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She Was Guilty of a Lot More Than That

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I really enjoy reading the stories here. I've been visiting this site for over a year now, but until now, I haven't had any good stories to tell. I like to rub one out just as much as the next guy, but I do it when I'm alone. I'm married to a great woman but our sex life is very limited. We don't discuss masturbation. I've actually never masturbated in front of anybody. I do have a nice collection of porn that I keep well hidden. I love digital technology, It was never easy to hide magazines or VHS tapes, but my entire porn collection stores very nicely on a couple of memory cards. I keep these in my personal files in my home office along with other archived files.

I run a business out of my home and my assistant, Shelly, works out of my home office. She is very cute, small frame, blond hair, and all around good person. She takes care of answering phones, bookkeeping, and just about everything else that needs to get done. Shelly and I will usually flirt with each other, but that's it. Not to say I haven't thought about having sex with her, but I'm not the kind of guy that screws around on his wife and I know Shelly is happily married too.

I am rarely in the home office during the day, so it works out great for Shelly to work from my desk. My wife works during the day, and many times, Shelly is alone in my house. I've always trusted her, but a couple of weeks ago, I noticed that some of my personal stuff, bank statements and bills were out of order. I kept these separate from Shelly's work area so there would have been no good reason for her to have touched them. I figured she had been snooping around. I decided to buy a 'nanny cam' to see if my suspicions were right. The camera was hidden in a smoke detector and gave me a clear view of most of the office and I could watch it live from my laptop.

The next day, I kept my laptop on so I could see what was going on in my office. Within minutes of arriving, she went right for my personal files. That didn't take long, I was curious to see how much time she wastes looking through my personal stuff, so I kept watching. I got nervous when I seen her go right for the file I keep my porn collection in, but figured that she wouldn't notice a few memory cards. I was wrong, she went right for them. It was clear that she had found them previously. From my view, I couldn't see what she was on the computer monitor. I saw her put the memory card into the slot and then she took a CD out of her purse and put that into the CD drive. All I could think was she was copying my porn, and that wasn't anything I'd accuse her of openly, and no harm would really come of that.

I came home after Shelly had left for the day, and my wife was still not home. I wanted to see if I could figure out what type of files she had copied. I was curious to see what she was in to. As I looked through my porn files, I noticed a new folder. It was labelled 'Watch me cum' I opened the folder and saw several video clips. I clicked on the first one, it was a video clip of a girl rubbing her pussy, I couldn't see the face, but I put 2 and 2 together, Shelly wasn't stealing my porn, she was contributing to it. The next clip was of her pointing her ass toward the camera and reaching behind to rub her pussy. I was so turned on, I pulled my erect penis out and quickly began stroking it. I watched each video clip, not wanting them to end. I only wished I could see her face, I played my favorite clip again as I began to reach my orgasm, just as I heard her moaning my penis opened up and I had an incredible, mind blowing orgasm.

It was clear that Shelly wanted to make me cum, and she did in a very discreet way. I felt that I should return the favor. I set up my video camera so it was aimed toward my computer monitor and jerked off while watching Shelly's video. I played with my cock in front of the camera and as soon as I was ready to cum, I paused the video and shot my load right onto my computer monitor and kept the camera going as you could see my cum dripping down the picture of her hot pussy on the monitor. I saved the video clip to my memory card and labelled it 'Watch me cum too' I spent the next couple of days watching the nanny cam to see if she would find my video. Sure enough, a couple of days later I saw her grab the memory card from its hiding place and she had found the new file. She watched it for only a few seconds when she stopped it and got up to leave the room. I was worried that I had crossed the line. But a minute later she came back with something in her hand, she pulled her skirt up and her panties down, sat back in the chair and started the video. She began masturbating and then I noticed that the item in her hand was my toothbrush. She pushed it into her wet pussy and began to fuck herself with it. It was incredible to watch and I was so happy I had it on tape. I have cum several times while watching that video. So far, I have not had the guts to store that video anywhere that she would see it. We have never said anything to each other about what we are doing, I know I would love to do more with her, but I won't. I do love my wife and I won't cheat on her. I smelled my toothbrush when I got home. My toothbrush had had that smell before, but I just thought I was imagining things, she's used my toothbrush before. I got an erection brushing my teeth.



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