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She Was Watching Me

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Great site, everybody's stories have given me much pleasure over the years; it's time for me to contribute.


By the summer I was 18 I had finished growing from a skinny kid with a skinny penis and one pubic hair to a hunky pole vaulter & gymnast with raging hormones and a handfull of man meat. I was, however, terminally shy with girls, if I could only go back now, things would be a lot different! We had a college girl staying with my sister at our house that summer, she shared the room across the hall with her. Sheila was kind of chunky but nice enough, I didn't think too much about her one way or the other.

I was working at a local dairy that summer throwing hay bales in the sun with no shirt on, getting tanned & buff. That day I had stopped off to go skinny dipping with my buddy after work, it was always a little exciting, but we never did anything about it. Anyways, when I got home I was feeling turned on. I went upstairs, past my sister's room where I passed Shiela in the hall on the way into my room. We said 'Hey' to each other and went on. In my room I laid down on my bed for some play time. I pulled off my t-shirt, unbuttoned my cut-offs and slid them down. I never wore underwear then, my cock was already growing in anticipation. Unlike usual I wanted to take my time, I lightly ran my fingertips over my balls, the hairs tickling as the skin tightened. My fingertips then went up my shaft, lightly touching, but stopping before the sensitive head end. With both hands my fingers pulled the skin at the base of my shaft down twards my balls, stretching the skin of the head tight, very pleasurable, and just enough to not send me over the edge. After a minute or so of this a drop of clear precum appeared from the tip of my prick. As I continued the pulling/stretching of the shaft skin I squeezed my inner muscles, the drop of precum turned into a trail running down the head. With my index finger I probed into the little slit and brought some precum to my mouth, the taste was sweet and salty and very sensual. My finger went back to the stream of thick fluid and spread it around the head of my penis. My mind swam with the rush of sensation, the lubrication was perfect, precum leaked even more, allowing me to use my first two fingers to coat the whole head of my cock. My penis never felt so hard, so urgent. With a flash of insight I brought my right hand to my mouth, lavishly slathering saliva over the whole palm. That first feeling of my slick hand engulfing my penis was exquisite. On my cock the combination of precum & spit was heavenly. Instinctively I slowed down my stoking, wanting to prolong the ecstatic rushes radiating from my cock. My testicles were pulled so tight, I could also feel my semen gathering deep inside me with a fullness and tension. I was thinking about another friend of my sister that had come by on her horse the day before. Tracy made a point of riding over to where I was working on a lawn mower to say hi to me. She was wearing a tight t-shirt and as I looked up I was thunderstruck to realize she was not wearing a bra underneath. Her perky breasts were clearly outlined, her nipples were hard and alive in the summer sun. I was embarassed to stare, but I couldn't stop. Looking back I see that she knew just what she was doing, but at the time I was just speachless.

So on my bed I wantonly licked my palm again and wrapped my hand around my member. The vision of those proud nipples fixed in my head. I imagined hitching a ride behind Tracy on the horse, up in the fields behind our place, sliding my hands up under her shirt to pinch and caress her beasts. The images did it for my young cock, still stroking with purpose my orgasm crashed through me. Involuntarily I bucked up from my waist as I spasmed. The first shot of cum flew past my left ear and landed entirely on the pillow next to my head. The next spasm was a thick stream that painted me from just below my chin to my abs. Three more white ropes sprayed to my chest, the last shots after that pooling in my navel. I was wiped out, I lay with my arms up, feeling my penis slowly throb as it shrank down to lay against my thigh. I let the cum cool on my skin as I reveled in being a male.

After a minute or so I reached for my t-shirt to clean up the mess, as I did I heard the old floorboards in the hall squeek and the door of my sister's room softly close. I looked over my shoulder at the door to my room and I saw that it was open a few inches. The old latches in the house didn't always catch and I had been visible to anyone in the hallway who cared to look. I quickly figured it had been Shiela in the hall and was mildly horrified to realize she had never gone into her room after we passed, but had taken advantage of the door popping open to watch my entire self pleasuring. At least it hadn't been anybody in my family.

As I cleaned myself I kind of smiled, thinking that I didn't have to be embarrassed because she didn't know I had made her. In fact, I was a little proud to have shown her my masturbation and all the cum I shot. I pulled on my shorts and got up to take a shower. As I went down the hall with no shirt on Sheila came out of her room. She could not look me in the face and seemed taken aback by my bare chest. Her reaction convinced me she had been the watcher, I'm sure she looked at my torso and reaized only a minute before it had been covered with my cum, I felt powerful and sexy. The next day my sister commented on how Sheila would not stop talking about what a cool guy I was. That was a big help for someone as shy as I was. Sheila was much nicer to me the rest of the summer, although nothing else happened between us. The whole incident was an eye-opener for me as I realized that girls were just as interested in sex as boys.

Thanks for reading, it's exciting to think that you all might get turned on reading this. If it helped you get off let me know, it would be the biggest turn-on to know we all share a connection.

I've got precum leaking now so I'm off to finish up with this erection.



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