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She Takes My Breath Away (1)

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Happened in December last year, something I will never forget.


This is the story about one of my greatest experiences I have ever had in my life as of yet. My sister has this friend, we called Aza, she was nineteen at the time. I had a huge crush on her, everytime I would see her I would melt inside, it was her beauty and amazing body, great smile, scent, face, breasts, nice ass and long smooth brown hair, soft Feet and great cute smile. This story happened on a Wednesday night when I was over at their house in Sydney, Australia.

My sister was going to go to Aza's house so they could get ready to go to one of their friends parties close by. I decided to go because I was friends with Aza's brother for a while. As we got to the house and knocked on the door, Aza opened the door and was home alone, her brother was out at his aunty's house and would not be home so that left me all alone. I just sat down and watched tv as they were getting ready to go, I was told to just stay at Aza's house, play games and watch tv or go on the computer so I had no choice but to stay there. I was happy, I just kept watching cable tv as they left.

Forty minutes had passed so I thought about going into Aza's room and snooping around to see what I could find, because I was quite horny at the time. I got to the room and started snooping around. I have always had a foot fetish so I opened her closet. Inside was all her footwear which included thongs, normal shoes, runners, open toe high heel. She also had a hamper with dirty clothes, and her other clothes. My main focus was the footwear and the hamper.

First I grabbed her black open toe high heel shoes and sniffed the scent of her foot and gently licked it, and then led it down to my lower region and started rubbing the shoe up against my cock through my jeans slowly, this really turned me on and I was semi hard so I unzipped my jeans and pulled them down. I was on my knees rubbing the shoes sole area against my cock. My hand led towards her hamper and I was able to grab a hold of one of her pink used g-strings. I got really excited and slowly put then onto my face and took a deep sniff. It was amazing. I then started to rub my cock against the shoes and continued to sniff, lick and hump the panties when suddernly the door creaked open. There she was, Aza, with a smirk on her face.

She asked me 'What do you think you are doing?' straight away clumsily I said 'Uhhh, nothing, what are you doing here? I thought you were meant to be at the party.' I was so embarrassed, I think I went bright red. She replied 'Well, I left my purse here so I walked down here to get it although the thought in my mind is why are you doing that with my stuff? There has to be a reason.' I tried to brush it off quickly so I just admitted to her by saying 'Well I have had a huge crush on you since I was thirteen-years-old. I like to look at you, your feet, your body, your face. I'm sorry this happened, please don't tell anyone, it was a mistake, I did not want to do it, it just happened.' She replied to my surprise Aww, I didn't know you had those kind of feelings about me, come and sit on the bed with me and I'll give you a closer look at my body.'

At that time, it felt like I had just lost my wallet with $500 in it, I could not believe what I just heard so I slowly moved over to her, she just sat down and she softly said 'Well, go on then, do as you please,' we were both on the bed so I moved in slowly to make out with her. Our lips locked and tongues collided, it was my deepest kiss ever, as we were doing this I rubbed her pussy from under her jeans mini-skirt, and boy was she wet. A minute later I removed her skirt and panties, and continued to rub her as she would softly moan while we kissed. She started to shiver and bucked her hips to an orgasm. She was breathing heavy at the time and she whispered with a mad grin on her face 'Now it's your turn.'

We were positioned face to face on the queen sized bed, I put her foot thongs in my lap and removed them, that was when I began to softly lick and smell her beautiful feet and rub it on my face, what a strong smell. I loved it, I then ran one of her feet down to my cock and asked 'can you?' She nodded with a smirk on her face. At this stage, one of her feet was still rubbing in my face and mouth while the other was rubbing on my cock and balls. It was an amazing feeling, because at the time her feet were a little wet after I had licked them.

She started to move her foot a little faster and then put her other foot in so now she was using two feet positioned perfectly on my cock. I interrupted because it was getting a bit dry. So I asked 'Can you please get a cream or anything?' She moved over to her drawer and squeezed some lube on my cock and balls and rubbed it with her hands to get it all wet. After this she positioned her back to what she was like before and continued to jerk me off with her feet, the sound of the jerking took me over the edge. I was close to ejaculating so she slowed down to tease me and sped up again and then I blasted, three or four ropes of cum on her feet, smooth legs and even breasts on the position we were at.

It was amazing, she then asked me 'Can you please lick the cum off me and kiss me?' I was kind of hesitating but after what she did for me, I slowly licked some cum off her feet, legs and breasts and lightly kissed her for two minutes, she said 'wow, that was really something but I am really late, I should get back to the party, I have taken long, see ya later. By the way, you can keep those panties that you made me squeal in.'

She put on a new pair, cleaned herself up and with a towel, quickly grabbed her purse and left. I just continued to watch tv and sniffed on her sweet sweaty wet panties.

I have just found this website and I like it a lot. I have seen her around more often now and their are other stories between me and Aza, but they are for another day. I hope you enjoyed this story, as much as I enjoyed the night it happened, well, maybe you won't enjoy it as much as I did. Thanks Solo Touch.



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