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She Loves to Smoke & Masturbate

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She loves to smoke and masturbate
Hi - My name is Virginia and I want to send in my masturbation story. I'm almost 36 and in 1978, when I was 13, I discovered the joy of smoking while masturbating. At that time I had been masturbating for about 3 years and loving every minute of it. I had experimented with many types of masturbation styles and while no one technique is my favorite, I was about to discover the pleasures I could obtain while smoking as I masturbated my clitoris, vulva, and vagina.
Like many preteens, I'd experimented with smoking. It was a time when just about anyone could walk into a supermarket and buy smokes. Cigarette billboards were everywhere proclaiming the pleasures to be had by lighting up (in fact, I still smoke and I'm lighting up right now.) Often, I would lie in bed and masturbate and pretend to be smoking a Virginia Slims Menthol. Not wanting to smoke what everybody else smoked, I chose a brand that was kind of unique. I had seen many billboards and magazine adverts for Virginia Slims, but at first, they weren't my original choice. One time I was with my sister-in-law from out-of-town and I noticed she smoked Saratoga 120s (regular -- not menthol.) I'd seen the occasional ad for those ("wait till I finish my Saratoga") and I finally decided I wanted to try them out. I was eagerly anticipating buying my first pack of the long menthol 120s in the green box and when the time was right, I went up to the local grocery store.
I sheepishly stood in line at the check-out and when it was my turn, I nervously asked for them -- "a pack of Saratoga Menthol 120s please." I could feel myself getting more aroused and moist in my crotch all the while and as I accepted my Saratogas, I handed over 55 cents for the pack. I walked out of the store with my Saratogas hidden in my coat pocket. As I walked home, my heart was beating fast and I could hardly get back to the house quick enough to begin my long-awaited experiment. My pussy was dripping wet and my clit was throbbing by the time I got home. My Mom was at work, and would be for hours yet. Soon, I was going to be smoking a 120 and caressing myself to orgasmic bliss.
I went into the bathroom. I stripped naked, put a small towel on the edge of the bathtub, and located the matches we used to light the bathroom candle. I sat down on the edge of the tub and planted my feet far apart so I would have complete access to my aching, dripping pussy. I packed down the pack of Saratogas like I had seen other people do and when I was finally ready to smoke, I took the cellophane wrapper off the top of the box. I slowly flipped back the lid and carefully extracted the foil cover. My hand was trembling. My free hand dipped down to my pussy and I slowly pulled my index finger between my swollen labia. A generous amount of juice stayed on my finger and I brought it to my lips and licked it clean. I absolutely love the taste of my own fluids -- it is truly heavenly. In fact, I continue to enjoy pussy fluid to this day -- my own and that of my lesbian lover.
Anyway, (I just lit another 120 by the way as I recount this story) I continued to caress my labia and taste myself as I sat there on the edge of the tub. My young breasts were already well developed (34C) and my nipples were receiving their share of attention -- from my lips and from my gently pinching fingertips. I occasionally ran my finger through my wet trough and covered a nipple with my secretions. I would then lift my breast to my lips and tenderly suckle my juice-covered nipple and areola. I could cum just from that if I did it long enough.
By this time I was almost ready to explode. I decided to try and delay my first orgasm until I was actually smoking my first Saratoga 120. Okay - the moment of truth. I inhaled the menthol scent from the open pack and I noticed how fresh it smelled. I carefully extracted a Saratoga from the pack with my fingernails and set the pack aside. I noticed how long the 120 was in between my fingers and I finally brought the 120 up to my young lips. I took a mock draw through the unlit 120 to get a feel for the sensation. The taste was wonderful. I pretended to French-inhale the smoke after I removed the Saratoga from my lips. By this time the anticipation was too much for me to handle and I started to quiver from my impending orgasm. Not wanting to miss the moment, I quickly put the Saratoga back between my lips, lit a match and brought the flame to the tip. I drew in deeply to get it started and as I did, the first waves of my orgasm hit me -- hard. I shook the match out and drew in a large amount of menthol smoke. My clitoris pulsed, my vagina spasmed, and the hand that previously held the match went straight for my pussy. My other hand took the Saratoga from between my lips and I did a snap inhale of the smoke. I was in heaven. I looked at the lit, long 120mm Saratoga between my fingers as my other hand vigorously manipulated my clit, my labia and the entrance to my pussy. I took another draw on the Saratoga as I masturbated and this time I did a perfect French-inhale. The waves of my orgasm swept through me as I sat there and smoked while I frigged myself off. I took another draw and while holding in the smoke, I brought my breast to my lips. I suckled my nipple hard as I exhaled through my nose. In my bliss, I decided I was hooked on smoking menthol 120s while masturbating from then on. I continued to masturbate while I finished my Saratoga 120 and indeed, I lit up another right after I finished the first one. I had four orgasms that afternoon with my Saratogas and it was the start of a beautiful friendship with 120s. I found that oftentimes the "simple" act of performing a perfect French-inhale would be enough to send me into orgasmic bliss. I can't explain it -- it just happens that way.
