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She Gave Me the Taste

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Karen and I have been friends since we were teenagers and we used to fool around with one another-never anything serious-during long summer nights in high school. In college, we started sending erotic stories to one another, supposedly 'true' accounts of what we had done recently. Her letters always made me so horny I had to fuck my hand and cum two or three times as soon as I read them. She described her partners' orgasms in such vivid detail that even though I was jealous and a bit repelled (at first), I started craving her accounts of cumshots, squirts, jism...

Karen went to law school in Massachusetts and the stress of school turned her into a total horndog. I took a job traveling for a consulting firm and spent ten years on the road before we ended up together in the same city. Even though e-mail came along during that time, we didn't spend our time writing one another electronically. Every so often, I'd get a small paper envelope full of juicy details and I'd write my own back.

Sometimes she'd call me when I was on the road and ask how long it had been since I came. She loved to talk about men cumming and the more she did it, the more I started to get turned on by it.

We would have phone sex over and over again when time allowed, even though both of us were married (I am still, she is again). She started telling me how she fantasized about making me and another guy spew our juice all over her. She knew by this time that she had found my secret fantasy. We didn't masturbate much on the phone together, though, for fear of being caught, at least not back then.

And then, three years ago, she moved to our city.

My wife and I had never discussed my friendship with Karen and she was taken aback when, after eight years, I mentioned her for the first time. It ended any hope of the three of us getting to be friends and drove my relationship with Karen even further underground. For about two years, we barely corresponded, ironically, partly due to the arrival of our second child, partly because Karen was weathering a tough time with her second husband.

This year, though, I took a new job downtown across the street from Karen's office. It took all of a week before we started calling one another during the day. As soon as I heard her voice, my cock sprang bolt upright, even though I was in my glass-walled office with no luxury to empty the pressure in my balls. Several times, Karen talked dirty to me-frigging her clit while she breathed heavily in her car before coming upstairs from the parking garage. We were driving one another crazy but still staying physically separate...

I saw my secretary glancing at the bulge and the wet spots on my tan suit pants (my cock leaks precum like there's no tomorrow) after that particular call. That was almost a disaster. My secretary is a doe-eyed, 23-year-old women's college graduate who wears skirts a bit too small for her long but muscular legs-I nearly attacked her in front of my entire division when I saw her big blue eyes on my cock. When I told Karen about it, the fantasy drove her to a wild screaming orgasm.

Two weeks ago, Karen called me and said, 'You have a lunch meeting at a certain downtown hotel.'

'A hotel?' I asked.

'It's for three,' she said.

Karen is a five-foot-eight blonde with reddish brown eyes and a spray of freckles on her nose. She has small breasts but fantastic muscle tone and long, shapely legs and she looks demure in a business suit but when she walks, the contours of her taut body jump out of her clothes, highlighting her narrow waist and flat stomach.

I am six-one and about 190 pounds and I am no longer the athlete I once was, but still in pretty good shape. My cock is average length but very thick and when I get hard, precum just leaks out all over my shaft as my slit pulses out stream after stream in anticipation.

Karen met me in the lobby and shook my hand perfunctorily and in a businesslike manner before guiding me into the elevator.

'What about lunch?' I said, naively.

'Exactly,' she replied.

She was wearing a clingy grey silk dress that clung tightly to her body. In the elevator, she lifted the dress and flashed her perfect, round little ass at me-no panties. My dick filled up my square bottom boxer briefs and I could feel my juices rushing to squeeze out.

My heart was pounding-all those years of fantasies and now I was standing directly behind Karen with only a wisp of thin fabric between her naked pussy and my fat cock. I was so turned on that I forgot totally about the original lunch invite as Karen took my hand and led me down the hallway to her room.

When the door opened, however, my heart was in my throat-sitting on the bed, Indian-style, was a tan, tall, twentysomething guy wearing a short bath towel. His hair was wet, as though he had just showered.

'I wanted you to see it firsthand,' Karen said. 'This is Tom.'

'Hi,' he said, smiling broadly. I nervously nodded and said hi back.

'Tom's got a huge cock,' Karen announced, kicking off her shoes and crawling on her knees over to him on the bed, her silvery dress riding up her ass so I could see her cheeks and her pussy lips.

'You've always enjoyed hearing about my stories,' she said, 'So I thought I'd show you how I do it.' Karen pulled her dress off her shoulders and opened her bra, exposing her still-pert, small, firm breasts. Her little nipples were standing bolt outright and her freckly skin was getting flushed on her upper chest.

Tom and Karen started making out and she ran her hand down his stomach until the towel opened up and his enormous-I mean ENORMOUS-cock sprang out. He must have been eight or nine inches long, no exagerration, totally shaved above and below and his ballsack was low and huge with-jumbo egg-sized balls-I was sort of jealous but so turned on to see Karen's small hands gripping that gigantic cock.

I watched as he pulled her dress off and she ran her tongue down his stomach to the sensitive part of his pubic area at the base of Tom's dick and his cock seemed to grow even bigger, especially against her small features. I looked down and saw a silver-dollar-sized wet patch on my pants and the outline of my cock pulsing and straining. I didn't hold back a moment-I unbuckled my pants and stepped out of my shoes all at once and pulled off my clothes in a hurry.

Karen hadn't seen my cock in years and she stopped teasing Tom and simply gaped at me. I was fully engorged and flowing with wetness, spiderwebbing out from my notch and all down my legs and balls. Tom was writhing with desire and he wasn't happy about how she got distracted. He grabbed her hand and pulled it to his throbbing and twitching meat, and held her fingers in his fingers as he started to jack himself off.

'He needs to cum,' she said. 'It won't be the last time, don't worry. He's got a lot in those balls.' I was surprised by how much the thought of that big stud cumming turned me on.

The two of them started stroking his bone together, his large, rough hands clasping hers as they rocked back and forth, her little boobs bouncing. I could see her wetness on her thighs (she told me about it so many times and here it was) and I reached over to start rubbing her and parting her labia with my forefinger.

Karen moaned and then Tom grunted and I watched in horror as he pointed his cock straight at my face and stroked a few times and just started shooting jet after jet of his cum at me. I didn't have time to get out of the way or even to say anything before I felt the first sticky blast and my sense were overwhelmed with the bleachy smell of his jism-he was deliberately cumming on me-I didn't have any time to react to my thoughts that I was being dominated or anything else, just the sight of his big dick shooting and the sensation of being painted with his goo.

Karen lost it totally and started howling and writing around my finger and that sent me over the edge-I just started to squirt off without even touching myself as Tom's cum dripped down my cheeks and neck. He was leering at me, all flushed and muscular, as I emptied out over Karen and the bed.

A lot more happened that day, but I can't talk about it here. I can tell you, though, that Tom and I have become friends and I spend a lot of my free time when I'm supposedly playing golf marveling at how much goo I can drain from that horse penis.

I can't write more anyway-I'm so horny I've soaked myself. God I need to cum.



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