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She Knew Boys

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This is mostly true. I actually masturbated myself when I was alone in the bedroom.


When I was 18, I accompanied my parents on a out-of-town trip to attend an Uncle's wedding. We arrived late the night before the wedding after a two-day car journey. We were staying at a hotel near the church where the wedding was held.

My parents dropped me off at my grandmother's house and went out shopping for a last minute wedding present. My grandmother, Grandma Rose, lived alone in an old, modest house. My father was one of 11 boys that my grandmother raised. No girls in that family. I remember staying there as a child. She used to watch the grandkids when both my parents were working. She was a kind but very down-to-earth woman. Very practical, no nonsense, but in a kind way.

I had brought my suit, shirt, underwear, and socks with me to Grandma's house so that I could change before the wedding. The plan was for my parents to swing back by the house at the last minute and pick me up to go to the church for the wedding.

Right before they left, my parents dictated that I needed to take a bath and get cleaned up. I had not had a shower in a couple of days because of the travel. I was horrified, since I remembered that Grandma's house was so old that it only had one bath. No shower. I was NOT a bath person. I was used to the shower at home. I griped and complained, as teenage boys tend to do. I couldn't get cleaned up, I don't know how to wash my hair in a bathtub (I really had no clue how to do this), and so on. My parents were in a hurry and anxious to get the wedding present with just 2 hours before the wedding. Grandma Rose took my suit and told them she'd get me cleaned and dressed and ready for their return and sent my parents on their way.

Grandma Rose set up the ironing board in the kitchen to get my shirt and slacks pressed. She then led me back to the bathroom saying 'Let's get this bath going and I'll help you out. I can't believe a boy who doesn't know how to take a bath! Don't you remember when I used to bathe you as a baby?'

I did remember her washing me and my two other brothers in that bathtub when we were little. I remembered splashing and rough housing, and I can imagine we made quite a mess of the bathroom floor.

Grandma Rose led me into the bathroom and drew the bathwater. She told me to get undressed and get in and then she left the room. I felt a bit awkward and a little aroused. It had been days since I'd had a good orgasm, and, being 18, it was unusual to go a day without a good masturbation session. I stripped down and felt my penis begin to get a little aroused. I stepped into the warm water and it felt very good. I didn't want to get aroused in my grandma's bathroom, but I couldn't seem to help it. About that time I heard the door open and Grandma Rose re-entered the bathroom. She picked up my dirty clothes saying 'I'll be right back to help you get cleaned up'. She left the room with my clothes, leaving the door wide open. I felt really exposed and brought my knees up to my chest to try to cover up. A second later she reappeared with an armload of towels. To my astonishment, she walked over to the tub and put the towels down on the floor next to the tub (it was an old freestanding tub with feet).

'Don't be embarrassed, I used to wash you all the time when you were little. And I raised 11 boys, so there isn't anything you have that I haven't seen before.' Her frankness was typical of her down-to-earth manner and it helped relax me a bit. She then kneeled down next to the bath and reached over for a plastic cup that was sitting on the floor by the bath.

'Now lean forward' she instructed as she gently pushed my head forward. She then took the cup, filled it with bathwater, and began to pour it over my head. As she drenched my hair, she was telling me stories about the old days when we were kids playing in that tub. I can't remember exactly what she said. It was reassuring, but I still felt pretty awkward. Here I was, barely an adult, and having Grandma Rose washing me like a child. Also, at home I was very private and was not used to being nude in front of anyone.

After that she shampooed my hair. She used to work at a beauty salon. Her fingers felt wonderful as she worked the shampoo in firmly and massaged my scalp. At this point she had stopped talking. Although I had my head down and could not see, I could tell she was concentrating on something.

'How does that feel?', she asked. Truth is, it felt wonderful and I felt all my tension releasing. She then told me to close my eyes as she used the cup and bathwater to rinse all the shampoo out of my hair.

As I lifted my head, she was right there with a towel to dry my face and eyes. What happened next surprised me. Before I knew it, she had dunked a washcloth an was soaping it up. 'Let's get the rest of you' she said as she took my arm and began to lather it up. 'Now just relax. I've seen you, your father and all your uncles buck naked over the years. It's nothing to be ashamed about.' I looked over at Grandma Rose as she quickly scrubbed both my arms, my neck, behind the ears, my chest and back. She was a large woman, and I noticed the flap under her arm swaying as she vigorously scrubbed my upper body. I also could not help noticing her large sagging breasts. They were huge, and I couldn't remember ever noticing them before. They swayed under her loose blouse and I was sure she was not wearing a bra. As I watched her melons, I felt my penis coming back to life. I panicked and tried to think of anything else. But I couldn't help but watch her breasts.

