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Shaved Bald and Ready To Cum

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I am a straight 43 year old male and I am in LOVE with my penis. I tend to masturbate at least two to three times a day, and each time I do it, I revel in my good fortune to have been born with a penis. When fully hard, my beautiful dick is a nice seven inches long, and a good two or so inches round. A very nice and VERY thick vein runs along the underside, as well as a nicely proportioned, full and very firm puffy head.(Complete with a nice, tight little pee-hole.)A nice tightly packed set of balls finishes it all off.

I am usually completely shaved. I find the way I seem to get off the most, is after I give myself a long, slow, smooth and complete shave of my entire genital area. I take a nice long, hot shower and clean myself thoroughly with a generous lather. I of course tend to spend some time pulling at my dick as my hands froth with sweet scented soap. I pull and pull with firm downward strokes, as my prick swells more and more. The head of my dick pulses and engorges up as my pee hole pouts more and more...wanting very badly to spit a thick, sticky wad of cum.

I find my 'taint area', and can feel the lower shaft of my dick which leads to my anus and I stroke and massage as my cock swells more and more. I ultimately find my tight ass-hole and insert a soapy finger,(usually the middle one, because it's the longest), fingering myself as my gorgeous prick swells to it's fullest and most granite like size. At this point I stop and continue my shower. My brain, butt-hole, balls and cock are buzzing like crazy at this point. I can feel the sweet, gooey build up of cum so deep in my balls. I want to release sooooooooo bad but I wait. After I rinse and towel off, I begin my shave. I use an electric razor and carefully shave myself to a beautiful, smooth, and gloriously bald state. I need to use a mirror, and my prick continues to get hard off and on throughout the whole process.

I naturally give myself a few pulls and tugs allowing an even bigger build up of jiz in my boiling balls. When I am finished with my shave I take a nice musk body lotion and generously cover my freshly shaved genitals. The feeling of my 'smoothness' is simply indescribable!!! I'll usually put on a solid stainless steel cock ring. Now I'm ready to cum, and to cum buckets!!!! I will usually lay out a towel and kneel as I start to play with myself. My thoughts run the gamut. Women I have fucked in the past, or I imagine a very good friend of mine who I have had wild phone sex with working her pussy by herself. I try to recall the sounds of her cumming, or I just focus on my cock, balls and ass.

Using no lube, I start at the base of my shaft, and SLOWLY pull all the way down past my head letting my cock swell more and more with each gentle stroke. I gently pull and fondle my tight sack while I do this, and let my fingers wander slowly. One glorious pull after another I keep at this until my dick is engorged and thick. I'll stop now and then, and watch as I can see the pulse of my arousal slowly pumping my cock up and down. I love the way it looks untouched. Jutting so fat and stiff away from my body. I focus on getting it harder without touching it at all. The swollen and hard feeling grows as I stare at my dick. Veins bulging, head all fat and purple. I wait without touching until I can take it no more. (It's incredible how hard I can get with this 'no touch' technique.)

At this point I find my 'head' and pull and 'walk' my fingers around it. Kind of like a spider walking around it. I stop at the hole and open it gently and can feel the first sticky drip of pre-cum. Balls pulse, shaft pumps, and butt-hole is twitching like crazy, by now. I stick my middle finger in my mouth. I slowly start to pull at my dick. I don't jerk...I rub. Down over the head, and to the furthest point of my shaft. My dick fills and hardens even more. I can feel my cum ready to shoot out of my dick. I stop one more time and watch my dick for a bit longer. Sweat drips from my body, my heart races, and my prick thickens and swells begging to release. I pull at my dick as hard as I possibly can. The tingle of cum starts to race from the base of shaft. The underside of my cock bulges and my head fattens....I'm almost there. I pull and pump at my dick. I'm coming now....streams of thick, gooey jiz fly everywhere. My mouth slackens and my knees are ready to give. I cum some more. I am usually at this point covered in my hot juice. I keep stroking until my dick is too sensitive. It takes so long for me to go flaccid, as I lick my salty cum off my fingers. I lay for an hour or so....and start all over again !!!!!! Ahhhhhh....masturbation !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



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