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She Likes A Whirlpool Bathtub

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Likes A Whirlpool Bathtub
Who knows when I started thinking about sexuality? Who knows when anyone did? As far as I know, learning about your sexual side is a part of growing up and learning about your body.
My earliest experiences of enjoying myself sexually was when I was about 5. Me, my sister and my friend, both two years my senior, were playing doctor. Well, it might've well have been called gynecologist because we decided to examine each other's 'private parts'... as we called them then. I remember the feeling I got down there... the kind of ticklish wonder as I was touched. I always wanted to be 'the patient' after that.
And then, in fourth grade, I had another friend who was like the 'makeup queen'. She was very popular because she was so pretty. I went over to her house one time and we decided to play house. We pretended we wanted to have children so we would get on her bed and hump her pillow and laugh and laugh. But I remember that feeling, again, that I got down there.
Later, I decided to experiment. I took my pillow and put it between my legs and rubbed it and moved my hips so hard until I was panting and my clit, as I discovered was called, was pulsating. I used this method for a while... but because I didn't really know what I was doing, nothing really happened.
I think maybe it was 6th or 7th grade that I really discovered what I was doing. I learned that your clitoris provides for sexual pleasure and what I was doing was called masturbation. I improved my pillow method by jerking harder and faster, and putting my hand underneath the pillow and grinding it into my clit until I climaxed. This is one of the best ways for me. You can do it fast... like in a 5 minutes time if you're just feeling a little horny, or take a long time and a fun ride. You can do it naked, or clothed... I like doing it in my panties and feeling myself afterwards. Some people really get a pleasure out of rubbing their clit. I don't as much as my pillow method. It's just not for me.
Another pleasure for me is the whirlpool bathtub. I put my clit right on the jets and soon I am moaning, that's how good it feels. For all of you out there~ this is the best form of masturbation for me. It's truly wonderful.
That's all for me... I am only a sophomore in high school... probably the youngest to contribute here. I was going to lie and say I was a freshman in college, but I want people to know young girls masturbate, too. Right now I am feeling so horny. I am talking to my boyfriend online and reading all these sites. I'm going to have to go screw myself. Bye. --Renee




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