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She Knew How To Be Sexy

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My younger sister knew that I kept a couple of Playboys hidden my closet, but she never told, and she never mentioned it to me. I know she knew because I once entered our room as she was leaving with a chesire grin on her face. I immediately went to my stash and found the magazines placed differently than I had left them. I placed them in a certain manner so that I would know if anyone had been bothering them.

I waited for her to say something, but she never did. Instead, she changed her behavior around me. We were latch-key kids, with the house to ourselves every afternoon for a couple of hours. She would go to the bathroom and leave the door open. She would change clothes in our shared bedroom, and leave the door open. If I passed by, or entered the bedroom, she would make no effort to hide her developing body, while staring me straight in the eyes. She knew where my eyes were going, and seemed to be satisfied. Still, I would rather look at the better developed babes in the magazines.

My habit was to wait until she went outside to play with the girl next door, and then I would get some tissues, go sit in the small closet with the door open, look at the magazines, and pleasure myself, all alone. I always had plenty of time, and besides, I could always hear the back door slam when Beth came back in, giving me ample time to put things away.

Then the seemingly inevitable happened. I lay on the floor, holding magazine above me, open to Miss April, cock in the other hand, in total enjoyment. Something made me take my eyes from the babe in Playboy and look at the window directly across the room from me. There was my sister, who just looked at me through the screen. I screamed at her to get away and leave me alone, my cock having shrivled back to its flacid two inch size.

Then, I thought about how stupid I was. Now she will go tell the parents and that would be it for me and my Playboys, as well as severe punishment for jacking off. I had no reason to think that there would be punishment, I just felt that my parents would not look leniently at what I had been doing. So, I went outside and confronted my sister and addressed my greatest concern: that she wouldn't tell.

Surprisingly, she had no problem with keeping our new secret, so I asked why she wasn't going to tell. She said she had seen the magazines and thought the girls were beautiful and she wanted to be as beautiful as they. Seeing an opportunity to seal my good fortune with her, I told her that she was already beginning to be as good looking as the most beautiful girls in the magazine. All she needed was some time to grow a little more.

When I said that, she shocked me by asking if she could show me the girl she most wanted to develop into. Well, I had to keep the conspiracy going, so I said sure, and into the house we went. Making sure no one was at the window, I took out my four magazines and laid them on the bed in front of her. She went right to the magazine I had been using and flipped through it until she came to Miss April!! She said, 'I hope I grow up to have a figure like that.' I was so flustered, all I could mutter was, 'Wow. That was the one I wsa just looking at.' She asked, 'Were you looking at her when you had your thing in your hand?'

Well, there it was, laid out in the open. If I denied, our conspiracy would end, I was sure. If I agreed, I would have to explain what I was doing, and I wasn;t prepared to do that. To my relief, she must have read my thoughts, when she said, 'I know what you were doing.'

I asked how she knew, because we had not had any kind of sex ed at home. She said that Harriet, the girl next door, and a year older than I, had told her what boys do in private. Naturally, I askde how Harriet knew and she said Harriet had seen her boyfriend do it. Dang, all this was going on, and I knew nothing of it.

So, I said, 'Yes, thats who I wsa looking at while I was doing it.', still too timid to actually say what 'it' was. Now my sister was always outspoken, and she was this time, as well. She asked' What do you call what you were doing?' I told her it was 'jacking off,' and she said Harriet had called it 'beating off.' So, that led me to describe the few other terms I knew at the time, such as 'beating the meat, wanking, and spanking the monkey.' She giggled at the last one and asked if I called my 'thing' a monkey.

All this talk and the open Playboys had gotten me hard, so I was uncomfortable, and kept rearranging myself for more ease, discretely, I thought.

Then, Beth came up with a great idea: She would pose like Miss April and I would pick the one I liked best. So, we turned to the first page of Miss April's spread, where she had on a blouse and shorts, like Beth did, and Beth took the pose. Then, on to other poses. But, as Miss April had on fewer and fewer clothes, Beth didn't take any of hers off. Still I went along with her, helping her attain the matching pose. This was hot and I was hard, even though we both were fully clothed.

Finally, I told her it was hard to pick out her best pose when she had her clothes on and Miss April was naked. POOF!! My little sister was standing there before me without a stitch on. She was no Miss April, but she was real and right in front of me. Firm little pointed tits, pink nipples, slim build, and thin black hair above her pussy. Oh yea, I was way hard by now.

So, now she was even better at copying Miss April's poses. This was before Playboy 'went pink', so there were no huge revelations of her pussy. I was becoming braver, letting my boner show a tent in my shorts, hoping she would say something. I was also devloping a wet spot at the end of my cock.

When Beth completed the last pose, she looked at me and said, 'OK, your turn.' just like that. I said, 'What?', to which she replied, 'You get to pose like that.' Thoughts ran through my head, like, I'm no girl, why should I pose like one? However, I would not let the moment pass, so I said, 'OK, but you gotta stay naked too.' This was fine with Beth, so I undressed, trying to act like my boner was just as natural as could be.

I was in my first pose, standing with one leg slightly raised, cock out, and arms raised high, looking straight at her. Her eyes were on my cock, and my 'shy' sister said, 'I wish I had a weenie like that.' After a little quasi-sexy banter, I finally blurted out, 'Well here, you can hold mine.'

