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She Was Tanning

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A few years ago when I was in high school, the whole campus had to be let out early because there was a problem with the power. My friend and I didn't have anything to do so we were just going to go hang out at his house for a while. He already had gym class that day and I hadn't, so he was going to take a shower. His room was in the basement, so he said I could wait for him down there. I heard the water come on and went over to the kitchen to grab a soda. After I got one I walked over to the sink to look outside, and I saw his mom laying in a lounge chair on their deck. Not only that, but she was laying there naked. On top of that, she was masturbating. We were never home that early so I guess she thought she had plenty of time, and by the looks of her she did it a lot. Her skin was a golden brown with no tan lines, and she absolutely shined laying there from the sweat and the sun. I couldn't take my eyes off of her, and since she had on sunglasses, there was no way she would see me in the window.

It only took about a minute before I had a raging hard on, not only because it was the first woman I had seen naked in real life, but also because she was pleasuring herself right in front of me. At first I just unzipped and pulled out my erection, but I got daring and took off my sandals and shorts leaving me bare-assed in their kitchen. I was stroking hard and fast but it still didn't feel like it was enough, so I took off my shirt too. It was kind of a rush, in one way or another, everyone there was naked all at the same time. Was he masturbating too? Were we all about to have our own, separate orgasms? I stared as close as I could while still listening to the running water, making sure I had enough time to get dressed fast if I had to.

She was rocking back and forth and since she was curling and spreading her toes I knew she was going to cum, so I grabbed a paper towel and stroked like my life depended on it. Seconds later I was cumming, blowing a huge load of my young sperm into the towel. After I squeezed the rest out I was watching her lay there breathing hard and wiping the sweat off of her face, but then the water shut off. I buried the towel in the trash and grabbed my soda and clothes and hurried downstairs still nude. I had enough time to get dressed and to get my erection to go down before he showed up, but my heart was still pounding at what happened, worrying that somehow she saw me. After a couple minutes I joked around saying that he took a while, and he kind of smiled and said he had to take care of something in there. Jackpot! I almost got hard again knowing that we were all masturbating at the same time, but I didn't dare say a word about what I did, so I just sniggered and shook my head.

I stayed there for a while and when I went home I masturbated again in the bathroom, then one more time in the shower. That was the only time I ever saw her naked, but once was all I needed.



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