair,' I replied.

'I'll tell you what,' she said. 'I'll let you check your boundaries.'

I nodded and went to kiss her again. She pulled back again and said,


I leaned in and started to kiss her neck. She let out a sharp breath showing that she enjoyed it and said,


I continued to kiss her neck. I could tell it was turning her on. I started to suck on it a little and she moved as if she had gotten a chill. She gave a short laugh. Then I started using my tongue. Another sharp breath from her showed that she was loving it. I stopped and looked up at her. Her face was a little flushed and I could tell she was turned on now. I went to kiss her again. She pulled back like she did previously. I didn't stop there. I went back into kissing and sucking her neck, and I move my hand and started to message her breast. A nice slow speed with not too much pressure, but enough for her to feel it. She said started to breath a little heavier showing that it was really turning her on, and she let out a few soft 'oh my god's' and things like that. After a few minutes of doing that, I looked up at her and I said,

'Is this ok?'

She smiled and said, 'yes, it's very ok.'

I laughed a little and went back to pleasing her. She was starting to slowly rock back and forth a little and I helped her out by moving back and forth. It was putting more pressure of her breasts and driving her wild. She took her hand and moved it off of her breast.

'Am I turning you on too much?' I asked.

She nodded, all red faced.

'Alright,' I said. 'I'll continue to test my boundaries then.'

I moved my hand down and placed on her upper leg. She was wearing a nice cloth fabric pants, so I was easy for her to feel my hand. I rubbed my hand around slowly on her leg, and eventually moved it into her inner thigh. I placed my hand where her legs meet, right above her pussy. I looked up again.

'Yes...' she said

To be continued



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