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She Was a Born Again Christian Virgin

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A true story in three parts.


She was my summer babysitter during her last two years of high school, nothing more. She had big eager blue eyes that got even bigger when we talked of her very original charitable ideas to save the world. She was the most sincere, idealistic kid I had ever met and I was pleased that her generation was able to produce such fineness. There is indeed hope for the world.

I was a widower raising three early adolescent kids on my own. Her medium length blonde hair bounced when she walked, and she filled the house with her's and my kids' laughter on the long summer days. I was lucky to find her. She was the baby sitter, nothing more.

She came up with ideas like, 'Let's build a hundred bird houses and put them in the kitchen so the birds will nest inside and be safe and we can enjoy them too.' Or, 'Let's buy all the worms at the bait shop and turn them loose.' She was serious about these things. She was a top student, very intelligent, and, as you can see, wildly impractical. And, she drove like a maniac, drifting around the curves in our rural gravel roads like a professional race driver.

Like I said, a sweet kid and a great baby sitter. I was, at the time, engaged with several very mature women, and I have really never considered anyone younger than me to even be a woman. After all, apple blossoms are pretty to look at, but I like to eat apples not apple blossoms. Also, as the Russians say, it takes 40 years to make a woman. And I would add to that, a couple of babies to boot!

She went off to college, where she was a top student, but never failed to come over and visit the kids each summer at least once. When my son graduated from High School, she came to the party and we grilled food together elbow to elbow. I thought it was very nice that at the graduation she seemed to be at my side so much, giving me as much attention as she gave the kids.

I came to expect Christmas cards, and often a little gift for me. Then, at her brother's rehearsal party I arrived early to visit with her parents who had become good friends and I thought it a little odd that she came out on the porch, saw me, then ran back into the house, put on a lot of very red lipstick and came out with a big smile to greet me. She wasn't very accustomed to lipstick, as was apparent from the imperfection of its application, and besides, at college she had become 'born again' and generally shied away from the affectations of cosmetics. As usual, we talked of wildly idealistic ideas she had and these discussions reminded me of the days of yore when I believed anything possible. We talked of the bible and where it instructed us that the greatest joys are creating miracles of kindness. She told me she had single handedly painted an old lady's house when she was in the hospital and she never found out who it was, and I told her about the car (used, I am not rich) I secretly bought and delivered to a down and out couple who was having a hard time getting to work. We both agreed on the great joy this kind of stuff is, and I commented that it's the only thing that may be as wonderful as sex. She just blinked her very big blue eyes.

She graduated from college with honors and in about three years became the youngest person ever to attain a certain high level in the non-profit community. Her church work now started to gain traction, and her bible readings and thought became richer, deeper, more mature. She saw the positive lessons and how she felt a guidance which constantly led her to more happiness which she said was the gift of life for us. With the assurance of her 'rightness' confirmed by her readings and faith, she had her own rudder and confidence which often had little to do with middle class upstate New York society. She really enjoyed Coronas. One time she carried on a long distance phone conversation with me while sitting cross-legged on the floor of a supermarket at midnight with a Corona in her hand, 'because it just felt right'. But make no mistake, this was no latter-day hippie. Solid Baptist. Solid Republican.

We both flew one summer to Arizona and hiked the Superstition mountains. Up at the pass, a downpour hit and I crawled into her tiny tent and slept alongside her, very aware that only a half inch seperated me from her gently breathing body.

Another time we slept in a cave when we were lost in the mountains, and I gave her three blankets, and I kept one. It got very cold and she invited me under hers and again we spooned, but without touching only an inch apart.

Finally, one September, in a moment of 'locura' I guess I let slip a feeling that I wasn't even completely aware of until then. I was becoming aware that I loved her. Feeling a little embarrassed, I wrapped it in a joke. Here's what I did.

I went to Victoria's Secret and got three boxes with the name and logo on them. Inside one I put another of the boxes with a beautiful lace edged silver ribbon. Inside that box, a third box carefully wrapped in pink print paper with a ribbon made of soft white knit t-shirt fabric. Under the ribbon of this third box was an envelope, and inside I placed a hand written note as follows:

Katie, I have become aware as the years have passed that most of what is between us has been left unsaid. This gift finally accepts and recognizes who I sense you really are and who you are to me. I have selected it and place it inside this box with trembling hands and only pray that someday I may have the great joy of seeing you wear it just for me. Signed, Moreno.

Inside the inner box, wrapped in black tissue was an inexpensive Corona T Shirt! O.K. so hate me ladies, but understand I had to tell her how I felt but still protect myself by making a joke. I know we men are cowards. But consider, I was 58 and she was about 30, very religious, very successful and I cherished our relationship and was very fearful of losing the magic.

I received a beautiful card just a few days later. She said,'I cherish your gift. I can't tell you how much your words meant to me.' Love Katie

Her phone calls became more frequent. But I kept reminding myself that she was a virgin, my old babysitter.

'Yesterday,' she said, she,' was arrested for driving under the influence. The policeman apologized because I had two beers only and was only technically in violation, but it was his duty to arrest me. He was very nice.' She gave me a detailed account including the fact that being handcuffed by the nice policeman and policewoman she found 'sort of exciting'.

'Holy Toledo', I sez to myself. She is a high achiever, controlling, has a body which definately focused its development around a spectacular ass and finds being handcuffed exciting.

