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She Finally Masturbated

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My contribution is more educational than arousing as it begins with a rather unhappy part of my life but has a very exciting ending.


I continue to be fascinated reading the many stories of wives who claim they don't masturbate or either won't admit it.

There is nothing more intimate than masturbating together and admitting your fantasies of things you enjoy doing in private you don't think your partner or spouse would approve.

Masturbation is a perfectly normal natural urge but unfortunately many young girls are taught by their Mothers, good girls don't touch themselves down there.

The following story is completely true:

My first wife swore she had never touched herself or discussed it with girl friends when she was younger as she thought it was vulgar but she enjoyed me masturbating her. I did convince her to masturbate me several times but she said the thought of seeing me cum was gross so when she masturbated me I either had to have a condom on or cover myself with a handkerchief when I came. One day she caught me masturbating and saw me cum and was furious saying it was perverted and if she caught me again she would divorce me.

When we did have intercourse if she was to orgasm I had to stimulate her clit. You can imagine how frustrating that was for me.

It wasn't until we had been married at least twelve years when she finally masturbated. I have to add, she refused to be intimate with the lights on and she rarely initiated making love so I had to do a lot of fondling to get her in the mood.

One night as I was stimulating her clit she must have been exceptionally aroused as I noticed it was unusually hard and protruding. I asked her to feel how hard it was. It wasn't until the fourth time I asked did she finally touch it. To my amazement she began slowly rubbing it in circles. I let her continue for a few seconds and asked, can you make your pussy cum? Was I surprised and excited when she said, YES. I told her I was going to rub my dick while she rubbed her pussy.

To be sure she continued to masturbate, I gently held my hand over hers and it seemed it was less then a minute I felt her body tense and she immediately stopped rubbing. I asked, Did you cum? and she said, YES. A few seconds later she asked, Did you cum? and I told her, I was so excited when your body tensed and I thought you were cumming I came automatically.

From then on she would masturbate herself when we had intercourse and she enjoyed sitting on my chest to masturbate which gave me a close up view which led to her enjoying me fingering her while she climaxed.

What was so frustrating, she finally enjoyed masturbating and receiving sex from me but refused to allow me to masturbate or return the sex favor so you can imagine how much time I spent getting off in the shower so after many years we unfortunately parted ways.

However, the story doesn't end there as it does have a happy ending! My second wife was sexually uninhibited. We enjoyed masturbation and other sex acts, watching porn and having intercourse whenever one of us was in the mood and it was convenient and always with the light on! Quite often when one of us was in the mood and caught masturbating, the other was so turned on it usually ended with unbelievable mutual satisfaction.

My point is before getting married put your cards on the table and openly discuss your life style and especially what you enjoy sexually. If she is too shy to discuss it or you find you are not a sexually compatible couple the chances of a long term happy marriage is extremely doubtful!

A few questions to ask and discuss are: Do you masturbate, how often, would you do it with me and would you consider other sex acts? Ask first and you will have a better chance for a happy and exciting future together. When the lust is over there is usually nothing left unless love is strong and lingers on.



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