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Shaving With Uncle

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My Uncle Tim and I are really close. Being my only uncle, we hang out a lot. I got a call from him saying he would be driving through town (he lives two states over), and wondered if I had plans for the next week. I was in between jobs and school didn't start for another month, so I said sure. He came by my house that night and he slept over, taking an extremely long shower. When he got out and came into the living room, he had a huge bulge in his black briefs and I marvelled at how in shape he was.

We watched a little TV and then he headed off into my bedroom (I slept on the couch because I am a good host.) The next morning we drove quite a way and ended up in a little town at a hotel for the night. We swam for a while, and again, I marvelled at his figure. For being in his early forties, he was very fit. He was a pretty big barrel chest. Short, brown hair all over his pecs and a little on his abs. His arms and legs were in incredible shape. We sat in the hot tub and eventually, talk ended up at sex and our bodies.

'Are you circumcised? if you don't mind me asking.' he was a little embarrassed. 'Yeah. are you?' I was comfortable talking like this, and I think he mellowed out after seeing my level headedness. 'Yeah. Well, I am a partial. I have lots of loose skin, but am offically, 'circumcised.'' 'Hey, I am in the same boat!'

'That's pretty cool!' and he stood up. 'I am getting pruned, I am heading to the room.' We walked back and were ruffhousing a little bit and then we got back into the room and sat down on our towels.

After out talk, he seemed pretty comfortable with me and he pulled down his swim trunks and was standing in front of me naked. His cock was pretty thick, and was fluffed (not quite a raging erection.) It was about six and a half inches long. His pubic hair was all trimmed to a nice, short length.

'Do you trim your pubes?' I was being a little bashfull. 'Oh yeah! it is great. I have my trimmer if you wanna try it.' and he walked over to his bag and pulled out a little trimmer. I was a little cautious at first but laughed it off and said, 'I guess i'll try anything once.'

I stripped down and laid a towel on the bed. He sat next to me and talked me through the process. I trimmed it down, and the buzzing of the clippers got me going. He was still naked, and his thighs were rubbing against mine. He said, 'check this out.' and grabbed the clippers and then started shaving down and around my balls. I leaned back and he smiled. I am kind of hairy, so I let him work at it for a while, making sure he missed nothing. After it was all a uniform length he said. 'gotta wash all that extra hair off of ya!'

We both headed into the shower. We turned on the water, and as soon as it was warm enough, we stepped in and were kissing. I was rubbing his huge pecs, and then he came around me, spooning my back. He was rubbing his HARD cock between my legs and his hands up and down through my butt crack. I was moaning and he was laughing a little. He reached around and fiddled with my dick, grazing my balls and rubbing the hair away. We turned the shower off, kissing our way over to the bed. He lay down and I kind of squatted in between his legs. I was pumping under his balls, and he was rubbing his pecs and my pecs. I grabbed some lotion and started pumping his cock. It felt just like my cock did, loose skin and all, so I knew my way round it.

After about five minutes, he came all over my chest and then we traded spots and he grinded me with his huge and still full cock and balls while stroking my cock and kissing my neck. Then I came all over and we took seperate showers and went to bed.

Long story short, the rest of our trip was filled with nights like this.



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