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She Was Married

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Her husband had been sent to work away for the summer and she had invited me round for dinner. Don't get me wrong, we were friends. Just that and nothing more. I arrived at her flat and was surprised to see Karen in an evening dress. I was always slow on the uptake and didn't realise it was for me. We ate and then she said 'Is there anything else you'd like?' Again, I honestly didn't realise it was a come on. I made some joke about 'Soft music, slow dancing'. Karen got up from the table and walked to the hi-fi, her full length white evening gown flowing behind her. She dimmed the lights and put on a slow record.

I put my arm around her waist and held her other hand and we slow danced. Then, I moved my hand around her waist and she put both hands around my neck with her head on my shoulder. By now I was getting hard and tried for her not to notice. Then I felt her move a hand from my neck and reach behind her. She took my hand and moved it down onto her ass. In an instant I knew she was naked under the dress! Even then I didn't push my luck, but I did risk kissing her hair. She turned her face up and the next thing we were in the middle of a long french kiss. I slipped her dress strap over one shoulder and a small but perfectly formed breast was revealed. I cupped it in my hand which made her sigh. More kissing and more nipple squeezing and I felt her pushing against me hard.

She said. 'I dont want to go all the way, but I promise you, I will make it worth it for you.' I hitched up her dress real slow and pushed my fingers between her legs. I don't think I have ever known a girl be more wet. My fingers sank into her so easily. Then, she turned to face the wall and just said 'From behind... and be rough.' I grabbed her hair with one hand and jammed three fingers into her with the other and began to simulate fucking her up against the wall. 'Talk dirty to me. Call me names.' Of course I was happy to oblige. I called her a slut, and a whore and told her I was going to cum up her ass. (I had my thumb buried deep in her ass at this point.) Suddenly, I felt her tense up. It seemed to last for ages until finally she orgasmed. I have never known a girl cum so hard OR so long before or since. I wondered how long it had been since Chris, her husband had truly fucked her?

Karen turned to me and said. 'When I fuck Chris, it's over in seconds. He gets inside me, gives a few pushes and its over. He won't role play and he wont talk dirty to me. Here is your reward.'

She got my cock out and knelt in front of me. She masturbated me, and talked to me.

'We WILL fuck'

'But first'

'I want you to know'

'What a real orgasm is like with me.'

She masturbated me and then I felt her finger push against my ass. No one had ever done that to me before. I relaxed and felt her probing really deep. When I was realy to cum I told her. SHE KEPT ME EDGING FOR WELL OVER AN HOUR!

When I finally came, I shot more cum than I ever thought I could produce in a month. All over that lovely white dress, her exposed breast and she even directed one jet right onto her pussy.

That was all that happened that night. She was desperate for sex but didn't know if she could go all the way with another man. She wanted a 'trial run' first. The next night, however, she invited me back with a promise of 'everything'. I said to her that I wanted her to do everything she likes, has fantasized about or has ever wanted to do no matter how straight or how kinky.

Obviously, I can't go into many of the details here, but let me tell you, I met her at 6:00pm the following evening, and saw the sun rise the next morning. We masturbated and fucked, but we travelled too. She wanted to be chased across a beach, she wanted to be fingered in her car, she wanted to pretend she was a schoolgirl, then a horny secretary, but my favourite was when she asked if she could pee on me.

Of course, when her husband came home for a weekend it had to stop, but there was one glorious moment when I was helping him fix his clapped out old car. We were in his garage and he was under the bonnet of the car while I was on my back under the rear suspension. Karen came in with two coffees. She edged down the side of the car and gave Chris his, but mine, I scooted out on the roller board and found myself looking straight up between her legs. She smiled and said 'I better put this down here for you' and squatted over my face. I tongued her through her panties before feeling her relax and wet herself only a little, but it was sooo fucking horny. She left the garage and a few mintues later I told Chris I needed a pee.

I found Karen, as I knew I would, in the bathroom. Covered in oil and crap from the car, we... well, you can guess right?



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