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She Wanted a Shooter

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My new girlfriend and I had been together for about a year when she finally opened up and started telling me her fantasies. I would lie next to her and tickle her nipples until they stiffened, then suck on them until they were hard, then keep sucking as my fingers glided down her flat stomach to lightly tickle her short red pubic hair. Then I would part her lips and press my index finger into her wetness while my thumb stroked her clit lightly. She was shy at first, but before long she made it clear that one of her fantasies was seeing a guy shoot all over her tits and face and ass and pussy. I cum big loads, but I don't shoot so much as I ooze.

We got into the habit of masturbating together as she talked about wanting another guy to spray her while I stroked her, and it really started to turn me on. It was still all just fantasy, but watching her writhe and orgasm over and over again begging for cum all over her made me get off immediately, and I would straddle her as we both stroked and let myself loose all over her hot body, imagining the muscular guy she described shooting on her, and getting turned on by it too.

She was the one who suggested we call an old friend of hers from college who was still single and, although Sarah maintained that they had never done anything together, he had told her many times about shooting all over other girls, and she had apparently fantasized about him for years.

Initially, I was jealous, but as she said it, I was also getting turned on, and she stroked my cock and made me cum almost immediately even as I smouldered at the thought of a REAL person with a REAL cock joining in our fun.

I hadn't met Adam before, and it was a bit weird when he came over to our place for dinner, but we loosened up with a meal and some good wine he brought, and before long, Sarah was asking him if he still had his 'gift' right in front of me.

He laughed and said that time hadn't changed some things, then he asked if she still loved getting soaked by guys. Um??? Adam knew that? I wanted to say something, but I was also totally caught up in the moment, and we had agreed that it would be fine to go until one of us said stop.

Adam and Sarah were flirting and I could see him swelling in his jeans, a lot, by the looks of it, and I was definitely feeling my cock trickling out a decent dribble of precum.

'Ken wondered if you'd show us,' she said. And then things happened pretty fast. I was pulling off Sarah's dress and pinching her nipples hard. Sarah was unbuttoning Adam's jeans and pulling them down around his ass to let his dick out, probably only 6', but really thick with big, big, big low-hanging nuts.....

And then he was stroking it as she undressed me. And then she was grinding her naked ass against my cock as she started lightly tickling Adam's thick shaft. I was tickling her clit, feeling my own cum load start to rise, and Sarah was just openly jerking Adam, who seemed to be bulging bigger and bigger in her hand, when she pushed my hand away and started furiously masturbating herself while staring at Adam's cock in her other hand.

Adam grunted and I saw his abs start to flex, and Sarah started cumming and then Adam was stroking his big cock right at both of us, shooting hot torrents of jizz all over Sarah's face and neck, and hitting me in the process. His orgasm set Sarah off and watching her hit a second peak set me off, and I started cumming all over Sarah's legs.

Adam ended up spending the night, and there are many more stories to tell from that era, which did unfortunately end, but I am so horny from remembering how Adam's cum overwhelmed Sarah that I need to stroke myself right now...

Let me know if you want more. We had a lot of fun together, and it turns me on to tell it.



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