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She Didn't Believe It Was My First Time!

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I am posting this story to give my 'thanks' to the greatest website on Earth. It has taught me what I needed to know.


Let me first give you the 411. My girlfriend Courtney, seventeen and I, have been going out for three and a half weeks and up to that point we hadn't done anything with each other except make out once. She was my first real girlfriend so pretty much anything that I did with her would be my first time, but she had told me she's gone pretty far with past guys. This really surprised me because at first glance she looks like this innocent, naive girl. She is about five foot one, 100 pounds, blonde hair. She has a really small figure, and small petite breasts. I am five foot nine, 175 pounds, black hair, and fairly muscular.

Now, in the past I have always been known for being 'the sweet' guy out of my clique of friends. I have had girlfriends, but still never did anything with them. I guess I thought that if I were it would make me a creep or something, but oh, how wrong I was.

It was a Sunday afternoon and I was at Courtney's house. Her entire family was home so of course I was deathly afraid of trying anything. So we just watched TV for a few hours (BORING!!). That was when I decided to go for it. I leaned in and started kissing her. We made out for a bit and I began to get a little bit more daring. I started to put my hand under her shirt cupping her bra covered breast in my hand. Her breathing started to get faster. That's when I removed my hand from her shirt and put it onto her crotch over her jeans. I honestly had no idea what I was doing.

Trying to pleasure a girl through her denim jeans is quite difficult. At this point, everything was going wrong. First, her couch is so awkward and uncomfortable that we kept having to stop because one of us was in pain. Second, one of her family members kept coming down into the room every five minutes. It was getting so frustrating. Plus Courtney could tell that I was definitely getting some major blue balls.

So that's when I said 'Fuck this. Court, get up, we're going to my house.' So we get to my house and get ourselves situated in my basement. I knew no one would bother us because my dad is really cool about this kinda stuff and my other family members were asleep.

We start making out with my hands playing with her breasts again. Then I go for her crotch again. The way we were sitting I had easy access to slip my hand down the front of her jean shorts. I was over her panties for a few seconds and decided I should put my hand under them. I had my hand on her bare vagina for an instant before she pulled it away, all the while we are still making out. I kinda got scared so I just laid low for a bit. That's when I went for it again, only this time being more cautious.

My hand was over her jeans and I whispered to her 'Can I just go over your underwear?' She said okay. So I start masturbating her over her panties and her breathing really started to pick up. Now, as I said before I have never been with a girl so I didn't really know what I was doing, but apparently she was really enjoying it. So much to the point where she stopped kissing me and she started to moan a little bit. I started rubbing a lot faster with a little bit more pressure, responded by heavier breathing and more light moans. I was kissing down to her neck and just stayed there for a while, still fingering her, letting her have an orgasm. (Although I don't know if she had one because she told me she doesn't really know how it feels to have one, so if she has, she wouldn't know). Her body started to shake slightly and her vaginal muscles started to contract under my hand. I continued just for a little bit more and then stopped because she had to go home. We talked on the phone later that night and she said that she totally did not believe that I have never done anything with a girl before, because of how good I was. This totally raised my self-esteem, big time. She then told me that she owed me a nice hand job. Well I can't wait.

I just want to thank Solo Touch and all the people who submit their stories, because without you I probably would not have known what the hell I was doing and I most likely would have sucked. I hope you liked my story.



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