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She Played With My Balls!

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Just happened yesterday


Part of our freedom as human beings is to interpret situations however we choose. Having been psychologically devastated by a negative situation 34 years ago which made me ill for a month before I went to a doctor for some medicine to get over my illness, I made the choice way back then that I would be a cheerful person. It is with that background that I've chosen to interpret a potentially serious situation as an erotic experience. Although it may not likely be read as an arousing experience for readers here on Solo Touch, I still hope that you will enjoy reading because I find Solo Touch to be a safe, anonymous location to post a story as well as being a carefully guarded website so that stories do not reflect unsafe activities which could be harmful if carried to the extreme.

Now for my story, which I will tell as though it happened to me yesterday, although it is already after midnight at the time of this writing. Having detected a lump on the left side in my pubic area while lying in the tub Saturday evening, I went to see whichever doctor might be available first thing Monday morning. He confirmed that there was something to be checked and made an arrangement for me to have an ultrasound (sonogram) Tuesday afternoon. I had barely checked in when Sherry (spelling uncertain) called me to the radiology lab area and instructed me to take off all my clothing, including my underwear, put on the hospital gown so it opened in the back, and that she would return shortly. She is an attractive lady, a brunette with a slight hint of red and only identified herself as Sherry when she called me, but had her name tag reversed so I could not read it.

When she returned alone, she instructed me to lie down on the exam table and grabbed two heavy towels rolled up from the stack. She gave me one, pulled up my gown, and instructed me to 'Hold it there.' (indicating above my affected area to cover my 'love wand.') She placed the other towel below my 'family jewels,' turned down the overhead lights quite low, and proceeded to lube me up. Oh, it was so delightful the way she rubbed in a lubricant all around my entire area, testicles and all, that would facilitate the movement of the instrument which fed into a monitor. She used quite a bit of lube to really slick up my pubic area and I enjoyed her touch, knowing that this was just the beginning.

Although the basis for my concern was on my left side, she explained that she would start on my right side anyway and proceeded to slide the instrument around with her right hand for a good 10 minutes, touching my right ball frequently and pressing the instrument against the base of my love wand repeatedly. I really enjoyed the intimate attention. She used her left hand to set and record on the monitor what information the instrument was sending. The monitor was only black and white and she gave it more attention than she looked at me. I could see the monitor also from where I was lying. While she was sliding the instrument around all over, occasionally I recognized the round, which I knew was my right testicle. When she had scanned my right side to her satisfaction, she moved the instrument to my left side and continued in much the same way, touching my left ball frequently and pressing the instrument against the base of my love wand repeatedly. I again enjoyed the intimate attention.

In time, she asked where the lump was that caused my concern. I pulled my left testicle away from my body and found the lump where the sperm tube (seminal vesicle) enters my body. She moved the instrument there and watched the screen intently. Moving the instrument around, she lost sight of the lump and I had to find it for her again. This happened several times and she could never find anything significant on the screen, so asked me to locate it once more and felt it. Then she tried again. Finally she gave up and said, 'There's nothing in your scrotum. I'm going to call the radiologist. You stay right here.' as though I was going anywhere in a hospital gown.

When the radiologist came, he right away asked me where my concern was and I found the lump for him. He followed my hand and found the lump, but lost it. So I found it again by using my right hand to pull my testicle up and my left hand to locate the lump near my body. This time he maintained his grip. Then with his other hand, he moved the instrument over it to scan it. He was more successful because he was able to use both hands while Sherry had handled the monitor with one hand when she was scanning with the other. I noted that since she was not so occupied with trying to locate the spot with the instrument and keep resetting the monitor to different settings, she had much more time to look at my private area.

The radiologist was less concerned with keeping the top towel carefully covering my penis. She watched intently, but disappointingly for me, by this time my love wand had gone limp. What had been an erotic experience dwindled because as professionals they had to act professionally. In time, he said, 'I don't know what this is. I'll write a report and send it to your doctor.' All in all, it was a good experience, which I chose to interpret erotically, what with the lights turned down low and all and Sherry playing with my balls for over 20 minutes! When they left, I used the towels to try to wipe off the lube, but to not much avail. I found a sink and some paper towels so was able to wet wipe my entire manhood.

Now that's not the end of the story yet. Some people might call me a pervert, but I'm not. I just wanted to know what the lube was, so I went back today to inquire. I had to wait about 15 minutes to talk to Sherry in the waiting room, which had a number of other people. She was as pretty as I had remembered her from yesterday. I asked her what the lube was and she wanted to know why I wanted to know. 'Did you have reactions to it.' I replied that I had not had allergic reactions and that was why I wanted to know 'for long-range.' (I was implying that I wanted to get some to play with!) That answer seemed to satisfy her and she told me it was Acquasonic, but was gracious enough to offer to go back to the room and double check. She had a patient in there anyway that she needed to escort out of the room. Then she went back in and came out directly with a shrunken, soft-sided gallon jug to show me. It was Acquasonic and she explained that it was the clear kind and water soluble. I intend to try to find some at a medical pharmacy because it could provide me with quite a lot of fun those times when I want a lube to play with my erection! Being water soluble, it could well compete with some that I purchased at the adult toy store in town, but is quite expensive. Two of the young female clerks there confirm that it is their favorite also! Wow! Could the three of us have a party! It lasts and lasts, so long that I only have to add a few drops after half an hour of playing. Other times I prefer to stroke my love wand dry with a light feather touch slowly as long as I can before I can't take the excitement anymore and have to pump vigorously till my volcano erupts that thick, white, hot cream.

Ok, yes, I'm very proud of what our Creator gave me. When engorged, it is big and long and hard and has a beautiful lilac-colored head. When really excited, the head is so hard that it shines! I'm so proud of it that I'd like to show it to the whole world, but know that I'd get into trouble, so pretend to be modest most of the time. Because our Creator created our bodies so magnificently with so many different systems working in harmony most of the time and continues to give us every breath and every heartbeat, I believe our Creator is also actively involved in every tingle that courses through our bodies when we build up to an orgasm and experience an orgasm. We only tickle on the outside, but our Creator sends the signals to our brain and radiates the tingles throughout our entire body.

As readers, you may not find this as erotic as hoped for, but I'm going to remember the experience erotically for along time, replaying it in my mind and wishing it would happen again soon because, even though I'm married, I haven't had my balls played with that long for a long time! I've written this story for the benefit of several of my female co-workers, who know that I had a concern in the area where a man feels most vulnerable. Knowing that I dared not tell them in person the details about my erotic experience or I might be charged with sexual harassment, after reading this, they will know more about me than most people do. I value their friendship far too much to want to jeopardize it by telling them in person and simply request that after this is posted and when you have read it that you will give me a wink when you smile or feel welcome to place your hand on my shoulder or arm or thigh in a caring manner, knowing that I'm facing surgery directly. In fact, I would even welcome a hug because things could soon get tough for me. Thanks for reading, for caring, and for responding. RC

PS One more detail, I can hardly wait till an attractive nurse shaves my pubic area for surgery!



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