That means one thing to me. She was used to being in control and would be deeply excited by being thorougly controlled. And, that she will like to have her ass played with. I realized she was a nice religious virgin with an ass fixation she probably didn't even now about. And I loved her. I laid plans to give her the perfect gift, this time one that really fit her. I would give her a night of 'The Game'

I met her at the Buffalo airport as she was coming to visit her folks at Christmas. I wore a tuxedo. I suggested we play 'The Game'.

She was curious. I explained the rules. I would tell her what I was about to do to her and if she wanted me to do that thing, she was to say the words 'The Game' and I would do that thing immediately. She was to say nothing else, could not discuss, ask for details, modify or speak except to immediately say those two words. Fail to respond quickly will end the game.

I said, 'You may tell me now, only if you want to play the game or not. Remember, after that, you may not say anything but those two words.

She said, I want to play The Game.

'I am not taking you to your parent's house, I am taking you past Niagara Falls into Canada.'

She responded, 'The Game'.

At the bridge, she had to speak, as it was 11:00pm and the Canadian Customs guy had a lot of questions about, how do you two know each other? How old are you? What is the nature of your relationship? Purpose of your trip to Canada? etc. He finally let us go and I told her that the guy probably thought she was a prostitute.

'I am taking you downtown.'

'The Game.'

'I am taking you to a hotel.'

'The Game.'

'I am taking you to the 17th floor with a view of the river.'

'The Game.'

'I will blindfold you with this large purple knit cloth with long ends that reach halfway down your back.'

'The Game.'

'I will open the door and guide you into the room.'

'The Game.'

'You will enter the bathroom and pee for the last time tonight.'

'The Game.'

I closed the door behind her and waited until I heard no sound.

'I will come in and guide you out again.'

'The Game'

'I will guide you to the couch.'

'The Game.'

We approached the couch in the middle of the large room from the backside.

'I will bend you over the couch.'

'The Game'

'You will put your hands together behind your back.'

'The game.'

'I am going to place these handcuffs on your wrists. They are real police handcuffs. I will not tighten them excessively .'

'The Game.'

'You will drink this shot of tequila I will put to your lips.'

'The Game'

'I will now wrap a fat piece of soft knit cloth around your neck in front and around in back under your arms, just snugly and comfortably.'

'The game.'

'Now I will walk behind you gently holding your arms, up to the window where I have a view of the falls.'

'The Game.'

'Now I will take you to the couch and you will lean back over the couch until you fall onto the couch. I will not let you hurt yourself.

'The Game.'

'I will now say nothing for some minutes. I will look you over and look carefully at every part of you.' She was wearing nicely fitting beige pants and a white blouse.

'The Game.'

I just stared at her. I came close so she could feel and hear my breath. Her rear was spectacular, she had a long neck with little wisps of blond hair right down to the base of it in back. She was breathing deeply.

'I am going to lay you face down on the bed.'

'The Game.'

'I am going to undo your pants.'

'The Game.'

'I am going to pull your pants down halfway.'

'The Game.'

I am going to attach a small lead weight on a string to the small of your back by tape and let the weight dangle over the edge of the bed.

'The Game.'

I am going to attach another on the other side.'

'The Game.'

'I am going to attach one here' I touched high up on her left butt cheek.

'The Game.'

'I am going to attach one on the other side, here. Both will hang over the sides of the bed and you will feel a gentle firm, unceasing pull to both sides.

'The Game.'

I was beginning to feel drunk with the sensations of having her so willing and so close after so many years. This person I admired most, so eagerly, so willingly allowing her most intimate feelings to blossom with...me!

'I will now attach two more weights further down on each side.'

'The Game.'

'I will place a pillow under your hips.'

'The Game.' She began slowly pushing her hips aginst the pillow.

The room smelled like sex. I had that sensation I have only had in wet dreams. Of perfectly perfectly intimate sex, sex that is totally open between two people in perfect harmony, totally understanding and accepting one another because they are in the very same very very same place.

I knelt beside her on the giant bed, her face in a pillow and her body open before me, teasing the place this virgin wanted teased the most. But still without touching her. I smelled her sweat, I smelled her juice. This woman I loved. I shouldn't need to describe my hardon.

'I will now change the rules of the game as it suits me.'

'The Game.'

' I will now ask you questions and you will answer each with complete frankness and honesty.'

'The Game.'

I hesitated. I moved on the bed, simply shifting my weight and her breathing came deeper and faster as her hips caressed the pillow. Somehow we both felt weightless. I said nothing for some time. I felt a little wet spot in my pants.

'Are you a virgin?'

'Yes. The Game.'

'Are you excited?'

'Yes. The Game.'

I hesitated again for several minutes just watching her on the bed, gently stroking myself through the thin tuxedo pants.

My penis had never felt so hot.

I straddled her with both knees by her waist, with only my clothing barely touching her, leaned very close to her ear and whispered, 'Katie.' and said nothing for a minute but kept breathing by her ear thinking about how much I loved her. I began feeling a warm surge coming from deep inside me, down in my ass and easily flowing up and out into my pants. This was not an explosion, but a full flowing that unified my whole body. It was as much in my cheeks, as my jaw, my temples, my shoulders and calves, the backs of my arms and scalp.

I whispered the next command in her ear. ' Katie, tell me ...what are you thinking about, right now, right now.

She instantly slipped out of the handcuffs. She would share her virgin body but not yet her virgin's thoughts.

The game was over. She lay on the bed, I went to the window. I slept in a large chair and she in the bed. We decided to get together on New Year's Eve, just the two of us. She agreed later that things got more interesting on New Year's Eve. That's chapter two.



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