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She Got Carried Away

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Finally decided to submit this.


Recently there was a story about an individual who watched some porn with his mother...that motivated me to submit THIS, which is no story. Im 27, reasonably ok looking, single, have my own apartment and generally enjoy life..I have several women in my life, and dont consider my myself either sexually frustrated or deprived. About a week ago my mother, who is 47, calls me to say she had a major leak in her bathroom, the plumber is destroying the place, the water is off, and she cant stand it..can she come over for the evening...she can't even flush the toilet...This is a Tuesday nite...I had no particular plans, and although I could've lived without it, I couldnt possibly say no. Now before we go any further...please understand, she's no raving beauty, but hardly ugly...slim, nice legs. I had to stop and think about that as I typed it because in all these years I dont believe I EVER had a sexual thought about her. Im sure she wandered around our house half dressed, but I never paid much attention to her. Her husband (my father) died 5 years ago and to my knowledge (since I moved out) she hasn't hardly even gone on a date..She made an innocent remark about watching a movie on TV with me...and BAM, the idea popped into my head....I have a few movies she might find 'entertaining'...Nevertheless, after dinner, I told her outright I had a few movies she might like, but that they were 'very intimate' kinds of things, and I didnt know if she would mind me popping a couple in the dvd player...Now I cant swear she's NEVER seen a porno movie, but I'm willing to bet it was an extremly rare occurrance, if at all. Besides, I know she has HBO, and SHO, and some of that stuff, even though its soft core, can get pretty raunchy....She just looked at me and said she didnt mind, play whatever you like...I dont know if she really understood what I was going to do at that point or not...so I suggested we both change into PJs or a robe or whatever, and we could settle in...I changed into an old T shirt and shorts, she wound up in a robe she brought...and frankly I didnt think she was nude under it either..at least I was sure she was wearing panties. I have two overstuffed wingchair recliners, great for watching tube..when you sit in them, the wings prevent you from seeing the face/head of the person sitting next to you. All you can see is from the neck down. She took the one on the left, separated from me by a small table and lamp, for the usual TV junk. I didnt want to 'scare her off' by putting a movie on with nothing but cum shots, or kinky sex, so I put one on where the male/female involved actually took their time having sex...the woman was being masturbated by the male actor, who, of course, had an oversize cock. I had seen this movie before, and it wasn't one of my personal favorites, but thought it was good for her under the circumstances...Glancing at my mother, I noticed after about 10 minutes of action on the screen that her knees under her robe were squeezing and unsquezing together...she couldnt see me watching her, although I'm sure she realzed I had a hard on that tented up my shorts pretty good. I laid my right hand on top of my cock, and started a gentle cock massage, nothing overt or obvious....HER left hand somehow wound up under her robe, covered not only by her robe, but her right hand, laying in HER lap...After staring at her lap, I realized I could see a slight movement under the robe..I had to concentrate to realize she apparently managed to get at least one finger on her clit, and trying to rub it without me realizing it...her robe was only moving slightly, but rhythmically, and her toes were actually tensing and untensing..The woman on the screen was now up on her hands and knees, with a close up (of course) of her partners massive cock....I decided I was going to take a shot at putting her over the edge, so I slowly slid my shorts aside and let my cock out where she could see it...I really dont believe a woman merely SEEING a cock is going to turn her into a sex starved maniac, especially since it WAS my mother....who probably hadnt seen MY cock in 20 years, or ANY cock in at least 5..Nevertheless, by now I'm gently stroking it, no way you could confuse what Im doing with scratching or shifting...There I was, masturbating openly in the chair next to her...I'm not watching the movie...I'm watching her robe, and legs...which opened enough to give her easier access to her clit/pussy..no not spreadeagled, but clearly enough to allow her hand free access...I could also see her hips moving, twitching up and down, as if straining for a cock that wasnt there...There was no way I wanted to cum BEFORE her, but I was really close, when she started making little whimpering noises...Was I sure she was having an orgasm at that exact moment?...sure enough so that I couldnt hold back anymore...three, four, five HEAVY spurts of CUM shot out of me..along with an involuntary gasp I KNOW she heard as well...I knew she was looking at MY cock, not the silly movie..her toes were curled, knees open, hips lifted off the recliner, and all I could hear was a major groan, like she was in pain..her hand under her robe was making her robe move so fast it was almost a blur..Finally it was over...We both just sat there, breathing hard...I was a mess, and got up to head for the bathroom...I didnt bother to put my cock back in my shorts, and walked past her, covered in cum, a string of which was swinging of the head of it...I glanced at her..didnt want to embarrass her...she had reorganized, straightened out her robe like nothing had happened, but was looking right at my dripping, still half hard cock as I walked past..When I got back from the bathroom, she was in bed in the spare bedroom.. there may be more to this but I have to think about whether or not to continue...



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