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Shaved Legs

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I never thought very hard about shaved legs, until I got very hard thinking about shaving legs....


When I was at community college one summer, I shopped at a local health food store, that had a new layout for checkers where they didn't stand behind a big counter, but were out there next to the customers. One checker caught my eye, Martha, because she was light and bright and fresh, with shiny blue eyes, brown hair that was almost blonde, creamy pale skin, round and soft cleavage, and beautiful legs. Her legs were soft and smooth and as pale and white as the flesh between her breasts, but when she moved, the muscles of an athlete rippled through. She knew they were her best feature, and she wore short skirts when other girls in the store wore pants.
I was a regular and she would recognize me, and we always exchanged smiles and said a few words. I soon had a big crush on her, and would only go to the store when I knew she'd be there. (I loved long lines, because I had the treat of watching her for longer). I discovered that she was a nursing student, and hoped I'd run into her at school so I could ask her for coffee.
Martha's legs were very attractive from a distance, and got even better up close. They were silky smooth. Sometimes, she'd stand on tiptoe to see something in the store or to call someone near, and it was unbelievably beautiful.
Then one day I noticed they were a little stubbly--she hadn't shaved them in a while. Hmmm, she was usually so smooth and clean, I wondered if she was busy with exams...Regardless, I couldn't take my eyes off her legs, I was fascinated by how the stubble changed as it went up and around her legs. And yes, she did seem a little busy and stressed on the check-out line.
That night, for not particular reason, I went to bed early, and as I lay between my warm, smooth sheets I, felt a swelling between my legs as I thought about Martha. Since I had this crush, I often dreamed of kissing, and peeling away her clothes and making love and losing myself in her creamy breasts. That night, though, my mind went to her legs, and the stubble, and I dreamed I began to shave her legs, beginning with warm wet kisses to her toes, and then gently dabbing cream along her calf, and dragging the razor over the hard stubble above her ankles, and gliding along her calf, and carefully along her shin. Then softly and gently up her thighs, with their soft blonde hairs, a few longer that were missed, and spreading her legs firmly and gently apart to run the razor inside her fleshy thighs, carefully trimming around the puffy mound of her golden pussy, stopping to look and think about the little sliver that would be covered by her bikini...
....and while I dreamed of this, I gently and absentmindedly played with my warm, stiff member, fondling my balls as I thought of her toes, rubbing hard low on the thick shaft as I dreamily and carefully shaved Martha's tough shins, moving up slowly and deliberately to the soft skin below my cap as my razor slipped across her thighs, until my finger traced little circles over my so sensitive tip when I reached her pussy. A huge, irresistible wave flooded up my legs and into my penis, and lingered for a few seconds before I pumped cum as hard and long as I'd ever cum ever before--deliriously---wow, what a rush! I quickly fell sound asleep.
The next afternoon, I went to the store. Martha was there, and as I walked closer to her, I saw that her legs were silky smooth and white, shaven the night before as clean as a baby, and when I saw that, a rush of energy came back again, up from the ground, through my legs, and my heart beat uncontrollably. I turned red and smiled a large, happy smile. Martha looked up and smiled a big, warm smile, her legs relaxed and strong and beautiful, and some kind of shy love and passion and sex flowed uncontrollably between us. She looked rested. I asked her for a date and she accepted....



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