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She Watched Me Shoot

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This happened probably about ten to twelve years earlier.


After the work was complete, I decided to go to the local usual neighborhood watering hole. The day had been extremely hot and was wanting to cool off. There were only a few people there. The young lady behind the bar was just a knock out, nice to look at and had curves in all the right places.

After a short time, I noticed the fellow sitting to my left, staring at the young ladies ass every time she bent over. I made a comment that if he stared too long he may go blind, which caused a little laughter. When the young lady turned just right in the bright overhead light at the cash register, her shirt became transparent. Her breasts, nipples and all could be seen!

A conversation was easily started with the fellow seated on my left, heck, he was looking at the same thing I was. Came to find out, he was the owner of a lounge across town. A little later in the conversation, he was telling me tonight it was local talent night at his place. Any local musician that checked out ok could sit in with the house band. This was sounding like something worth checking out.

Several hours later, I drove to this club and parked in the lot. Upon entering, sure enough, I was greeted by the same fellow from before. The first drink was on the house.

The house band started soon after sitting down. They were very good and played a short time. Then a girl called a name and a guy with a guitar in hand followed her behind the stage. A few minutes later the guy with the guitar stepped on the stage. He started playing and the band fell right in with him. Later on that night I got on the talent list and performed several songs.

Returning to my previous seat I was followed by this young dark haired girl who was asking if I mind if she sits with me. Not at all, have a seat. People I had never met were sending me drinks saying how much they enjoyed my performance.

Asking this girls name and telling her mine, we started to talk. Would you please help me drink some of these drinks? We laughed and talked a while, but I was getting tired. My new friend followed me to my home in her vehicle.

We entered my home, turned on lights, asked her to make herself at home. There's ice in the freezer, stuff in the kitchen if you want to fix yourself a drink, I'm going to shower.

I had barely undressed and entered the shower when the curtain opened and a naked girl is smiling up at me. I pulled her in the shower and closed the curtain. I never noticed before but, this short dark haired girl has very large tits! I'm checking her out, she's checking me out. She has a neatly trimmed dark bush, and the curves are there. This girl is beautiful with no clothes on! I put soap on the wash cloth and washed her back, shoulders and slowly slid around and started on her breasts, very lightly teasing the nipples to be greeted with them swelling. I continue by washing her curvy bottom and take a very long slow time on her dark bush, concentrating on her clit. I have to stop this because she is almost falling down. So I finish with her legs.

She returns the favor, by washing me and takes a very long time soaping up my now erect cock. I get out of shower and dry off and put boxers on. She is drying hair facing mirror and I'm looking at her curves. I lay on bed while she is combing her hair and am so comfortable I fall sound asleep.

I am awakened by the birds chirping outside near the bedroom window and notice my new friend sleeping with her head on my chest. I hate to wake her but I have to pee and we all know what that does to a cock in the morning. I move her a little and her eyes open and she wakes up gives me a smile and looks down at my cock giggles and say's damn homes, thats even bigger than I remember last night.

While she is getting dressed, I go sit on the couch in the living room. She enters and wants to know if I'm going to be home later and points down at my cock and says she sure would like to see some more of that. She has to work this morning and doesn't want to be late. I pulled the end of my cock out and told her to look and see some more now. She sits in the recliner next to me and says she really does not want to be late for work. I see a small tape measure attached to her car keys and ask her what that was for. She tells me to measure things. I ask if I can see it and she hands it to me. I measure my cock in front of her, look only for inches. I masturbate it a little with her watching and it grows a little bigger, measure it and tell her now it's five and a half inches. She tells me if she did not have to work that she would be jumping on that thing. I masturbate some more with her watching and my cock is really erect now, measure it and tell her it's six inches now. She tells me that there are all kind of ways to measure things. So, I jack off some more with her still watching then measure the underside of my cock and tell her it's eight and a half inches long now. You see there are all kinds of ways to measure.

I am full out masturbating for her now while she continues watching. She tells me that this is hot and she has never seen a guy do that before. I tell her I'm going to cum soon and she says good because she does not want to be late. I point my cock straight out just as the orgasm is building up pressure, hold the tip really tight to make it spray as far as possible! The first little bit of white cream appeared, followed by a long gooey white stream that seemed to go about six feet, immediately followed by several more! **** **** and **** some more is what the girl was saying! By holding the tip of my cock really tight and not loosening grip it seemed to spray longer and further than ever before! The white streams got shorter then finally ended with a short dribble. My new friends eyes were glued to my cock! Whoa Whoa **** **** I can't believe, I would not believe it if I had not seen it! I do not want to leave but I have to, please tell me you will be home later!

I was home later but the rest of this is not allowed here happy jilling girls.



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