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She Just Came Over to Talk

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How I first felt the wetness of a woman...


I am a happily married woman and I discovered the joys of the Internet a year ago or so when my husband and I got high-speed Internet. After a while, from the history files on the computer, I found that my husband was going to Solo Touch. When I went to this site to see what he was looking at I began to read the stories. I began to love reading all kinds of stories here. Reading the FF stories really caught my curiosity and I read more and more while I would rub my clitoris.
When my husband would leave for work I would take off my pants and shirt and begin reading stories of how other girls got fondled by other girls. This idea flooded my mind constantly and I began fantasizing about the girls in the stories playing with my breasts and rubbing my pussy. When my husband would lick my pussy, I would imagine it was one of my girlfriends from church down there lapping up my wet pussy. I would cum so hard thinking it was a woman's hand or tongue pleasing me.
Me and some girls get together once a week to do scrap booking and other girl stuff, and this is when I began to think more of my friends doing things to me to get me hot.
Once, when my friends where to meet at my house for a get together, 'Sue' was the only one to show up. Sue is a tall, slender blonde with pretty brown eyes and great-looking legs. We waited for the other girls until none came and decided to look up on the Internet for recipes to cook (we were into cooking too). She sat down and searched for some things, then she turned around in the chair to me and asked if I had ever looked at the sites my husband went to on the Internet. I told her that I had, and then showed her this site (solotouch.com). She began reading one of the stories about a girl and her boyfriend masturbating together. We were both reading it and when we finished we talked about it a little bit. We were both getting hot and I told her to read one about two girls masturbating together. She smiled at me and said, 'Shannon, what are you thinking?' in a teasing way. I said that my husband always read them (he did). She clicked on one that read 'jilled by my best friends sister.' [Here?] We began to read it and I noticed that she was rubbing her legs together at her crouch. I was standing behind her and I secretly rubbed my pussy through my thin shorts.
I was wearing a tank top with running shorts and sandals. She was wearing a t-shirt and tight fitting jean shorts. When she bent forward, her shorts opened up in the back and I could tell that she had a g-string on, and I noticed the beginning of her ass. It made my body quiver to think of her secret places. When we finished reading the story we began to talk about girls and how funny they are about sex. She suggested we go to a porn site with pictures that her husband went to a lot. She had to search for the site 'cause she couldn't remember the exact address. When we got there, she clicked on the pics of a group of naked guys and girls getting it on. I felt really embarrassed and told her we shouldn't be looking at this. She said, 'It's okay, your husband does it doesn't he.' I said it was true and continued looking at the well-hung men and large-breasted women in the pictures on the screen. There was one of a girl licking the pussy of another blond, tan woman that looked very young. I just said 'Wow' out loud and discretely rubbed my pussy. She said she has a lesbian friend that lives down the street from her going to college. She asked me if I had ever thought about what it would be like to be with a woman. I said, 'Of coarse, every woman does I think.' She agreed and looked down at my crotch and smiled. She rubbed my thigh with her hand and said I looked great in the shorts I was wearing. I told her thank you. I knew what she was getting at. I looked into her eyes and, brushing her long hair with my hand, I said, 'I wished I had hair like yours. It's beautiful'. She then told me that I had great hair and a beautiful body too. As she sat in the computer chair, she reached out and gave me a hug around my hips. Her face was practically on my pussy mound. She took a deep breath and hugged me tighter. She told me how much she needed to hug someone.
I grabbed her hand and led her to the couch near by and she looked up at me and didn't say a word. I thought of telling her what I wanted to do, but I felt that she knew that both of us wanted the same thing. We awkwardly sat next to each other touching each other's hands. We hugged each other for a while, feeling my breasts pressing firmly against hers. I reached down and felt her thigh and brought my hand closer and closer to her pussy. She looked at me and I brought my mouth to hers and kissed her softly. She began to moan as the combination of our kiss and my hand massaging her pussy made her and me crazy. As I kissed her I felt a huge, unstoppable urge to feel and touch her in every way possible. I wanted all of her. I had never felt this way before about a woman and I was so curious about what was to come.
I stopped kissing her and told her to wait there for a minute. I went and got my vibrator in my room. I unbuttoned her shorts and pulled them down. I then took the vibrator and lubed it up with some Vaseline. I pulled her g-string aside and rubbed the tip of the vibrator around her pussy getting the whole area moist. She was rubbing her clit and I began to thrust the vibrator slowly into her vagina. She began to moan and thrust her hips at me. She was breathing harder and harder until finally she tensed up with both hands frantically rubbing her clitoris. She let out a gasp and moaned telling me how great it felt to have me vibrate her pussy. I told her that I loved to do it. I said she had a beautiful pussy and that I would love to do more to her sometime. We got up and she got dressed.
Later, after getting some recipes off the Internet, we decided to play a little more. She played with me that time. It was wonderful. I think I am falling in love with her, but am scared to what it would do with my relationship with my husband.



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