'Stand up and turn around and I'll get your back' she ordered. I froze. I could feel my nakedness and now I knew my penis was semi-erect. 'Come on, we haven't got all day. You have to be ready when your folks come back. Stand up and turn around.' she repeated.

I turned towards the wall while still sitting in the tub, then stood, covering my growing erection. I tried to get it to go down, but the blood was rushing throughout my body at this point, on top of the cold air hitting my skin.

I felt Grandma Rose's washcloth on my lower back, then my legs, and finally, without any sense of shame, parting my buns and soaping up my crack. By this time my erection was full as I faced the wall flushed and embarrassed.

'OK turn around' Grandma Rose ordered. Once again I froze, I muttered some protest that I can't remember. 'Look, dear, I've seen boys and men your age many many times. It's alright to be a little excited. It's natural, it is how boys your age are. Now turn around and I'll get this over with quickly.'. With that I turned around, covering my erection as best I could. Grandma Rose quickly scrubbed my stomach, then the front of my legs. 'OK, rinse off.' she said handing me the cup. I sat breathing a sigh of relief thinking my embarrassment was over. She got up slowly, and to my surprise, closed the lid on the toilet and sat. She picked up the towel she had been kneeling on, and laid another towel on the floor in front of her. 'Now get out and let's get you dried off.' she said.

At this point, I just did as I was told. I stood in front of her, erection and all. 'Bend over,' she instructed. As I did she put the towel over my head and rubbed my hair dry. She then had me turn around and she dried my backside. She then had me turn around and as she dried my front, except for my genital area. To my surprise, she then took the towel to my genitals and gave a quick dry under my balls and a quick rub over my erect penis. This made me jump back and she laughed a bit. 'Boys!' she exclaimed. 'Now come on out here and let's get you dressed.' she said leading the way out of the bathroom. I wrapped the towel around my waist and followed her out. The bathroom led to her bedroom. As she left she said 'Now you wait here while I iron your things. And for God's sake, do something about your 'thing'-you can't go to church with a stiffy like that! You need to relax that thing. I know boys well enough to know what you need to do. I'll leave you alone for a few minutes.' With that she left and closed the door behind her.

I blushed at what she said. Did she really think I could masturbate in her bedroom with her just outside the door? I sat on the edge of her bed wondering what to do. I sat there with just the towel around my waist and I tried in vain to mentally get the erection to subside.

After what seemed like an eternity Grandma Rose opened the bedroom door and reappeared, carrying my freshly ironed clothes. She looked over at me, and noticed my erection tenting the towel as I sat on the edge of her bed. 'Oh dear, you haven't relaxed have you?' she asked. 'Grandma!' I protested. 'Well you can't go to church like that' she remarked. She sat the clothes down on the dresser and walked over to me. 'Alright, now just lay down on the bed for while and relax. She fluffed up a pillow in the middle of the bed and I moved over and stretched out.

'Close your eyes and breathe deeply.' she suggested. I stretched out and tried my best to relax as I closed my eyes. 'Poor thing' she said 'I know how you boys can get at your age. It must be uncomfortable'. I muttered some reply that it was OK. Next thing I know, I felt her sit on the edge of the bed and felt a hand on my forehead. I opened my eyes and she said 'Just close your eyes and relax, you hear?'. Again I felt her hand on my forehead and it did relax me a bit. I breathed deeply and tried to think of something other than my raging hard on.

After a few breaths, Grandma Rose said, 'That's it, now keep breathing deeply. Think about your girlfriend.' As she said this, I felt her other hand touch my leg near the knee and begin to move up my leg. My breathing stopped. 'It's alright, it is how God made you. Now just relax, breathe, and think of your girlfriend' she said again. I closed my eyes not believing what was happening as I felt her hand reach up under the towel and grab my erection. 'Just relax' she kept saying as she began to stroke my manhood. At this point there was not arguing. I moaned and began to pant as Grandma Rose stoked me firmly and slowly. It just took a few strokes before I felt the waves build. I groaned and arched my back as my cum erupted, spurt after spurt into the towel around my waist and onto my belly. As I came, I felt Grandma Rose's hand grip my cock tightly. 'That's a good boy, this will make you feel better'.

After I came down, I opened my eyes to see Grandma Rose remove the towel from around my waist and wipe up my cum soaked stomach. 'There, now you will feel better and we can get you dressed. Just don't go telling anyone that Granny had to help you out. Next time you need to take care of yourself. It is perfectly natural for boys to need release like this. Now get up and get dressed' she ordered.

I will never forget how Grandma Rose taught me how to take a bath.



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