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She Just Stood There

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Surprise and Pleasure


When I was about 18y/o I had discovered the joys of masturbation for a little over three years, and took every opportunity to masturbate that I could.

Living at home with my parents made this need problamatic, and some risks were taken at times when the 'need' was on me, the main risk was that of being caught.

At 18 I had been working for two years and had been introduced to porn magazines by work colleagues. After some time I found a friendly newsagent that stocked a variety of magazines, softcore and hard, and so my stash of naughty mags soon grew due to my high disposable income.

Hiding them from my parents was a feat in itself, and the judicious use of album sleeves was a one of my methods.

Anyway, one evening as I was in the mood and happily wanking off on my bed, one ear out for the tread of footsteps on the stairs, when the door to my bedroom opened. I hurridly pulled up the duvet to cover both me in my aroused state, and the magazines I had been viewing that had help me to that state.

Into my room came my cousin that I had not seen for a few years after her family moved down to the south coast. She was up visiting 'the family' and had paid my parents a surprise visit. They in their kindness had just sent her upstairs to see me.

Noticing my flushed face and my flustered manner, she asked with a knowing smile just what I was up to nowadays.

'This and that' I replied. Not happy with the reply she closed the door behind her, walked over to my bed and quickly pulled off the duvet.

Finding me naked from the waist down and the magazines open at pages displaying female models with their legs spread, she smiled and said ........ 'Bad Boy !'.

Feeling my face growing redder I pleaded with her not to tell my parents.

'Of course I won't' she said ........ 'Just as long as you carry on what you were doing and let me watch you'.

'What !?' I screached.

'You heard me' she said picking up one of the mags and flicking through it.

'Are you serious ?' I asked. 'Very' she replied.

Although very nervous and embarassed, my dick seemed rather willing, hardening up in front of her.

'Mmm, very nice' she muttered. 'Which one of these gets you off the most ?' she asked flicking through the models in the magazines.

'The brunette in that one' I answered, indicating the rather well thumbed page in one of the open magazines.

After looking at the one I'd indicated, she looked me in the eye and said ....... 'She looks a little like me'.

'I know' I replied as I stroked my dick.

'Do you imagine it's me posing like she is ?' my cousin asked.

'Yes. Do you mind me imaginging that ?' I asked her.

'Nope' she answered, 'especially when I can see how excited it makes you' she added staring at my, by now, quickly moving hand on my dick.

'Go on ...... faster ..... cum for me' she breathed.

I stroked faster and faster as I looked at her face as she stood there, intently watching me masturbating for her.

'Go on, go on ......... cum for me' she kept saying, almost as if chanting.

Faster and faster I stroked ...... my hand bluring on my dick. She soon detected my breathing getting more ragid and realised I was about to cum in front of her.

As I came in my hand, shuddering and sighing, she reached over, handed me some tissues, and then kissed me on my cheek.

'Thanks Cous, but let's not leave it three years before we see one another again eh ?' she said as she winked at me and left my bedroom.



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