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She Said Yes!

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I ask her out on a date and she said yes! What was so special about this was I had been told that she loved giving dates hand jobs and would let dates touch her. A dream come true to a 17 year old boy.


This happened years ago when I was a teenager. Like all teenage boys sex was constantly on our minds and all we ever thought about was our first time doing things with or to girls. I got word that this girl in our class liked to give her dates hand jobs and would also let dates see and feel her tits. Just the thought of having a girl do this to me was overwhelming. I just had to try.

Her name was Shirley and I started hanging around with her. Just being near her after what I'd heard gave me a hard on. The time was finally right and I got my nerve up and asked her out on a date. She said yes! I was one happy young man. It was for that Friday night and I'd ask her to a movie.

Friday finally came and I got all dressed up and went to pick her up using my dad's car. My dick stayed hard the whole time I was getting ready. I got to her house and had to push my dick down my left leg trying to keep it from showing. We took off and went out to eat first. We then headed for the theater. We sat in back where there wasn't a lot of people and it was good and dark. As we watched the movie, I put my arm around her shoulders and sat leaning over towards her. I kept looking at her and eventually we came together and kissed. Next thing I felt was her hand on my thigh. As we kissed it inched up higher and higher. My dick was literally throbbing. I eased my hand that was around her under her opposite arm and had it resting on the side of her tit. My dick was still running down my left leg and was super hard. It was then that I felt her hand finally touching the head. I jumped a little with excitment. A girl was actually touching my dick! What a feeling. She continued to move it higher placing her hand over the shaft of my dick and she started squeezing on it. I went to squeezing on her tit. All the while we were kissing. I got so excited by all this that I blew right there in my pants. We were kissing when it happened and I broke the kiss and let out a deep ah sound. I know too that her hand had to feel my dick pulsating when I was ejaculating. She then ask 'Did you cum'? I said yes. She moved her hand down my leg a little feeling the wetness and she said 'You sure did'!

She got her purse and pulled out a tissue and wiped off her hand. She had come prepared. We sat through the movie and then left. I had on dark colored slacks so the wet area didn't stand out too bad. We got in my car and drove off. Shirley was next to me. It wasn't long and I felt my dick starting to get hard again. I was wanting her to see my dick and actually have her hand on it. I also wanted to feel her bare tits. I didn't want to take the chance of ending the evening so I came right out and told her that it was getting hard again. She said 'Oh good' as she reached over putting her hand on it again. I asked her where would be a good place to go. She said to go to the street behind her house. I went there and saw it was an empty lot there. We parked and started kissing. I started rubbing my hand on her tits. She then went to undoing my belt. I quickly helped her get them loose. I was wanting to get them out of the way in the worse way. I finally got them down and was showing Shirley my hard dick. She got her purse and pulled out more tissues. She then ask if I wanted her to take off her top. I said I'd like that. She pulled it off. She was braless and I was looking at a girls tits for real. I reached over and touched them. She said 'Kiss them if you want to'. I did and started sucking on a nipple. She then went to working her hand on my dick. It didn't take me too long and I could feel things coming on meaning I was about to cum. I leaned back and she knew it too and put the tissue at the end of my dick for me to cum into. I turned loose my second load of the night. I knew that this would be it.

I took her home and thanked her for a wonderful evening and asked her out again. Again, she accepted. On the next date I got to see and feel my first pussy when I fingered her. I'll never forget Shirley. She sure broke me in nice.



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