I tried many menthols over the years. Next up was Virginia Slims Lights in 1979. Virginia Slims 120s were still years away back in 1979, and I learned to enjoy the 100mm VSLs almost as much as my Saratoga 120s. I certainly had many orgasms with them. Other menthols I tried included Virginia Slims, Silva Thins, Max 120s and More 120s. But nothing compared to my Saratoga 120s and the Virginia Slims Lights.
In late 1985, while living temporarily in England, I came across an ad for new Virginia Slims Lights 120s in an American news magazine. Because they didn't sell these where I was living, I often masturbated while fantasizing about these new 120s on the scene. In early 1987, I finally got back to the states for a few weeks. The anticipation while getting away from the airport and to a convenience store to finally buy some Virginia Slims Lights Menthol 120s almost equaled that of eight years earlier with my first Saratogas. I found a 7-Eleven near the airport and eagerly went in to buy some. After nearly 14 months of waiting, I finally had a new 120 menthol to try. I drove away from the convenience store and girl was my pussy dripping wet. My clit was throbbing and I was still feeling the small aftershocks from the multiple orgasm I had given myself on the flight across the Atlantic only a few hours earlier. The harness from the seatbelt was caressing my tit through my tight-fitting halter top and I packed down the Slims while driving toward the freeway onramp. It was dark, and I wasted no time opening the pack and extracting a fresh 120. My lighter was ready and I popped the VSL120 between my lips and eagerly lit up as I entered the almost abandoned freeway. It tasted heavenly!! I literally took five consecutive draws on it before exhaling out the open window. My left hand held the Virginia Slims 120 and the wheel while my free hand was up my skirt frigging my pussy (I had removed my panties earlier in the afternoon, on the flight.) I easily managed to get two fingers inside myself and while my thumb caressed my clit, I was feeling the ripples of skin inside my soaking wet pussy. I brought those fingers up to my mouth and eagerly sucked them clean. DAMN did I taste good!!! I took another two draws on my Slims and went back to fucking myself as I drove down the dark freeway. Always prepared for any masturbation situation, I took my hand out of my pussy and licked it clean again. I then reached over to my bag on the passenger seat and pulled out my double-headed 12" rubber dildo. I managed to get that cock inside my pussy. Knowing this was dangerous, I pulled over to the side of the road, put on the flashers and proceeded to fuck myself silly safely off the side of the highway. My right hand worked the dildo while my left hand held the shrinking 120. I pulled another 120 from the pack and lit it using the other one. I deeply inhaled on the new one and immediately had another earth-shattering cum. My large breasts had already been released from the halter top and they bounced and shook around as I thrust on the dildo. Again I was in orgasmic heaven!!! After I calmed down, I pulled the dildo out and eagerly licked it clean between draws on my Virginia Slims 120. I suckled each of my breasts for at least a minute before regaining my composure, replacing my halter top, and tickling my clitoris while I sat there and finished my 120. My innards and my pussy were trembling in post orgasmic contentment as I lit up another Virginia Slims so I could enjoy my after-sex 120. Who cares if it was solo-sex, it was still sex and I was loving it.
Fast-forward to the present. Right now as I write this I have just lit another Virginia Slims 120 Menthol. I continue to enjoy my menthol 120s and I can't even begin to think how many orgasms I've given myself with them. I have had several lovers over the years who have also liked to smoke 120s with me while we had hot lesbian sex. I often fantasize about one of my lovers, in England, who I didn't smoke with. Her name was Jacquie and she smoked Virginia Slims Lights Menthols, while I kept my smoking in the closet. I loved to watch her smoke though we never introduced it in out lovemaking and believe me it was difficult to keep it in the closet. When I returned to England with two packs of the new VSL 120s, I was kind of selfish and kept them to myself. I often wonder what she would've done if I had shown her the 120s and asked her to smoke them with me while we made out.
