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She Seduced Me

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Found out about Solo Touch from a friend at work. Love reading the stories.


I'm now 23 and happily married. But, back when I was living at home and a full time college student was when this happened. I was then 18 years old. Our next door neighbors were a couple in their mid to late thirties. The wife, Sharon, was beautiful. They didn't have any kids and Sharon was a house wife.

It was Spring time and one day when I got home from school I caught a movement out the window. I went over to look and it was Sharon out doing some yard work in her back yard. She was wearing a pair of very short tight fitting shorts and a small halter top and she looked absolutely stunning! She had the most beautiful and sexy looking boobs and nice looking ass and legs that I have ever seen. I couldn't take my eyes off of her and of course it had an effect on my dick too. I was soon hard as a rock. Putting something that looked like this in front of an 18 year old boy is unfair. It wasn't long and I had it out stroking it as I looked at her and I quickly blew my load on the floor.

The next day, I got home from school and soon after I got in there she was there again. Again wearing the tightest shorts you could imagine. I again was stuck at my window getting my eyes full. But, this time I noticed that Sharon was glancing at me. She knew full well that I was there looking. Several times she'd turn away from me and bend forward giving me a fantastic view of her ass and back of her beautiful legs. I'd see her look back to see me looking at her. Other times, she'd lean forward showing her boobs and again she looked up making sure I was looking at her. I didn't know what to think. She was obviously enjoying this.

Then, the next day, it happened. I got home and after a couple of minutes went to my room to see if she was outside. Sure enough, out she walked. Only this time, she was wearing a very skimpy little bikini and went to their pool. She was carrying TWO drinks in her hands. She got to her lawn chair, sat one drink on the table and turned facing me. She looked at me and raised the drink up to me! She then pointed to the other drink and motioned me to come over. I could hardly believe it! So, I motioned to her I'll be over. I quickly changed to my swim suit and went over.

She pulled up another chair for me and I sat down. We sat and started talking. After the greeting stuff was over she then said to me 'you've sure been getting an eye full the last few days'. I put my head down and said 'I'm sorry'. She came back with 'oh, don't be. I'm just flattered that I excite you like this'. I was speechless. Then she started to get personal with me and said 'I know you were jacking off while looking at me'. I could feel my face blush when she said this. She said 'it's alright. I'm just so flattered that I can get a young man so aroused'.

The conversation then really got personal. She asked me 'have you ever had sex with a girl'? I told her 'no' and wasn't lying. I told her that 'I've sure wanted to but it has never happened'. Seeing Sharon dressed like this and her talking like this to me had me all aroused and it sure showed in my swim suit. I saw Sharon looking at me there and in my little suit it sure showed. I was rock hard. Sharon then looked up at me and said 'let's go into the house and take care of that' as she looked back down between my legs again.

She got up and I was so nervous and excited at the same time. When I stood, it really showed. Sharon looked at it again and said 'nice' and smiled at me. We went into her back door and she led me to her living room. She said 'sit down and make yourself comfortable. I'll be right back'. She left the room and a minute later she returned with a tube of something and a towel. I wasn't sure what she was up to but I sure had an idea. She stood right in front of me and removed her top. Her tits were fantastic and my mouth went wide open when I saw them. She then removed the bottoms! I was about to cum on myself I was so excited. This woman was so beautiful and looked so good. She bent over me putting her boobs in my face. I grabbed them and started sucking on them. After a minute she took one of my hands and put it between her legs. She felt so soft as I rubbed on her pussy and felt her inner thighs.

She then reached down pulling on my suit. She pulled them off and again said 'nice' as she looked at my hard dick. She sat on the floor in front of me and got the tube and put some of the lube in her hand and grabbed the towel. She wrapped her hand around my dick and slowly started stroking it. I was right on the verge of cumming and I didn't last 20 seconds, I know. I leaned back, my body went to shaking and I let out a big grunt and exploded! I'd never cum so hard in my life. It shot up and came down on my chest. Then, another and another. Sharon was saying 'oh yes; cum for me. Give me your cum. Ah, yes. Look at all that cum'.

It took me a couple of minutes to get my breath back and then Sharon took the towel and cleaned me off. She looked at me and asked 'enjoy that'? I told her 'Oh yes!! I've never felt so good'. She said 'I'm glad' and walked to the bathroom. She returned this time wearing a robe. Sharon then said 'We'll have to do this more often'. I answered 'can we'? Sharon then said 'we'll see'.

I headed back home absolutely totally sexually fulfilled. I knew I had been seduced by an older woman and I loved every minute of it. She felt so good. I couldn't wait until tomorrow to see if I'd see her outside my window. Sure enough, the next day there she was. Just as soon as I got home it wasn't a minute and Sharon was in her yard. this time wearing those tight shorts and halter top. She looked up at me and I waved to her. She gave me the 'come over' motion again. I was there in a flash with a full blown hardon in my pants and ready. And, she sure didn't disappoint! This ended up going on all Spring and Summer. Then that Fall, I ended up going to another school that was out of town. Now, it is just an occasional thing when I'm home for a visit. I always looked forward to this and Sharon did show me other pleasures not appropriate here. As far as I know, her husband never knew anything was going on.



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