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Shaving Me

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I'm Ellen (40), my sister Elaine is forty two and her daughter Michelle is eighteen. About a month ago the three of us spent a Friday at the beach. We had a great time just yakking and reading and bathing in the gulf. While I was lying on my blanket I twice noticed Michelle looking at my groin. I instinctively looked down and both times I saw a clump of dark pubic hair sticking out of my bathing suit leg. UGH! I tucked it back in but out it came a little later. I'm real hairy and it's real dark. I whispered to Elaine that one day I ought to shave my pussy. Elaine said she was glad I was the one who brought up the subject. I didn't tell her that my husband had suggested several times that I shave it all off. Truth be told, I didn't want to cut myself so I never considered it.

A few minutes later Elaine said, 'look.' She very discretely pulled aside the leg of her suit and I could see her pussy. It was completely shaved and looked so neat compared to my mess. She suggested I stop at her house tomorrow morning and that Michelle would shave me. She said that Michelle did her every week and then she would shave Michelle. Without really thinking I agreed to it. All that night I couldn't get this out of my mind. I was having strong second thoughts about Michelle seeing and touching my pussy. I confided in my husband and he told me not to act like a silly ass and take advantage of the offer. I awoke next morning and the first thing on my mind was Michelle shaving me. I don't know why, but I felt butterflies in my belly. As I showered I noticed that my nipples were hard and erect. this should not be happening in the shower.

When I arrived at Elaine's house Michelle was prepared for me. She had a bucket of warm soapy water ready and a razor and shaving foam. Elaine said she had things to do and Michelle led me to her bedroom. She spread a huge towel on the bed and said, 'Aunt Ellen, you need to take off your shorts and your panties.' I didn't want to seem like a ninny so I quickly removed both and just stood there feeling real embarrassed. She told me to climb up on the bed and lie on my back. She first used scissors to remove most of the hair, then she used a sponge and warm water to soften the stubble for shaving. My embarrassment was slowly going away and I was quite comfortable.

I could feel her fingers touching my pussy as she pulled the skin tight for shaving. She said she was almost done when I felt a stimulating sensation travel around the area of my pussy. I let out a quiet sigh. Michelle had managed to touch my clit. A few seconds later and it happened again. It just felt so so good and I heard myself moan. Michelle parted my legs slightly and I felt a wave of pure pleasure a third time. Now I knew that she was doing this deliberately. I said nothing and she said nothing. She was now rubbing my clit continuously and I felt her insert some fingers into my pussy. I opened wider and wider. She continued to finger me while rubbing my clit and the physical sensations grew to a climax and I enjoyed a wonderful orgasm. Michelle cleaned me up and I got dressed. Michelle told me she would be glad to shave me every Saturday morning. She called her mom then who came into the room. Michelle said, 'show mom.' I pulled down my pants and panties and she said, 'it looks lovely now.'

I have enjoyed the same experience twice more since that first time. Not a word is spoken as she rubs my clit and fingers me. Last Saturday Michelle asked me if next week I would shave her. I told her I would love to.

Maybe I'm not being very nice but I just can't help wondering if my sister and her daughter enjoy the same kind of experience as I enjoyed, that's not incest is it if they just make each other cum?

By the way, my husband loves my new 'look' and insists that I visit Michelle regularly. I assured him I would, who knows, maybe even twice a week to stay nice and smooth.



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