Another lover of mine, years later, was Laurie. She knew I smoked, but not which brand (it was early in our relationship.) Once we were out she asked me where my smokes were. I pulled out my pack of VSLs Menthols (120s were not available for purchase where we were) and to my surprise she told me that she used to smoke those. I didn't realize she had once been a smoker and she told me it was a "social thing" she used to do when she was out with friends. After I lit up, she asked me if she could share it with me. I eagerly obliged her. As we shared that one, I admired her smoking style. Laurie was a very attractive petite blond with beautiful blue eyes. I was enamored by her. As she smoked the VSL, she admitted she enjoyed it and was pleased that it "tasted just like she remembered." I was getting wet for sure. After we finished that one, she asked for another one. I told her to hold on while I went inside. From my secret stash, I pulled out a pack of VSL 120s (menthol of course.) When I returned to her, I asked if she would like a 120 and she eagerly accepted. I shielded the flame from the breeze as it lit. I was in heaven with her but our time together was coming to a close.
One of my fondest memories of Laurie is once, we were inside on a hot summer afternoon. We had just been making love and things were winding down. I asked here if she would like to watch me masturbate for her while I smoked. Of course, she obliged me. I pulled out the VSL 120s and asked her to light it up for me. She laid there on her tummy, on my bed, and we shared the 120 as I gave her a masturbation show. After a lengthy session of frigging myself, I came for her while I was French-inhaling. She just sat and watched, and she thanked me for allowing her to share that with me. Our jobs caused us to part soon after that but we remained in contact every once in a while over the years.
Carolyn was special. She didn't smoke but didn't mind that I did. After a few months into our relationship, I decided to ask her if she would like to try it. To my surprise she agreed to. I was ecstatic!!! Wanting to go easy on her, I decided to introduce her to Capri Menthol 120s. She took to it quite easily and in fact learned to enjoy those slim 120s as much as I did. I don't smoke Capris often, but I enjoy them every once in a while. She came out of the shower once and I was sitting on the edge of my bed. She was standing in front of the mirror drying herself off. We made eye contact in the mirror and as we were looking into each other eyes, I brought my Capri 120 to my lips and lit it. I sat there and sexily smoked for her and started playing with my pussy. I was soaking wet (no surprise there, huh) as I smoked and masturbated. She came over to me, naked, and took the Capri from me. She took a nice draw and slowly exhaled. Carolyn then knelt down between my legs and proceeded to lick and tongue in the most expert fashion. I lit up another Capri 120 Menthol and enjoyed it while she game me a good licking. I came all over her face after about five minutes of her loving. Of course, as I was about to cum, I did a nice French-inhale and this sent me over the top. Once, we were out on her patio and we were making out like no end. We each had a Capri 120 Menthol to enjoy. I got really turned on by her novice style -- not clumsy, but certainly not as refined as mine. We were into a little pussy-rubbing action -- our legs were locked together "scissors-style." As we ground our clits and labia together, I was nearing orgasm. I pulled her up close to me so our titties were rubbing against each other. I took her Capri from her hand and with a Capri in each of my hands, my arms went around her back to hug her tight to me. The feel of her breast-flesh next to me and the hard nubs of her pretty nipples poking into my tits just about sent me over. I took both Capris between my lips and inhaled long and hard on both at the same time. I ground my pussy into hers and I started to cum. That set her off too and she cried out that she was cumming with me. I took another hit off both Capris and exploded into an orgasmic frenzy. As we reeled from our orgasms, I gave her a fresh Capri and while she held it out with her lips I flicked the lighter to light her Capri 120. She laid back and I went down on her while she smoked the Capri. The amount of our juices that covered her pussy was incredible. I savored every last drop, licking it from her labia, clitoris and inner thighs. Her free hand caressed her breasts and also the back of my head as I ate her out. It was as close to heaven as I could get on earth.
I'm just about finished with this account of my masturbation and lovemaking. I'm smoking a Virginia Slims Luxury Light 120 Menthol and I really need to cum. Once I do, I'll email this off to hopefully be posted so others can enjoy reading what I have relived in my memory while typing this out. Know that I have just had a juicy mind-numbing cum moments earlier!
Love, Virginia ;)



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