Damn, this was the best idea I had ever had. It was like she was just waiting for me to ask. She held it, fondled it, looked over my balls, stroked it some, and just paid it more attention than I ever had. I was dripping plenty, and she asked, 'Is that your precum?' Damn, how did she know all that? Trying to remain calm, as if I had control of the situation, I said, 'Sure, do you know what precum is for?' She said, 'Yes, silly, it's to make it easy to slide in a girls pussy.' Even more damn!!! My baby sister said 'PUSSY!!' I was so hard now she could feel the pulsing of my cock, and she said so. She took her hands off it and watched it bounce up and down to my heartbeat. She thought that was just too cool.

Finally, she noticed me looking at her pussy, although all I could see was her outer lips. She asked if I wanted to see more of it. If I had known the phrase back then, I would have said, 'Not only yea, but HELL yea!!' As it was,and with my timidity, all I could get out was, 'Sure.'

So, there I was, sitting cross-legged on the floor with my sister laying on her back naked in front of me, holding her lips open for me to see it all. The first real pussy I ever saw was my own sister's. I asked if she did this with all the guys, and she said that she was no slut, no boy had ever seen her naked. She said the only reason she showed me was because she knew I wouldn't tell ANYBODY. If I did she would tell everybody that I beat off in the closet.

So, I was holding my wet cock, staring into her pussy. She said that her hands were getting tired and I should hold it open myself. How could I refuse?

I was close to her pussy. She was wet and I could smell her, making my cock so hard I thought it would explode. It was the best feeling I had ever had. I touched her clit and asked what it was and she told me without making me feel stupid. Then, she said I could put my finger in her hole. I did very timidly, not knowing what I would find in there. But it was moist and warm and tight on my finger. By now her clit was quite pronounced and I was dripping on the floor.

She sat up right in front of me. My legs were on the floor and my feet were behind her. Her legs were over mine and her feet were behind me. She said she wanted to see me beat off. I was so hot, so turned on, so horny, I just started, leaning back on my left hand and jacking with my right hand with the sloppy sound of the precum announcing each stroke. I didn't care. I was ready to release, no matter what.

Beth leaned back on her hand and put her bird finger of her other hand in her pussy. I didn't know that girls masturbated too, but what she was doing was way exciting. All too soon I erupted, sending gobs of goo on her front side, from just above her tits all the way down to her hand, finally dripping the last bits on the floor. We were both breathing extremely heavily, like we had been running for hours, and her finger kept working her pussy. I held my still hard cock and watched as she looked me in the eyes with her mouth open and her entire body started shaking. Then her back arched forward, her head jerked back, and her finger plunged full depth in her pussy. Her legs tightened around me and pulled herself closer to me, my cock tip touching her hand.

After several hot, sweaty moments, she finally relaxed, left her finger inside, and opened her eyes. I must have had an incredulous look on my face, because the first thing she said was, 'Girls beat off, too.' I said, 'Yea, I know,' even though I didn't. She knew me too well and said, 'It's OK, most boys don't know.'

Still hard, I looked at the clock, and asked, 'Do you want to do it again?' which was easy for a young boy. Why didn't I think of this? She said, 'OK, but let's do each other.'

I don't know where she got all these ideas, but it was fine by me. I had never even jacked off with another boy, and now here I was with a real, live girl. Forget that she was my sister. She had a pussy and that's all that mattered. Oh, and she wouldn't tell.

So, being as awkward as we were, we had to try several positions before we could really get anything going. We finally ended up laying head to foot, with her on my right, both on our backs. My right leg was across her body and her right leg was across mine. Her hand was on my cock and my bird finger was in her pussy, both of us in slow motion. As we both began to get more aroused she said, 'OK, when I get faster jacking you, I want you to get faster jacking me.' I said, 'Mmmph.' It took only slightly longer this time and faster jacking, but I shot again, not as much as the first time, but as powerful. Beth kept yelling, 'Faster, faster!' and I did. Even though I had emptied all over myself and her hand she kept jacking me just as fast, all tha cum lubricating her hand in a glorious fashion.

Finally, she let out a loud moan or grunt, her hips bucked upward, and her legs clamped on my hand and I could feel her pussy convulsing on my finger.

Exhausted and still panting, we sat up and looked at each other, both of us covered in my cum. Normally, I didn't like feeling my cum so much, but something made me reach out and rub my cum on her tits. She rubbed it in on my chest and balls too.

I had no idea that my sister was so sexual, so I had to ask. She said that Harriet had taught her everything. I asked but what about beating me off, and she said that Harriet had shown her with a bananna. The next time we had banannas for a snack, she just looked at me and smiled.

I was so shy that I would never have approached my sister for anything near sexual, but I am so thankful that she did. Our personalities are oppisite each other, and I am glad she is so forward.

We continued our conspiracy in the greatest of fashion. She even showed me how she used a tampon, as disgusting as that was, and how she shaved her underarms and legs in the shower. We were both smart enough to avoid carrying our excapades to their natural conclusion until we could obtain birth control.

Beth never became a slut, in fact, she only jacked off one other boy before she met her eventual husband. I suppose we kept each other well satisfied through our growing up years. To this date, she is still the best I have ever had. She tells me the same thing.



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